Very depressing news: Please help this family out.

RIP baby girl

From Warbeast’s Facebook:

WARBEAST guitar tech…..
Kenny King, Dimebag Darrell’s original guitar tech and current guitar tech for Scott Shelby of Warbeast, suffered a tragic loss this last weekend. His wife’s, Kim King, parents’ home where Kim’s sister was living with her two children, Carter, 4, and Lily, 2, caught fire late Saturday night.

That doesn’t nearly cut it however with that explanation. I clicked the link and it brought me to, which brings forth the worst news possible. Lily, the two year old girl, passed away due to that house fire. Kim King posts:

On June 2 my family was struck with a horrible tragedy. A fire destroyed the family home, and in the process took our beautiful little LilyAnn’s life on what should have been her 2nd birthday. While the financial burdens are immense, they are nothing compared to the anguish and heartache we feel from the loss of Lily. Nonetheless, the financial burdens are there, and as “full of pride” and stubborn as my parents are, they still need help. Laying Lily to rest and rebuilding the family home are costs that seem so out of reach right now. Any help, no matter how big or small, would be such a blessing. Please don’t be angry with me Mom, Dad, and Joann. I love you.

Please do what you can and donate. I couldn’t imagine losing my two year old and this news brought tears to my eyes. Help this family out. Follow this link and send what you can. Lay this sweet girl to rest and help this family out.


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