Album Review: Troglodyte – Don’t Go In The Woods

TROGLODYTE - Don't Go in the Woods

I hope you’re ready to headbang when you listen to Troglodyte‘s “Don’t Go In The Woods“, The new album from Kansas City’s own Sasquatch themed death metal band. I’ve been listening to demo’s and EP’s from these guys for about 5-6 years now when I used to get a blank disc and tracklisting printed off on black and white paper. Production has always been top notch when it comes to Troglodyte but each offering from these guys gets better and better. “Don’t Go In The Woods” is the album that defines their evolution into a solid and respectable metal act. Killer vocal work, gore filled riffing and maniacal drumming is what you get when you listen. This album has some carefully crafted writing going on, it’s not just a rinse and repeat effort here. The music is interesting and dramatic, they managed to not only spawn a new heavy death metal album but also keep things refreshingly new.

There are no recycled riffs or boring sections on this album at all. This is a fierce face melter of an album, even when tempo seems to slow down you have infectious riffs that make you want to snap your neck and then the double bass kicks in and makes it all come together so nicely. “Don’t Go In The Woods” is mainly a brutal death metal album but there are some melodies on here that go seemingly well with the main coarse. A tasty treat…

The perfect blend of what you love about Cannibal Corpse and Dethklok, TROGLODYTE once again brings forth a bad ass album that you definitely need in your collection. Every single song is a gem. This album will put some hair on your chest…

4.5 out of 5

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