Album Review: I Declare War – We are Violent People By Nature

i declare warI Declare War started off as just ‘one of those deathcore bands’ but with the replacement of a vocalist and changing their tone slightly, they just continue to unleash hellish and incredibly violent music. Yes, it’s still semi deathcore in nature and the riffing may not be the most ‘technical’ or a wank fest of leads and solos, but their ability to churn out brutal rhythmic catchy music just calls to me each and every time they release a new album. Their last self titled album was released 3 long years ago and and I loved that album from beginning to end and I get that same feeling now when I listen to the new album, We Are Violent People By Nature.

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Review: Whitechapel – Our Endless War

whitechapelThe disgustingly heavy deathcore band from Tennessee is back with another album of sheer anger, brutality and harsh tone. The bands recent few releases kind of showed the band heading toward a different direction as they experimented with their sound and song writing but Our Endless War is the proper release that should have followed A New Age of Corruption. Our Endless War is gripping, relentless and will make you head bang incredibly hard.

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WHITECHAPEL Release New Track: ‘The Saw Is The Law’. Are They Still Enjoyable to Listen To?

Tennessee deathcore champions known as Whitechapel have released a simple yet crushing track called “The Saw is the Law”, referring to the saw blade that they use which is another iteration of the circle and stars used on the Tennessee flag. Is the song catchy? Yes. Does it prove that Phil Bozeman still has phenomenal vocal prowess? Yes. Does the band experiment or do they just fall into their own sound that they have rinsed and repeated since “This Is Exile”…..well…that’s for you to decide.

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WHITECHAPEL debut “Devirgination Studies” lyric video; launch signed ESP guitar contest on

Whitechapel are currently on tour with Asking Alexandria in support of both their most recent self-titled full-length album, and the re-issue of their debut album, The Somatic Defilment. The band will be highlighting some of the album’s fan favorites through a series of lyric videos. The first video to be released, Devirgination Studies, is making its worldwide debut today on In addition to the video, fans can enter to win a signed ESP EC-10 guitar! Watch Devirgination Studies and enter to win now at

Album Review: Whitechapel – The Somatic Defilement Remaster

Whitechapel - The Somatic DefilementWhitechapel is going to release the remastered version of their debut album on April 16th and its one that both excites me and has me asking the question, “why?” I mean the album hasn’t been out that long and you would think the guys would rather record new material. Right? Then again, this album was one of the pioneering releases that put deathcore on the map. I bet if you ask a majority of Whitechapel fans, they’ll tell you that this was the album popped their deathcore cherry. Sure there had been groove death metal in the past, but The Somatic Defilement was something special and still is. To this day, its still my favorite release from them.

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Album Review: Thy Art Is Murder – Hate

taim hateAussie deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder have just released their newest album simply entitled “Hate” and it’s a massive punch to the senses. Of course, if you enjoy deathcore, this is a given and is probably already your favorite album of 2013. It’s angrier Whitechapel, it’s atmospheric homicidal music as it creates crime scene after crime scene of blood and guts. “Hate” is just that, pure fucking rage, hatred and fury. These guys take a a genre and ignite a flame under it’s ass and provide some neat twists. It’s not a technical mindfuck like Rings of Saturn, but it’s catchy as hell and it’s thirty six minutes of great headbang material.

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SRF-Full-Lineup-662x1024The Scion AV site broke is working again!

The Scion Rock Fest has announced its full lineup. Scheduled for June 1, 2013, in Memphis, Tennessee, previously announced groups including Melvins, Municipal Waste and Pallbearer are joined by 17 additional acts including co-headliner Testament, plus Corrosion of Conformity, Whitechapel, Negative Approach and many more.

As always, Scion Rock Fest is a free event, but you must RSVP to attend. The RSVP will open on April 10, 2013, at the Scion AV website.

Here is the full list of Scion Rock Fest 2013 artists:



Municipal Waste


The Obsessed

Corrosion of Conformity

The Casualties

Negative Approach


Six Feet Under


Vision of Disorder

Royal Thunder



A Life Once Lost

Touché Amoré

Code Orange Kids

The Gates of Slumber

Hot Lunch

Rotting Out

The Shrine

Ice Dragon

Call of the Void




Dirty Streets

Inter Arma

Complete Failure

Indian Handcrafts



Album Review: Six Feet Under – Unborn


Death metal titans Six Feet Under have released their new album “Unborn” today and I’ve been jamming it for the past few weeks so I can give you a quality review on release date. It’s heavy, it’s ambient, it’s horror, gore and brutal. Yet, it doesn’t sound like a true Six Feet Under release. Sure Chris Barnes is still growling homicidal lyrics and I feel as if Steve Swanson isn’t even truly writing music anymore. It just feels like a death metal album with Chris Barnes hired on for vocal work.

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