Review: Axis of Light – L’appel du vide

axis of lightManchester’s Axis of Light recently released their third album and it’s probably the best example of quality black metal found within terrible production. “L’appel du vide” (or The Call of the Void) is the prime example of how good a scratchy and distorted black metal album can sound. The production is definitely garbage but it gives the music a more raw feeling to it. Axis of Light concentrated on riffs instead of production and I actually do not mind that one bit. This 4 song offering is passionate, highly addictive and without a doubt the most raw sounding black metal release of the year!

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Review: Ingested – The Architect of Extinction

ingested the architect of extinctionManchester’s (UK) ultimate brutal death metal band Ingested have returned with the release of their new album properly called “The Architect of Extinction” because this in fact is nothing but genocide. The band doesn’t reveal any new tricks but instead tap into their familiar sound that they’ve had since their debut album “Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering”. Immediately the chugging and tremolo guitar work pummels in, the drumming is pure obliteration and vocally it’s profoundly brutal. Teetering on the edge of slamming brutal death metal and deathcore, Ingested seem to keep it generally on the slam side of things with their writing style. Fans of both styles will love this though.

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Review: Acrania – Totalitarian Dystopia



Acrania hails all of the way from London, England and these guys conjure up as much brutality as they can for their new album ‘Totalitarian Dystopia’. A disgust blend of death metal, slam, guttural death and brutal death with some deathcore sprinkled on top. The result? A hectic style of music that is rather difficult to follow.

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Review: Twitch of the Death Nerve – A New Code of Morality

twitch of the death nerveWhen you think of the UK, you probably get the stereotypical gentlemen who play terrible sports and dress to impress while eating crap no one here in America would like right? Well shove that image aside and think of acid spewing, gravity blasting, slam riffing neaderthal’s instead. Twitch of the Death Nerve (One hell of a band name) come at you with gruesome songs that will get your throat sore, your neck broken and you mind blown.

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Album Review: Arceye – At First Light

Cover 001Arceye, death/thrash metal hailing from the UK (Not one single US band reviewed today!) and this one is a keeper of an album. “At First Light” is a whirlwind of guitar playing, aggressive vocals and damn fine drumming. This WILL appeal to most if not all metal heads. Mainly on the thrash side of things, this band pulls off amazingly fast drumming and guitar playing speeds as well as catchy and quality song writing. The composition of this album as a whole is genuinely magnificent.

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Oh Man This EVILE Album Teaser For “Skull” Makes Me Wish I Had The Album NOW!!!!

evile skull

Evile will be releasing this new epic Thrash album simply called “Skull” on May 27th!!!! Earache Records are advertising new merch and pre-order bundles on their website now and together they have released a trailer showcasing how the new album will sound. I enjoyed the hell out of “Five Serpent’s Teeth” and I have a feeling this will be contender for my end of the year “Best of” list. I mean just listen to this! This is heavy and fast!!!!!

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Album Review: Moss – Horrible Nights

039841805925Ah! The sweet refreshing sounds of doom! If I would have heard this 4 years ago, I probably would have fallen asleep 5 minutes into the first song. The more I grew up and the higher I got, I slowly got into doom and stoner metal without really realizing it. Moss is a band from the UK that packs a powerful punch. Time to light up some of the devils lettuce and trance out to ”Horrible Nights”

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Album Review: Road To Horizon – Road To Horizon EP

road to horizon

Road To Horizon released this little piece to show off that they are coming back in 2013. New tunes, new riffs and some pretty aggressive moments for this type of music. Clean singing that will swoon any pre-teen girl and screams that will call to boys of the same age. This EP just plays out to the younger generation and I know the next time I walk into a Hot Topic I’ll be hearing this over the PA.

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