Phobiatic – Fragments of Flagancy

phobiaticPhobiatic are a bunch of death metal brutes who know how to keep things heavy with their riffs and drumming yet know how to add atmosphere and write memorable leads and use techniques within the music to keep things unique and interesting. Phobiatic definitely releases one of those “Who are they? Oh wow this is good. Yeah this is a must have.” kind of album. Fragments of Flagancy is great.

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TORN THE FUCK APART: Sexually Transmitted Torture Out Now on Ossuary Industries / Full Album Streaming

tornthefuckapartKansas City Death Spreaders TORN THE FUCK APART have just released new album ‘Sexually Transmitted Torture’ on Ossuary Industries. The follow up to 2012′s …The Dissection of Christ is a beastly, blood thirsty slab of Death Metal atrocity that rattles the bones and eviscerates any semblance of human civility.

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Playing in front of a massive crowd of 13 people, Marasmus opened up the show with fury in their hearts because they ripped it up their entire set. This local death metal act has come along way since I first saw them in early 2008. Creating technical brutality and maniacal drum work, these guys play together quite well and are phenomenal on stage.

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Concert Review: Despise The World Tour w/ SUFFOCATION, EXHUMED, JUNGLE ROT, RINGS OF SATURN, ADIMIRON & Local Heavyweights: TROGLODYTE


One of the biggest death metal shows of the year hit the tiniest possible venue in Kansas City, MO. The Riot Room hosted the “Despise the World” tour with Suffocation, Exhumed, Jungle Rot, Rings of Saturn, Adimiron and Troglodyte. I walked into the venue right as Troglodyte began their song “No Beast So Fierce” and it was the perfect way to begin the night. Was The Riot Room going to be able to handle all of this metal in one night? Well, continue reading to find out.

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Troglodyte, Kansas City’s neanderthal death metal act, needs our help!!!! Rob Zombie, Machine Head, Amon Amarth and Children of Bodom will be stopping by here on an off date Mayhem Fest show and we all know who needs to open this bad boy for us. That’s right, TROGLODYTE.

rob zombie

FLOOD 98.9 The Rock’s Facebook, Twitter, website and email stating how badly you want to see the almighty TROGLODYTE open for this amazing set on August 5th at Sandstone. I’m calling it Sandstone, I’m tired of the name change every fucking year.

Oh and if you don’t listen to Trog, well…get caught up son. Like them on Facebook and listen to them on Bandcamp.



BEHIND THE KIT: George Kollias (Nile) & Chris Wilson (Troglodyte)

The first drum video worship post of the new year! I bring you international favorite George Kollias and local favorite Chris Wilson! George Kollias can be heard playing with Nile and be sure to catch him when he tours the North Americas this Spring. Here are some videos of him drumming through some radical Nile tracks: Sacrifice Unto Sebek, Ithyphallic & The Essential Salts.

But first, check out Chris Wilson’s video for “Oregon Trail”. His band Troglodyte is one of the most well known and brutal death metal act here in Kansas City! Just see for yourself! If any locals are reading this, be sure to catch them tomorrow night at the Riot Room!!!

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trogAhh, you gotta love the smell of SKUNK APE RAPE in the morning. Listen to Troglodyte and buy their new album. YEAH!!!!

Crushing death metal from the Kansas City area, I’ve listed these guys before as wreckommendation of the week but I’ve had repeat offenders in the past. I’ve been listening to nothing but brutal death metal lately and Troglodyte has definitely been in the rotation. I’m sure you fuck will enjoy it.

Headbang. \w/