Quick Reviews: Viathyn, New Jacobin Club, Methedras, Exoto, Morthra, Sinners Burn, Afterwalker, Bergrizen & Nebula Orionis

This week will feature more bands but with far less description. I will leave basic info, a score and a link so you can check them out yourself. This week we have…
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Quick Reviews: Malhkebre, Psychotic Gardening, Cold Colours & Monsterworks

makabhreFrench black metal horde Malhkebre bring us more blasphemous filth that we all love but this act is more on the weird/unorthodox side of the genre. Not following the usual sounds, screeching and tone; Malkhebre has this cult feeling about it and it’s off putting and ominous. The music itself is dark and brooding while maintaining a faster thrash mentality at times. Vocals are not really sung but they are not really screamed. Rather, they are howled at a raspy loud belch that gives this band character. At first I was underwhelmed by their approach but I must say that this album has character and a uniqueness about it that gives it charm and a lasting impression. 3.5 out of 5


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Quick Reviews: Adabroc, The Pretty Reckless, Aghor & TARJA TURUNEN & MIKE TERRANA

CoverAdabroc – “Iolaire”. Atmospheric black metal from one man in Scotland. This is definitely atmospheric with beautiful music that is quite repetitive and lulls the listener into it’s realm of audio ecstasy. This is great black metal that has nothing to do with being an Odinist or Pagan, definitely give this one a listen. 3.5 out of 5   http://www.adabroc.com http://www.adabroc.com/discography.htm


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Quick Reviews: Deathkings, Tummler and Soloman, Miss May I & Saxon

deathkingsDeathkings – “Destroyer”. Progressive dark doom with slight of hand moments that keep things interesting within these long ass songs. They possess an ability to give off an melancholic feeling without being drawn out or labeled ‘funeral doom’. Thick riffs stacked upon riffs, fierce drum grooves and screams from every single level of hell gives this band/album a great sound within the realm of doom. 3.5 out of 5





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Quick Reviews: Father Murphy, Anti Ritual, Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul Split & Graves At Sea/Sourvein

father murphyFather Murphy – “Pain Is On Our Side Now”. I wasn’t sure if I was going to review this or not, the description is confusing, the music is weird and I believe this belongs in /r/awkwardboner. I’ll label this as drone though and tell you that this is a must listen. It’s very experimental, very random and very off putting. A weird & terrifyingly unique experience. 3.5 out of 5




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Review: Cauldron Black Ram – Stalagmire

cauldron black ramCauldron Black Ram not only have a weird name and logo (Look below, it’s weird not seeing a symmetrical logo these days) but they have a weird sound. They sound like amazing death metal mixed with the best thrash metal you’ve ever heard. Their groove on some of these songs is unfathomable and then they mix it up by putting a melody and riff that you would have heard in early 80′s Metallica songs. These guys are new to me and I definitely want to be apart of the CBR horde now. Where is my metal vest and 12 pack of cheap brews?! It’s time to jam some Cauldron Black Ram!

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Reviews: Sabbatory, Icon of Evil, Saliva, Sarcofago & Terminal Death

sabbatorySabbatory – “Endless Asphyxiating Gloom”. Sabbatory gives us a basic yet thrilling headbanger of a death metal album. The band promotes heavy moshing and drinking with their riffing and the result is an annihilation of your ears as well as your neck. 3 out of 5



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Review: Iced Earth – Plagues of Babylon

Iced-Earth-Plagues-of-BabylonIced Earth returned earlier this year and I am just now getting around to writing a review for this epic return to the public. Plagues of Babylon is your traditional metal album filled with catchy riffs, tasty leads, up beat drumming and radical vibrato vocals. This album is very welcoming to my ears as it’s different from the usual when it comes to all of the metal I hear these days. Iced Earth are a great band with a good reputation and fans will be happy with the result of the new album, Plagues of Babylon.

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