Review: External – Dyspohria

External are a thrash band from Finland. They released a demo in 2015 and then this demo/EP this year. It consists of 3 songs, 2 of which are studio recordings and the third being a live track. It clocks in at around 13 and a half minutes. The artwork is done by the Drummer’s girlfriend.┬áThis album is available for disc and vinyl!

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Review: Untimely Demise – Black Widow

Band: Untimely Demise

Album: Black Widow

Genre: Thrash/Death

This is the Canadian bands fourth release and this being the third album. The artwork on this album, which is done by the masterful Ed Repka, appears to be a homage to HeXeN’s “State of Insurgency”. Continue reading “Review: Untimely Demise – Black Widow”