Vocalists I’d Love To See Join SUICIDE SILENCE

suicide silence

It’s been six months now since the passing of motorcycle enthusiast and front man Mitch Lucker. While it seems longer than that, I realize that is still an amazingly short time. It may take years before the band can stomach trying to fill in the spot for their fallen brother. I truly dig Suicide Silence and I think they should continue on. Mitch’s vocal style was pretty intense and his stage presence was always turned way up. Stomping, headbanging and getting the crowd pumped up. They need someone like that again. I have some recommendations for Suicide Silence if they ever decide to bring on a new vocalist.

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TOP 10: Best Albums Of 2012

Best albums of 2012!!!!! This year was a great year for metal. Tons of bands from many different genres put out incredible music this year. I was surprised by the swarm of submissions I got this year and many of the lesser known bands scored really high. There is a mix of well known bands and “who the hell is that?”, be sure to check these albums out if you haven’t yet.

Well here you go, the top 10 albums of 2012!

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Well it finally happened, a Monday morning where I forgot to start my ritual and went straight to work. So today is dedicated to the fuckers who don’t need to be up early. Wake up at noon and turn up the volume knob and jam out to some Nasum, Suntorn, Murder Construct and some good ol Dying Fetus!!!! Enjoy and welcome to your work week. Fuckin rinse/repeat bullshit.

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CONTEST: Enter To Win SUNTORN’S Album “The Will To Power”

The Will To Power

Suntorn – The Will To Power

You like metal? You like FREE METAL?! Of course you do and now you can have a shot at winning Suntorn’s new album “The Will To Power”. All you have to do is leave a reply! That’s it! Just comment on this blog post. You can leave any comment you want, you can say this blog sucks dick, you can say death metal is gay, I don’t care. Just leave a comment and on Tuesday September 11th I will choose the winner at random and ship off the album immediately.

Good luck!!!!

Album Review! Suntorn – The Will To Power (Bonus Album Download)

The Will To Power

San Diego’s slam grind death act known as Suntorn brings forth the destruction with their debut album “The Will To Power”. Layered vocals of high registered torment and lower demonic death, guitar riffs tuned nice and low and ultra brutal, bass work that will create a menacing force of chaos and drumming so violent that it just seals the deal and makes it all official, Suntorn have released one of the heaviest albums of this genre. Mike O’Hara (Splattered Entrails) lays down the filthy riffs and puts some leads and diddles over them that is different from his other work. While you can definitely tell it’s O’Hara on that axe, you can enjoy something slightly different. When it comes to the vocals I cannot tell if it’s Peter Sliwinski doing all of the work or if Mike or Greg is helping, if that is Peter doing all of the work then holy fucking monkey balls does he have a wide range!!! He has three main vocal registers, a low but throaty death metal growl, a high registered scream that is still raw as hell and an even higher registered primal scream. There are 2 other vocal styles I notice and that is the ultra low guttural grunting and something close to that but more pig squealish than anything. The drumming from T-Rex is so damn precise and brutal, it’s almost unreal. If it’s programmed, it’s done so very very well. If this is a legit kit, then T-Rex is one of the best drummers out there. Ultra fast blasts, tempo changes, crushing breakdown drum patterns and nothing but balls out playing. Suntorn come together and put out one hell of an album. “The Will To Power” is not for the weak.

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SUNTORN – Nature’s Inexorable Imperative (Feat. Travis Ryan)

Holy shit I came across this randomly and it’s definitely the heaviest thing I’ve heard today. That song just sounds so EVIL, ungodly evil. Like a beast on a rape rampage! Travis Ryan has been incredibly busy this year and yet again he steals the show (sry, Suntorn…I love you), which is no easy task because Peter Sliwinski was ultra impressive on that track. Suntorn’s new album is going to absolutely destroy all. Oh, it’s out TODAY! I need to get this fucking record.


Got some incredibly heavy music brand spanking new for your ear holes. First up we have San Diego’s slam death grind act, SUNTORN. They released a new track over the weekend called “3911″ and I don’t know the meaning behind the random number but the track is heavy as hell. If you enjoy Malodorous, Splattered Entrails and Disfiguring the Goddess, you’ll get into this shit. Enjoy. Suntorn – 3911

Next up is Whitechapel with their new track, “Hate Creation”. If you don’t like it then “fuck what you think!” Anyways, the track is really different from their usual itinerary of chug, breakdown, chug with lead, breakdown, etc. There is a decent riff in there (although a little repetitive) and the formula for the song is noticeably different. Their usage of the deathchug isn’t as much as they normally do so that’s refreshing to hear. That shit gets old after awhile anyways. Whitechapel – Hate Creation