Quick Reviews – Annihilated, Blackwolfgoat, Bowl Ethereal & Brimstone Coven

annihilatedIf your band name is Annihilated then your music better portray the very meaning of that word. Thankfully, this band nails it and the music is just gnarly death metal with plenty of groove and filthy tone. Continue reading

Quick Reviews: Ancient VVisdom, Beastmilk, Orange Goblin, Thunderworks & Wo Fat

ancient vvisdomAncient VVisdom’s new album is a decent offering of slow and steady doom jams that has a promsing amount of occult rock vocals over the tried and true riffing. Continue reading

Review: Belphegor – Conjuring the Dead

belphegor conjuring the deadFor those who love their black metal filled with death and death metal filled with blackness, then you know the name of this band for sure. Their incredibly fast riffing, drum work and treacherous vocals bring forth terror to those who are looking for it. Belphegor’s last album was highly regarded in my book. The songs were evil, catchy and it had the perfect blend of black metal and death metal to make things ultra sinister. I am a massive fan of Behemoth and Belphegor is just like them in many ways…only sped up.

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Review: The Contortionist – Language

The_Contortionist_-_LanguageI’m going to admit first and foremost that the only reason why I even became interested in this band is because Michael Lessard joined them. I have buddies who dig this band and when I heard one of my favorite vocalists was apart of their team now….I suppose I became a fan by default. Lessard won me over with two phenomenal albums with Last Chance to Reason and now here I am again expecting to be fully engaged and falling in love with the album just like I did with LC2R’s Level 2 and Level 3. Is The Contortionist going to pull me in and make me want to listen to them over and over? Will this be one of my favorite albums of 2014?

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Quick Reviews: Coprocephalic, Antropomorphia, The Hell & Septycal Gorge

coprocephalicCoprocephalic’s “The Oath of Relinquishment” is a highly produced but mildly entertaining death metal album. The guttural vocal work is poorly executed and the music itself is rather boring. The derivative nature and delivery of this album means that there is nothing gripping or longlasting at all about this album. If you want plain brutality and are too lazy to find something better, then I suppose this will work but shame on you. There is definitely better out there. 2 out of 5

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Review: Rings of Saturn – Lugal Ki En

Rings of Saturn Lugal Ki En CoverThere is something I have never truly understood when it comes to the negativity that surrounds this band. Sure there are some deathcore elements tied within the technical death metal and their brand of tech is really out of this world. But by metalhead standards, this surely exceeds it. I mean the vocals by Ian Bearer have only got better since he first joined the band, Lucas and Joel are creative as all hell on their instruments and drumming and bass work are not slacking by any means. The gang return from a highly successful album with Lugal Ki En and the galactic theme does not slow down by any means. As a matter of fact, it only burns faster.

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Quick Reviews: Viathyn, New Jacobin Club, Methedras, Exoto, Morthra, Sinners Burn, Afterwalker, Bergrizen & Nebula Orionis

This week will feature more bands but with far less description. I will leave basic info, a score and a link so you can check them out yourself. This week we have…
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Review: Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks

10256333_730958190297082_7680238877208757690_nWhen it comes to guitar picks, I usually stick with what works for me. As I play for a lengthy amount of time, I begin to cramp and sweat and some picks just do not work for me. I’ve stuck with my two brands of picks for over 5 years now but when I was approached by Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks for a review, I couldn’t refuse. Within seconds of checking out their product I knew it was going to be something I would love to use.

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Quick Reviews: SGUAGUARAHCHRISTIS, HORTUS ANIMAE, Incite & A Breach of Silence

SGUAGUARAHCHRISTISSGUAGUARAHCHRISTIS’ ‘Der Nacht’ is a hollow and dark black metal release. With everything you would expect and love about the genre you can find right here with this release. The production is intentionally bleak and void of a lot of bass. Continue reading