Exclusive Stream & Review: Liminal – Fugue

coverHey there! Man do I have something late 2016 special to share with you guys. If you feel like this year was lacking in atmospheric doom mixed with black and death metal then you are right. If you wish before you make your “best of 2016” list you had one more album to listen to that could ‘wow’ you then I think I may have found the right band for you. Liminal hails from Finland, not a place where you would expect this style of music. When I think of Finland, I think of folk metal or melodic death metal. However, the music found on Fugue is nothing like that. This is wretchedly thick, layered with groove, dissonance and atmosphere. This style of blackened death doom is what I needed in my life.

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Review: KORN – The Serenity of Suffering

korn-the_serenity_of_suffering-album_coverI’ve been an avid fan of Korn since 1999 when I was introduced to them with the album “Follow The Leader”. Since then it’s been a steady ride of similar tracks, depressing lyrics and heavy guitar riffs….until Head (Brian Welch) left the band. Soon afterwards, their sound changed for the experimental while barely grasping at the sounds that made them who they were, even dipping into dubstep for an album. Then Head returns to the fray and things are looking up for Korn. “The Paradigm Shift” was a slight return to form with a couple of songs but they had yet to fully find themselves and the sound that I could enjoy again. I haven’t truly been into a Korn album since “Take A Look Into The Mirror”, which was the last album Brian Welch was on before his departure. 13 years later, we get “The Serenity of Suffering“, a proper follow up to the album. This safely fits into their heavy discography, blending what they have evoled into and utilizing past riff techniques….Korn sounds like Korn once again.

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Review: SQUIRM – Festering

a4026505238_16Squirm is a one man band from Wolverhampton, England. The twisted mind behind this is “Cellar Dweller”. He does absolutely everything on his releases even down to the artwork and logo.

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Review: ANAL TRUMP – That Makes Me Smart!

a0644174335_10Anal Trump brings you their hilarious debut album that may be the best grind album of 2016, even though it’s a jab/joke release of god damn fast grind and screams. Travis Trump (Fans of Cattle Decap will enjoy) belches, screams and grunts his way through these 30 tracks while Rob Trump handles all of the musical aspects of it. Honestly, I am already 3 listens deep into this (and counting, it only lasts a few minutes) and it’s actually really heavy hitting, well written, satirical and educational release of extreme music. Personal politics aside, this just shows the world what we’re dealing with from another perspective. Disgustingly brilliant grindcore.

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Review: ANAAL NATHRAKH – The Whole of the Law

anaal-nathrakh-the-whole-of-the-lawAnaal Nathrakh has a cult following a severely devoted fans and after listening to their newest album, The Whole of the Law, I seriously understand why. Let’s not get into their back story and where they come from, let’s just jump straight into this album’s review. Here you go…

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Review: SUPERJOINT – Caught Up In The Gears Of The Application

superjoint_lp3_lp_cover_color_review13 years…..13 long years since I have had a new Superjoint (NAME CHANGED DUE TO LEGAL REASONS) album. I’ve since jammed “Use Once and Destroy” and “A Lethal Dose of American Hatred” so much I should probably be ashamed of myself but I have always loved the heavy riffing, southern comfort groove and Anselmo’s fine tuned screams over these uniquely written songs. Now we get a new Superjoint album called Caught Up in the Gears of the Application and right away I am filled with excitement, anticipation and hope that I get the same fulfillment that I got from the previous 2 albums. The result of a few listens is a mixed bag of good and bad. Continue reading “Review: SUPERJOINT – Caught Up In The Gears Of The Application”

Review: Boreworm – Entomophobia

entomophobia_cover1Very little is known about Boreworm…..a progressively powerful death metal band from Michigan. Entomophobia is the band’s sophomore EP and they deliver a brand of death that isn’t like anything I have heard before. They bring a wall of sound with them that is pure death, atmospheric horror, melodic and just crushing with amazing production and musicianship. The band is independently releasing this bad boy and right out of the gate I have to recommend that you listen to this one. Let me tell you why.

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Review: Reject The Sickness – Chains of Solitude

reject-the-sicknessHere is a band that takes real issues and displays the heartache of certain situations over well written melodic death metal. Reject the Sickness is a band from Belgium and their use of melodic death metal, metalcore guitar ailments and progressive undertones really makes their debut album, Chains of Solitude, a stand out performance. Then you have the vocalist who is a social worker and uses these emotions in his lyrics and vocal performance to tell emotional tales of child endangerment, abuse, neglect and anger. On the surface it seems like just another melodic death band but Reject the Sickness is incredibly deep.

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Review: Conclave – Sins of the Elders

soe300finalConclave is a sludge/doom band hailing from Massachusets and if it’s sludge…you know it’s going to be heavy with massive use of grooves and down tuned tones. So yes, this is a bashing display of sludge. Conclave’s sound will definitely be something NOLA sludge fans will grasp onto. With almost drunken riffs, bass licks and a raspy vocalist heading the charge…you get a sense of Down and Crowbar inspiration from Conclave. While not mimicking the sound at all, that is just the vibe I am getting from this bands debut album, Sins of the Elders. Which merits a listen if you enjoy this style of music.

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Review: Imperium – Titanomachy

imperium_-_titanomachy_cover_artBrandishing a touch of Middle Eastern ideologies within their war torn technical death metal sound, Imperium (from the UK) pull off a sound that fans of Nile, Hideous Divinity and ADE will easily fall in love with. Titanomachy definitely snuck past me but I am glad I caught up with it. This album is a true headbanger type of album.

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