Solid State Records recording artists OH, SLEEPER have debuted a new music video for their single “Hush Yael”. This track can be found on their album Children of Fire, their third album for Solid State. This record is a career-defining mission statement further establishing them in the heavy music pantheon, and is available for purchase on iTunes now. OH, SLEEPER stands armed and ready for domination.

Qreview! Oh, Sleeper – Children of Fire

From the get go I get a sense of “Man, I’ve heard this before” when I pressed play on this album. Typical metal-core stylized writing and vocals. With some decent guitar leads and vox though. This album just bored the living hell out of me. While it’s not entirely bad at all, I wouldn’t write Oh, Sleeper off as a crappy band at all. It’s just a style I really don’t get into nor care for. I did bob my head though because some of it is intoxicating enough to make me head bang.

The vocals are 50/50 to me, sometimes I really got into them and sometimes I just wanted to skip the song. However, there are some tracks that truly stood out to me and I liked them a lot. The Conscience Speaks is a great little acoustic track that doesn’t really fit in with the album but it makes it definitely better. Good singing going on in this track as well. Another track that is similar to The Conscience Speaks is a track called Means To Believe, I really enjoyed listening to these two songs. Oh, Sleeper can write some quality acoustic songs and honestly this is where they excel!!! I have more respect for their music in this aspect more so than in the metal-core style.

Another track that was impressive is The Family Ruin, what a emotional track….it starts off sorta like a NIN song, just the piano and the vocal pattern he uses with the electronic feel in the background…definitely NIN-ish. The vocals and writing on this track hit a nerve with me and I got into it. I just wish the rest of the album was as good as these 3 tracks. These three are gold.

Pros: The band is talented and can play some good music

Cons: However, I feel they choose to play generic music that will sell well with the Hot Topic crowd.

2.5 out of 5

Fav tracks: The Conscience Speaks, Means To Believe and The Family Ruin