City in the Sea‘s video/song is plain boring. “Dead Beliefs” is an uninteresting track and the video lacked any originality. I suppose the use of red bulbs was the only original thing about it. The empty warehouse theme has been used so many times. If any more bands use this I will instantly tab over and just base my opinion on the song alone.

Dark Sermon‘s video for “In Tongues” is rather bad ass and this is the first time I’ve heard of these guys. Upon listening to this music video, I have to hear the new album in full. So many elements combined into one song….made for one hell of a ride. Excellent headbang material to get whiplash to. Music videos are below after the jump.

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BEYOND CREATION Music Video For “Omnipresent Perception”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!!!! FINALLY YES!!!! One of my favorite bands of all time, Beyond Creation, have released an official music video for their bad ass song “Omnipresent Perception”. I’ve watched Forest’s bass video for this song probably one hundred times in the past year so finally seeing the entire band jam this song out is highly fulfilling. Very cool concept, setting and wonderfully shot music video!

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WHITECHAPEL’S Video For “Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence” Is Live Shot Awesomeness From MAYHEM FEST


Whitechapel shot this footage over the summer for their song “Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence” from their new self titled album released just before Mayhem Fest. This is a multi, multi (No stutter, there are a shit load of cameras being used for this) angle shot with cameras on instruments, mics, buses, groupies as well as some shots from the audience. The video is good however the choppiness gives me a headache. Also, this poses the question…..who came up with the microphone camera idea first? Meshuggah or Whitechapel? I’ve never seen that being used before Meshuggah used it in a recent video, but obviously Whitechapel shot this over the summer way before that video was released. Hmm…


Oh well, if you saw Whitechapel live at Mayhem like I did, this will just make you relive those 5 minutes of sweltering heat and enjoying some good music from the stage.




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A/V Update: ObeyDaWalrus, Ill Nino, Alpha Tiger, Love and Death, The Agonist, Adrenechrome & PIG DESTROYER

dojo casino

Today’s update features some lesser known bands and some well known ones. Starting off today’s segment is a new track from Spain’s version of IWABO, featuring unorthodox writing, multi-genre crossing styles and riffs that will get your headbanging for sure. Obey Da Walrus – “Dojo Casino” can be found after the jump. Next up is Ill Nino with their new music video for “La Epidemia”, featuring Frankie Palmeri from Emmure as guest vocalist. One of Ill Nino’s heavier songs on the new album. Bringing a little bit of death metal into their sound.

Next is Alpha Tiger with their music video for “From Outer Space”. Their leather clad, 80′s power/glam look and sound is alright. I don’t care for the vocals, at all. I appreciate singing, so don’t preach to me about skill, I just don’t like the man’s vocal tone. Sounds like a pre-pubescent┬ákid. The music itself is good though. The embed code isn’t working so click the URL to watch the video.

Next up is Brian Welch’s band Love and Death with a solid track “The Abandoning”. It’s a hint of Korn, I mean he was one of the main song writers and all. But it also sounds like all of the radio bands that have blown up the past decade. I’d be surprised if this didn’t blow up big, it’s catchy, bassy and not bad at all!

The Agonist is up next with “Panophobia”, which is mainly a live shot music video with the studio dubbed track over it. Very different, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. Another metal as fuck female fronted band. Right on. I’ve never heard of these guys before and this is pretty damn good!

Adrenechrome brings the thrash with their video for “titans Fall”. I really like everything about this band!

We’ll end this little update strong with Pig Destroyer’s new music video for “The Diplomat”. I love everything about this music video.

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A/V UPDATE: Rwake, Meshuggah, The Sword & Stone Sour

rwakeRwake’s music video for “It Was Beautiful but Now It’s Sour” is dumb as fuck but it’s another excuse to listen to them. Their album from last year was incredible. Next up is Meshuggah’s music video for “Demiurge and it’s a live pro-shot video of them performing on stage with multiple angles and new angles like the microphone camera. Very neat video, good song. Old man metal band “The Sword” released a lyric video today for their song “Eyes of the Stormwitch”. Very good band/song. Listen to them! Also visit for the Stone Sour album stream. Headbang!

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