Review: Sivyj Yar – Burial Shrouds

coverRussia. God damn you guys know your black metal. I mean just about every single thing I’ve heard from that country that is within the black metal genre is just insanely good. The brilliance, the atmosphere and the majesty coming from that country over the past couple of years just blows me away every single time. Here is another grand example of this phenomenon and it’s by the band called Sivyj Yar, a Pagan black metal band whose pride in their heritage just bleeds out from the speakers. This isn’t just your normal black metal act too….the music found on this release, Burial Shrouds, is incredibly deep. Sure it has it’s typical black metal sound at times but the compositions and craftsmanship of the song writing is out of this world.

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Review: Pyrrhon – Growth Without End

smg144_printPyrrhon shot out into the metal scene last year with their phenomenal release The Mother of Virtues and now we have this short and sweet beast of an EP called Growth Without End, a release you are sure to let loop for hours. 5 tracks of hellish riffing, blasts, screams and destruction. If you are a fan of vicious song writing, endless attack and chaotic compositions then you’ll fall in love with this hectic release. Pyrrhon are something special and you need to listen to this immediately.

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Review: Mortal Torment – Cleaver Redemption

GHP032_-_Mortal_Torment_-_Cleaver_RedemptionSoon the heathens from Greece known as Mortal Torment will be dropping a brand new brutal death metal album called Cleaver Redemption. This is fucking heavy. Lyrical themes of violence, death, dismemberment and torture reign supreme on this release and the music that helps tell these tales of horror are some of the gnarliest written metal tracks of the year. If you want Party Cannon, Devast and Kraanium with a little Dying Fetus sprinkled on top, then this album from Mortal Torment will be perfect for you.

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ALBUM STREAM: MEPHORASH “1557 – Rites of Nullification”

mephorashMEPHORASH is a black metal band hailing from Sweden featuring members of Malign, ex Ofermod. Their new album has been just released by Odium Records and it’s divided into 4 hymns which serves as a luminescent focal point for the fourfold rite of nullification of the four primal elements. Each track of the album features additional vocals from the vocalists of Malign, Hetroertzen, Embrace of Thorns and Fides Inversa.



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Review: Abigail Williams – The Accuser

AbigailWilliams_TheAccuser_CDL535CDAbigail Williams is an American black metal band from Olympia, Washington now and their steady rise to better and better black metal could possibly hit an all time high in their career with their newest album The Accuser. An album that embraces the aggressiveness and angst that black metal harvests. Abigail Williams has never been one of the more outlandish and best of the genre but they are trying their damnedest to be heard this time around. Will the elitists finally adhere and accept the bands cruel sounds? Well let’s listen… Continue reading


Abhorrent Deformity - Entity of Malevolence 5x5 300dpiAbhorrent Deformity is a young and talented brutal death metal band from North Carolina and their new/debut album Entity of Malevolence is going to be released on October 30th via Comatose Music. The debut album is crushing and I sent the band a couple of questions that I had and Dave Wright (bass) and Mark De Gruchy (vocals) were kind enough to answer them for me. Enjoy the read and be sure to jam their new song “Entity of Malevolence”, the title track from their new album!!!

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Review: InAeona – Force Rise The Sun

InAeona_FRTS_WEBPost-Rock is a wonderful genre of music that isn’t really metal but can closely relate to it in many ways. The emotion, the beauty in the music, the tone, simple instrumentation and wonderful production usually fit in well if you’re looking for something meaningful and slightly heavy. Enter InAeona, a band I am unfamiliar with but getting acquainted with quickly following many listens of their new album Force Rise The Sun. Feminine yet powerful vocals blast these semi electronic post-rock vibes and I am banging my head and well as bouncing in my seat.

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Review: Plague Rider – Paroxysm

ParoxysmHailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK comes forth a new experimental technical death metal act called Plague Rider that you need to hear. Their recording is raw, unrelentless and excellently crafted to make you headbang like a mad man. Their EP Paroxysm is 4 highly unorthodox compositions of death and you can easily hear their influences bleed out before you even read their profile. Yet, they take these influences and this high anxiety sound and make it onto a neat style that is them. Plague Rider is something neat and new for you heathens that crave the next best thing from the underground.

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