Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed

WDCOVERHailing from Belgium, Wiegedood delivers a fierce black metal sound that reminds me of Earth and Pillars release from last year. Just massive atmosphere layered on top of wonderfully orchestrated riffs and writing. The sound on De Doden Hebben Het Goed is blissful, bone chilling intense black metal. An outstanding piece of work, four songs deliver enough impactful music to fulfill those urges you may get for high quality atmospheric metal.

Wiegedood’s creation is really good to not only listen to but to feel. Their music is something that can give your skin goosebumps and make your soul shift. So if you’re on the lookout for the next big atmospheric black metal quest, may I suggest that you embark on the journey that is Wiegedood’s De Doden Hebben Het Goed. One of 2015′s finest black metal experiences.

8.5 out of 10


TL;DR Reviews: Warhorse, Gehennah, Keeper, CDC, Cowards & War Iron

warhorseWarhorse is a doom band from Massachusetts, whom enjoy making odd sounds in rather thick grooves in massively laid out song structures. The songs are gigantic as well is that freaking guitar/bass tone. As Heaven Turns To Ash… + the I Am Dying re-issue will satisfy those in need of some quality doom, or if you’re an old fan trying to grab a hold of some physical material! 7 out of 10 



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Review: The Ragnarok Prophecy – Makeria

the ragnarok prophecyThe Ragnarok Prophecy’s new album “Makeria” is the first of a multiple album concept story, with each song further laying out the history and setting of this land. One thing for sure, is that this band can create this civilization with big metal riffs, digital drumming and raw vocal usage. The energy and delivery isn’t fully death metal, but it’s packing a punch that dm can give. There are a lot of melodies and different inspired passages on this album that’ll grab your attention while listening to ‘Makeria’, some of those being classically inspired or just a hands down heavy metal ass kicking. The Ragnarok Prophecy has a big time sound and it’s an easy album to enjoy.

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Review: Wilderun – Sleep at the Edge of the Earth

Wilderun_Album_CoverWilderun returns with a funded sophomore album that has their majestic song writing that could be found on the first album, “Olden Tales & Deathly Trails”, with some added death vocals, atmospheric/symphonic sections, expansive progressive guitar riffing and folk melodies all blended together. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth is no let down as they show off nothing but top tiered musicianship and songs that are captivating on all fronts.

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Review: Utstøtt – Hjørungavågr

utstottTry to pronounce that: “Hjørungavågr”. Unless you are a Viking mythology master or from Iceland, you’re more than likely not going to know how to pronounce it. Regardless, Utstøtt’s epic viking metal will make you feel like you are already wearing battle gear and strapped with a sword and shield. Hjørungavågr is the follow up to 2013′s EP “Legender Odin” and that release blew me away and I listened to it over and over. The free release was new to me at the time, as I was not used to free music via Bandcamp quite yet and then I was lucky enough to obtain the cassette, which earned even more play time since my truck had a tape deck in it. Themed around the Norse naval battle of Hjørungavågr, the album follows the battle up to a pagan warrior’s death, followed by his journey through Freyja’s realm of Folkvangr. Thus giving us the plot, lore and music of the album and it’s a mighty big journey of music.

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Review: Psycroptic – Psycroptic

psycropticIt happens more often than not where people will like a band and they will gain traction with fans, labels and PR companies and I will not bat an eye in their direction. It’s not that the music or band is bad, it’s just that it’s nothing substantially special. I am infinitely more picky when it comes to death metal than I am black metal and it’s slim pickens sometimes when it comes to the genre. Psycroptic’s next full length album is one of these examples where the music is exceptionally good but I just am left not amused.

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Review: Enslaved – In Times

enslaved in timesEnslaved. If you haven’t already heard of them, well shame on you, but this band is a progressive viking metal band hailing from the motherland of all black metal: Norway. In Times is their thirteenth studio album and they still prove that they can still write thought provoking tunes that expand on the genre and what we think about viking metal in general. Enslaved have been writing about frost giants, Nordic gods and lore way before it became trendy and they still seem to keep it creative, unique and entertaining.

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Review: Ancient Wind – The Chosen Slain

front (text)These sumbitches from Colorado just became one of my favorite bands! Ancient Wind is a new band and their debut album “The Chosen Slain” just takes several things I enjoy about several other bands, gives them a rad and creative twist on them so it’s not a simple mimic and delivers a new tasty metal album for me to consume and enjoy. The Chosen Slain is awesome, melodic, black metal, warrior marching stuff and you’ll bang your fucking head no matter what. Horns up, drinks down yer throat and ALL HAIL ANCIENT WIND!

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Review: Pandemia – At The Gates of Nihilism

pandemia itunesPandemia is a Czech Republic death metal band that definitely gives off wild old school death metal groove, sadistic tone, raw tone and dark energy. Been around since the mid 90′s, the gang is back from a 6 year gap from their last album to give us this blazing album “At The Gates of Nihilism”. I wasn’t sure what to expect from these guys since this is my first album by them but I can proudly say that this was a definite headbanger, something I’ll enjoy gladly listen to multiple times.

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Review: id. – Sagittarius A

EP cover - id - Sagitarrius A‘id.’ is a hard to find band online but I somehow managed to get a promo from their PR (Asher Media). It’s still incredibly hard to find them online: no real online social media presence, nothing posted on YouTube and extremely poor to no results found on Google probably due to the software company iD, the makers of Wolfenstein and Doom. This is a shame because these guys have a decent sound, even though it may be derivative from other bands. Their progressive metal sound isn’t inventive and the production is hollow and lifeless. Still, if you wanted an Opeth/Gojira (From Mars to Sirius) writing sound with an indie styled production quality, then ‘id.’s new album is what you’ll need.

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