TL;DR Review LIST: Sorcerer, Leave the Living, Sigh, Hellbastard, Chemical Burn, Veil of Maya, Forward Unto Dawn, Third Ion, Dying Humanity, Ommadon, Wrvth, Lorna Shore & Hellacaust

This will be the most brief list of ‘reviews’ I’ve done in a long time. It’ll be basic info with a quick opinion and a score, linking to the bands Facebook or Bandcamp. Without further ado…

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Six Feet Under – Crypt of the Devil

crypt of the devilEach and every time a new Six Feet Under album is released I am always eager to listen to it. Even after the atrocious display that Undead and Unborn was, I was still hoping that guys in SFU would come through and spawn some hellacious death metal groove like they’ve done in the past. When it comes to Six Feet Under’s style of death metal, you either love it or hate it. SFU have been going strong for 2 decades now and have been persistent with their gore loving grooves as well as Barnes unique style of growling and screaming. With a big discography and some not so good cover albums – the band returns with their new album “Crypt of the Devil” and it’s a revitalized Six Feet Under. Enthusiastic riffing amazing tone, quality song writing, big energy and vocal delivery. This is Six Feet Under’s best album in years.

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Now Streaming: Barbelith – Mirror Unveiled

Barbelith is a post-rock band who likes to add a touch of darkness from the atmospheric black metal side of things. Giving us unique melodies, post-riffing with aggressive styled black metal screaming. Very good atmosphere from front to back. Stream the new album, Mirror Unveiled, right now!

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Now Streaming: Gestalt – Infinite Regress

Next up on ‘Now Streaming’, I have Gestalt, intense deliverance of black metal from St. Louis, MO. Infinite Regress is 25 minutes of wretched black metal filth. But enough with the chit chat, press play and get to headbanging immediately.

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Deadspace – The Promise of Oblivion

deadspace_webcoverOh man. You know, I’m in a fantastic mood. I’m feeling motivated, I am happy and life is good. Now I just need to listen to something that makes me want to crawl into a hole and die. Because why not? As weird as it may be to actively listen to depressing music, I find that it’s the purest form of emotional artwork. Depressive suicidal black metal was hard to listen to at first many years ago but I find myself uncontrollably wanting more and more and finding the best within the genre is always fun to discover and share. In this case, it’s a band from Australia with the name of Deadspace. No not the video game, it’s your next favorite DSBM band.

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Exclusive Premiere: MORTAL TORMENT – A Million Skulls To Bludgeon

mortal tormentMortal Torment’s new album Cleaver Redemption drops this fall and we’re lucky enough to show off the first sample of what these brutal death metal bastards can do. This song is fucking intense. Enjoy. Be on the look out for this album on Gore House Productions later this year!

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Exclusive Stream: Carnival of Flesh – Stories From A Fallen World

Carnival of Flesh - Stories From a Fallen World - Front CoverCarnival of Flesh! Hailing all the way from Serbia is this cold and grim black metal band with commanding symphonic moments. Their new album, Stories From A Fallen World, is a scathing and raw black metal act that utilizes symphonic keyboard compositions to get their musical brand across. Compiling intense black metal riffing with violent instrumental progression and unique vocal performance, Carnival of Flesh pushes the limits on this genre. The result is a fully fleshed out extreme metal experience that’ll definitely have you headbanging. Listen below and indulge in the music for yourself! Headbang or GTFO has the exclusive stream for your enjoyment.

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TL;DR Reviews: Ashcloud, Algos, Dryom & Vintage Warlords

ashcloudAshcloud’s supreme death metal sound is cut short by it’s terrible production values. They sound like they are a mix of traditional 80′s death metal, thrash metal and Swedish death metal….which is a unique sound but the production just makes this album sound weak. 6 out of 10




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Abandoned Elysium – Unmasked

abandoned elysiumAbandoned Elysium’s sound is very generic groove rhythmic styled metal, with some creative outlet in the lead guitar department. Vocals are mainly a powerful low end growl, which is the best part of the album as he devours each song and breathes pure venom. Musically it’s okay, it’s nothing special or overly spectacular but it’s easily something you can enjoy.

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Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed

WDCOVERHailing from Belgium, Wiegedood delivers a fierce black metal sound that reminds me of Earth and Pillars release from last year. Just massive atmosphere layered on top of wonderfully orchestrated riffs and writing. The sound on De Doden Hebben Het Goed is blissful, bone chilling intense black metal. An outstanding piece of work, four songs deliver enough impactful music to fulfill those urges you may get for high quality atmospheric metal.

Wiegedood’s creation is really good to not only listen to but to feel. Their music is something that can give your skin goosebumps and make your soul shift. So if you’re on the lookout for the next big atmospheric black metal quest, may I suggest that you embark on the journey that is Wiegedood’s De Doden Hebben Het Goed. One of 2015′s finest black metal experiences.

8.5 out of 10