Concert Review: Rob Zombie & Korn – Return of the Dreads Tour

It was a miserably hot and humid night in Bonner Springs, Kansas at the Providence Amphitheater. The venue, formerly known as Sandstone, was filled to the brim even though the lawn section was closed off for the evening. I casually show up fashionably late after In This Moment played because they are a band I don’t really care for. So no review for them. Rob Zombie came on stage as the sun was setting to the West, and the lighting and production looked as amazing as always. Images of horror and nudity as well as freakishly large ghouls dance around on stage as Rob Zombie and his band mates (Piggy D, Ginger Fish and John 5) tear through your favorite Zombie tracks.

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Review: Scythia – Lineage

Canada is well known for providing some of the finest metal in all of the world. It does not matter which genre it is, it could be blackened death, technical death or pure black metal with folk and viking themes, the country just seems to produce quality musicians. Case in point: Scythia, a progressive power metal act who loves to toss in as much folk and renaissance festival melodies in their songs as humanly possible. Songs of questing, searching, fighting and exploring has always been the case for Scythia’s songs. The new album Lineage is more of the good Scythia we’ve come to love but this time they kind of have a more serious tone about them. But is it as good as …of Exile and …of Conquest?

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Review: Untimely Demise – Black Widow

Band: Untimely Demise

Album: Black Widow

Genre: Thrash/Death

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