Reviews: Dark Century, Julius Seizure, Exhumation, Cultfinder & Vestal Claret

dark centuryDark Century – “Murder Motel”. Decent death metal with aggressive mentality throughout and cheesy lyrics. Vocals aren’t bad but don’t pay attention to what he is saying. Other than the elementary lyrics that you shouldn’t take seriously, the band reminds me of Exhumed in a way. 3 out of 5



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Review: Iced Earth – Plagues of Babylon

Iced-Earth-Plagues-of-BabylonIced Earth returned earlier this year and I am just now getting around to writing a review for this epic return to the public. Plagues of Babylon is your traditional metal album filled with catchy riffs, tasty leads, up beat drumming and radical vibrato vocals. This album is very welcoming to my ears as it’s different from the usual when it comes to all of the metal I hear these days. Iced Earth are a great band with a good reputation and fans will be happy with the result of the new album, Plagues of Babylon.

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Review: Frail Grounds – The Fields of Trauma

frail groundsFrail Grounds is a melodic death metal band from Oslo, Norway. They have a bi-polar mentality when it comes to their song writing as they attack the prog and melodic death senses. Also, the bands features some good ‘death’ growling as well as traditional metal singing. ‘The Fields of Trauma’ is a unique listen and it’s definitely worthy of a try.

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Album Review: Scythia – …Of Conquest

scythiaOh Scythia, when melodic metal blends with folk and tends to stray away from non-death metal vocals, it seems to get a bad wrap and often ignored from the massive swarm of vile death metal listeners. However, this time around, the band turns up the musical charm and gives something with incredible replayability and “…Of Conquest” is full of quality metal from beginning to end!

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Quick Reviews: Cursed Altar (Single), I Will Be Okay, Rune X & Nilfgaard

Today’s choice cuts of metal meat come from the black ambient side of things, excluding Nilfgaard which is more of a melodic death metal act. Each band is quality in it’s own way.

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Album Review: Adora Vivos – Toward the Empyrean

adora vivos

Adora Vivos intrigued me instantly because it was the name of a song on Woods of Ypres’ final album. I HAD to listen to it. Woods is one of the best bands to ever exist and after listening to one single song from Adora Vivos, it’s clear that they are incredibly influenced by Woods’ style and song writing. Ever since Gold’s death, there has been a void left within my soul and it’s hard to find a band to fill that spot again. Well after many “spins” of this new EP from Adora Vivos, it’s left me with a great sense of fulfillment and excitement. Many more bands will come and many more will go. Another band will grant me pure enjoyment and satisfaction like Woods of Ypres once did…..and Adora Vivos have definitely done just that.

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Album Review: Road To Horizon – Road To Horizon EP

road to horizon

Road To Horizon released this little piece to show off that they are coming back in 2013. New tunes, new riffs and some pretty aggressive moments for this type of music. Clean singing that will swoon any pre-teen girl and screams that will call to boys of the same age. This EP just plays out to the younger generation and I know the next time I walk into a Hot Topic I’ll be hearing this over the PA.

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MUSIC VIDEOS: ODIUM (Metal), Mandroid Echostar (Progressive Rock), Every Time I Die (Hardcore) & Over Your Threshold (Melodic Technical Progressive Death Metal, lol)

Odium, an unsigned Canadian band that has potential. The music is pretty good but I don’t like the vocals singing on the track. The growls are fine but the singing makes it too close to Five Finger Death Punch to me. Which I can’t stand. The song/video is still worth checking out so DO IT!

Odium – “At the Bottom”

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