VOD – Interview and Exclusive Song Premeire

vodRecently, I was blown away by the upcoming release of an progressive doom/sludge release from a band called “Vod”. This album of unorthodox sounds and shapes is called “Tuurngait” and it’ll be the most mind bending album you’ll listen to this year. I was able to shoot some question’s off to Dave Tremblay, who is the mastermind and main writer/performer on ‘Tuurngait’, and he fired back with his answers. Stay tuned because after the interview Headbang or GTFO has the exclusive premiere for the song “Ikuma” from their new album ‘Tuurngait’.

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Interview – Robert Pasbani From METAL INJECTION: “it was all worth it to be jizzed on by Oderus.”

radioIt’s no secret, I think Metal Injection is great. I honestly didn’t even know it was a website until they talked about it on the Livecast back in 2008, which I randomly found while looking for metal podcasts. While the gang doesn’t discuss too much about music, they are incredibly funny and likable people. I began visiting the site, engaging people on forums and often visited Metal Injection for my up to date news on heavy music. I’d like to think that this occurrence of events is what got me motivated to begin this very blog. Many metal websites exist and some of them are good. However, I think Metal Injection has character, integrity and top shelf personalities when it comes to interviews. One of them being Robert Pasbani and I asked him a few questions about the site.

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joel violette 2Joel Violette, a man I admire. A man with intellect, talent and a desire to continue on after hard times. Joel is the main writer of the Canadian Blackened Folk band “Thrawsunblat” and ex-lead guitarist of Woods of Ypres. Now focusing on Thrawsunblat, we’re going to be seeing new music and much more coming from this band in the near future. I had a couple of questions for Joel and I enjoyed what he had to say. So sit back, relax and enjoy the deep responses this man gives.

Listen to Canada 2010 while you read this. Enjoy.

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