exaltCanada’s most brutal export EXALT has unleashed a stream of their tumultuous new album, Pale Light, today at RevolverMag.com. The record is due out on Tuesday, November 4th via New Damage Records and is currently available for pre-order at iTunes (http://bit.ly/1yoLqWk) and from New Damage (http://bit.ly/1pAUZHZ).

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Quick Reviews: Myrkur, Saille, Mortals & Fit For A King

MyrkurMyrkur’s self titled debut brings us some amazing atmospheric Scandinavian black metal from a single woman who embraces the inner darkness of black metal and the ritualistic worship of Nordic music.

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Quick Reviews: Vomit Fist, Bleeding Utopia, OFDRYKKJA & Solace of Requiem

vomitfistVomit Fists’ new EP “Forgive but Avenge” is the radical ride you’ve been waiting for when it comes to something wild, new and heavy. Their promo photos make you think black metal, the album art make you think power metal but their frenzied energy and loud attack style of music gives us a rather dynamic and different sound of the hardcore genre. Sporadic and slightly insane, this trio delivers when it comes to interesting and compelling music. 3.5 out of 5

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Quick Reviews: Coprocephalic, Antropomorphia, The Hell & Septycal Gorge

coprocephalicCoprocephalic’s “The Oath of Relinquishment” is a highly produced but mildly entertaining death metal album. The guttural vocal work is poorly executed and the music itself is rather boring. The derivative nature and delivery of this album means that there is nothing gripping or longlasting at all about this album. If you want plain brutality and are too lazy to find something better, then I suppose this will work but shame on you. There is definitely better out there. 2 out of 5

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Quickest Reviews: A long list of mini reviews!

In the first ever “Quickest Reviews” post (You will not be seeing these often), I give a very brief description of the band, the genre and a ‘love’, ‘like’ or ‘dislike’. If I really like them, I will do a proper review of the album later down the road once I’ve listened to more and let it sunk in. Let’s get this started:

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Quick Reviews: Fucked Up, Andi Deris and the Bad Bankers, Cradle of Filth & Black Tar Prophet

fucked upFucked Up – “Year of the Dragon”. Canadian hardcore, eh? Well Canada is a good source for good music so I am open to the idea of good Canadian hardcore. Is it tastier than your morning flapjacks covered in maple syrup? Well maybe. I’m particular about my hardcore and if it has more outside influence than just your usual ‘tough guy’ hardcore shtick, then I am usually fine with that. Fucked Up definitely do that and they create heavy hardcore moments as well as comforting melodies, quality riffs and maintaining a heavy atmosphere within their sound. Fucked Up is some good stuff! 3 out of 5 



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Quick Reviews: Father Murphy, Anti Ritual, Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul Split & Graves At Sea/Sourvein

father murphyFather Murphy – “Pain Is On Our Side Now”. I wasn’t sure if I was going to review this or not, the description is confusing, the music is weird and I believe this belongs in /r/awkwardboner. I’ll label this as drone though and tell you that this is a must listen. It’s very experimental, very random and very off putting. A weird & terrifyingly unique experience. 3.5 out of 5




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Review: Enabler – La Fin Absolue Du Monde

enablerEnabler are a mix of raunchy hardcore, grindcore and metal. The blend definitely gives them their own sound and it’s appealing to those fans of each of those genres. Hell, even at times they will incorporate some southern groove and rock and roll into their riffs to add more to the mix. Does Enabler give us a properly heavy and entertaining album?

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Quick Review: Coldwar – Panthiest

30mm_stickerHeavy riffing, ‘Kirk Windstein’ like pissed off vocalist and crushing drum work. This is Coldwar, from Dublin! What I like about this is the constant attack, excellent tone and drum production. Kinda sounds like a mix of Crowbar and Acid Bath, just that down toned pissed off style of music. The aggression is fowl and the result is some gnarly metal.

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