Review: Fulgora – Stratagem

fulgoraFulgora is the dream team of grind musicians coming together to create something a little more diverse, creative and still giving us a raw energy ass kicking. Fulgora’s “Stratagem” is very much a grind album but on a more intellectual level. The way the music comes together is a more planned out process and the way this release grabs me and gives me a good time is unlike anything else in the genre. It’s a good fucking time and I loved listening to this album!

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Review: Putrid Offal – Mature Necropsy

putrid offal mature necropsyPutrid Offal’s “Mature Necropsy” is just nothing but in your face deathgrind that constantly pummels in your head each and every time you listen to it. The band has been around since 1990 and this is their first full length. 25 fucking years of demos and EP’s and finally we get a full length that stabs you repeatedly for 29 minutes. These barbaric bastards hail from France and they revealed to me that not everything from France is dainty and neat. This heap of bloody mess thrusts forward and harms you, each song wrecks your senses and completely snaps your neck in the form of endless headbanging.

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Review: Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Easy Meat

Napalm Death Apex Predator Easy MeatNapalm Death’s career spans longer than I have been alive and I am turning 30 next month. Slaying people since 1981 with blended punk/thrash and death metal and ultimately creating the genre known as grindcore. Napalm Death has used heavily distorted guitars, blasting drums, fast tempos, powerful vocals and overdriven bass tone for the majority of their career and “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” is no exception. Why would they change? I mean this band is a dominate choice for people who want quick, impacting songs that ultimately leave the listener in shock. The UK band comes back with this new album, their SIXTEENTH studio album, and nothing has changed. Their aggression has not diminished, the songs have not lost their fire and the band is still pumping out songs of pure chemical warfare. This is Napalm Death. This is grindcore.

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Review: Cretin – Stranger

cretin_1500Cretin’s sound on “Stranger” is very heavy, riff oriented, kill them with speed, spit in your face and pummel them with drumming styled grindcore. So much so that I forgot this band is labeled as a grindcore band since the riffing seems so thrashy on most of the album. The full on attack and dominance this band displays on all 14 of the songs just eats you alive. The Bay Area must have an influence for just making bands want to just create the most mind blowing riffs and heavy music possible and Cretin show off that on this album.

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Quick Kaotoxin Reviews: We All Die (Laughing) & Atara vs. Miserable Failure

we all die laughingWe All Die (Laughing)’s new album “Tentoonstelling”, which makes sense with the album art due to it meaning ‘exhibition’, ‘museum’ and ‘gallery’. So the naked model seen on the cover is supposed to be an exhibit and you are supposed to enjoy the art. Not only that, the fine tuned music within this 2 track mini album is also a wonderful work of art and I must say, the emotional working of these two tracks are stellar works of art.

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Review: The Drip – A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics

the dripIt’s been a rather slow year for me within the realm of grind, very few submissions have been sent my way and to be honest? The grind I’ve heard has been average or worse. Newly signed band The Drip give us 6 rapid fire songs of flaming riffs, blasts and gnarly vocal work. Behold! Your new favorite grindcore band! The Drip!

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Meek Is Murder – Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters

meek is murderComing straight from the Brooklyn is the experimental punk hardcore angry band called Meek is Murder. These guys are pretty well known throughout the community with their grind and metal moments. The guitars are loud, the vocals are more than angry, the bass is crunchy and powerful and the drumming is hectic and precise. These butchers know how to slice it just right as Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters is a heavy hitting album.

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Album Review: SpermBloodShit – The Tourette’s Syndrome


Here’s one for you sick Grindcore fans out there.  Hailing from Italy  SpermBloodShit are bringing some  nasty grinds to you from Coyote Records.  Imagine if Napalm Death and Cephalic Carnage had a crack baby, that baby would be SpermBloodShit.  The Tourette’s Syndrome has 15 disgusting tracks for you to defile your ears with, which is quite a number in my opinion.  These guys have created some relentlessly awesome music and I definitely look forward to their future releases.