EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Omnihility – ‘Contemplating The Ineffable’, New Track From The Upcoming Album ‘Deathscapes of the Subconscious’

glowingonilogoContemplating the Ineffable! I am not only proud and honored to announce this track premiere, which is a first for Headbang or GTFO, but overly excited that I get to share some of the best music to be released this year in general. Omnihility’s new album ‘Deathscapes of the Subconscious’ just consistently kicks you in the nuts over and over with their music. Their sonic speeds, technical talent and ability to somehow get groove in there and make things catchy just blow me away each and every time I listen to them. Enough blabber though, here is the stream for the new song “Contemplating The Ineffable”:

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Belphegor – ‘Conjuring The Dead’ Vocal Video (Guest Starring Glen Benton)

belphegor conjuring the deadI eagerly await Belphegor’s new album “Conjuring the Dead”. It’s going to be the next best blackened death metal release of 2014! Hail Satan! Speaking of Satan, Glen Benton is guest vocals on a song apparently! Check it out!

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QREVIEW! The Big Ass List Edition: Hateful, Necromessiah, Dissension, Erimha, Cara Neir, Gigan, Nephren-Ka, Colosus and Sidious

This will be an even more simplified review post. I have too much to listen to and too little time to write. With the holidays approaching, I’ll have even LESS time to write these reviews! Yay! Click on the name of the band to go to their Facebook page.

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Watain, a band I’ve barely listened to until very recently. I saw them Monday evening when they opened for Behemoth. They won me over. I’m now a fan, a loyal follower. These guys impressed the shit out of me and their entire set was pure magick….pure evil. I loved every single second of it and not only are they bad ass live, their discography is as well. They only have 4 albums out but each song is great. So crank this up, sacrifice a goat and burn a church. Fuck it. \w/

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Amazing Footage Of BEHEMOTH Playing At The Neurotic Deathfest Yesterday

Behemoth…..what can I say? They are the best blackened death metal band out there…almost the best band out there period. They work hard, create great tunes and kick cancer in the balls. They are rock n roll, man. Here are a couple of videos from yesterday’s performance at Neurotic Deathfest in the Netherlands. Songs are “Slaves Shall Serve, Chant For Ezkaton 2000 & Lucifer“. w/