FREE MUSIC/Review: Eternal Valley – Concealed In Nothingness EP

eternal calley concealedOne of my newly favorite bands Eternal Valley have released a new EP of 4 songs that were recorded around the time the last LP, Screams of Eternal Emptiness, was recorded. The result is just 4 remarkably atmospheric/depressive black metal that wander within the forest of doom and despair. Concealed In Nothingness is not just 4 extra songs that have no true place, these are damn good songs that deserve to be played loud and proud by everyone.

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EP Review: White Empress – White Empress

E.P CoverCombining thirsty newcomer musicians with veteran masters, White Empress delivers quality metal onto unexpected listeners. Lead by Cradle of Filth’s Paul Allender and the talented bassist Chela Rhea Harper (VII, Coal Chamber), the duo grab a handful of wildly driven musicians who all seem to come together all too well. The EP is 4 songs of quality melodic heaviness.

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Album Review: Black Crown Initiate – Song of the Crippled Bull

black crown initiateAs sad and shitty as a crippled bull may sound, this album is definitely not some dying helpless being sitting in the corner of a farm. No, this music from Black Crown Initiate is damn good. Progressive metal incorporating acoustic melodies and clean vocals along side crushing riffs and screams is few can pull off very well. I constantly see this band being compared to Opeth and while I can see the similarities, I honestly think this band is nothing like them when you truly listen to it. No…this is better.

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Rise and Grind: FULGORA Makes It OK To Not Drink Coffee Today, Release New EP Via Grindcore Karaoke

Well since I CAN’T stay home and play video games all day, I need a boost. Fulgora has that covered with this new 2 track EP now streaming on Grindcore Karaoke. Fulgora’s EP is hard hitting and quite the frenzy to have on at this hour. I dig the shit out of it. Listen to the EP NOW. I mean it’s free to download. Enjoy it a ton? Want to support them? Buy the vinyl! Hit em up on Facebook and show your support.


Album Review: Terrortory – City of Ghosts

city of ghostsUpon first glance of the band name “Terrortory” I’ve found myself feeling suspicious about what I am in for. I envision a picture of Tory Lane really pissed off after some dude shoots his wad in her hair. I see what they are getting at tho. Like “Hey bro! This is our territory!” but…its Terrortory? Kind of a cheesy name right? My thoughts exactly! Metal archives  informs me that they are from Sweden. That was my first thought after listening to the first track “New World Order” off of their latest EP “City of Ghosts”

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Album Review: Glorie – Falling EP

glorie-falling coverHere on this metal blog, I’ll get the random submission from an experimental band and I’ll listen to it with an open mind and indulge in what the artist or band has delivered. This is one of those fine examples where I was at home just cleaning and going through emails and I received a submission from a band from Memphis, TN. It wasn’t the remastered Whitechapel…it was an orchestral band named Glorie…and my ears weren’t ready for the true amount of talent and beauty that was to come over the next twenty two minutes.

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Album Review: Road To Horizon – Road To Horizon EP

road to horizon

Road To Horizon released this little piece to show off that they are coming back in 2013. New tunes, new riffs and some pretty aggressive moments for this type of music. Clean singing that will swoon any pre-teen girl and screams that will call to boys of the same age. This EP just plays out to the younger generation and I know the next time I walk into a Hot Topic I’ll be hearing this over the PA.

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