Khazaddum – In Dwarven Halls (EP Stream)

Khazaddum – In Dwarven Halls is a Tolkien themed death metal band/release that is a lot better than one might expect. The music is rough, heavy and put together very well. It doesn’t go folk or melodic but just neck snapping death the entire time. I very much enjoy this release and I can’t wait to see what else this band releases. HAIL KHAZADDUM!!!!

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Review: møl – EP II

covermøl’s simple return to us all is with 3 wonderfully written songs on this EP that is just called “II”. This “shoegaze metal” band is as interesting as it is majestic. Utilizing as much atmosphere as humanly possible, these gentlemen put out a sound that appeals to me as a black metal fan, post rock fan, shoegaze fan and as a sludge fan. This EP touches emotions and thoughts that expand way beyond what most metal can do and that is just my opinion when I get only half way through the first song. Wow! These guys have a phenomenal sound about them, very powerful without incorporating anything ‘brutal’ or ‘death’ within their compositions. It’s just brilliant.

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Immortal Bird – Empress/Abscess

immortal bird coverImmortal Bird have returned with new album and it’s another powerful punch just like their last one. Empress/Abscess is a blackened thrash melodic death metal punk something released on Broken Limb Records/Manatee Rampage Recordings and it’s a unique hybrid of sound that had me excited to sit down and give this a good listen. Well I am happy to report that this is just as heavy and just as fun as their last offering, but with this release I found that the band had a more mature execution and sound to them. They still experiment but they definitely have a sound that is theirs and it’s a damn good one. Immortal Bird are back!

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Review: Grethor – Cloaked In Decay

grethorGrethor’sCloaked In Decay” is a big underground release, sounding like some sort of Indonesian death metal release with a twist on raw black metal from Malaysia. Maybe it’s the writing style and the way the vocals are performed but Grethor’s sound is actually very filthy blackened death metal from Virginia. One thing for sure is that this group of young talent is very pissed off and they show it in their performance on Cloaked In Decay.

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Review: In The Shadow – In The Shadow EP

in the shadowIn The Shadow are a Kansas City band whose been around since 2008 and I’ve known about them ever since they first started playing shows here in a few venues with a few other bands that had just formed. They have since opened up for many major touring acts (Mushroomhead, Soulfly & Spineshank to name just a few) and always steadily gained fans and respect within the local scene here. Their familiar new wave of american metal sound (i.e. Chimaira, Shadows Fall) is blended well with 90′s metal moments (Deftones & Fear Factory) and adding their own melodies and heavy riffing to it all definitely gives In The Shadow their own sound that is appealing and enjoyable. This new EP is a headbanging good time as they bring forth melody and big groove to the table.

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Annihilation EP Art, Tracklist and Release Date

annihilation“A recommended listen for fans of Malevolent Creation, Dying Fetus and Hate Eternal”- Scratch the Surface

Portugal’s most recognised death metal act, Annihilation, are self-releasing their new EP The Undivided on November 4th, 2014. Founded in early 2004, this six-track release of overpowering metal is the band’s follow-up to the 2010 debut, Against The Storm (Copro/Casket Records). A single from the EP, “The Great Cycle”, was released as a digital download a few months ago and a lyric video.

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EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Coldfells’ EP Is The Doom That You Need In Your Life

coverBehold! The power of Ohio doom!!!! The music takes over your soul and your ear holes as you embark on a magical quest filled with danger and darkness. Coldfells is a blackened doom band that not only focuses on radical guitar workings and destructive vocals, but are also inspired by local landscapes and Tolkien literature. Of course this is going to be good. I have both songs on the channel now for you to enjoy!

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FREE MUSIC/Review: Eternal Valley – Concealed In Nothingness EP

eternal calley concealedOne of my newly favorite bands Eternal Valley have released a new EP of 4 songs that were recorded around the time the last LP, Screams of Eternal Emptiness, was recorded. The result is just 4 remarkably atmospheric/depressive black metal that wander within the forest of doom and despair. Concealed In Nothingness is not just 4 extra songs that have no true place, these are damn good songs that deserve to be played loud and proud by everyone.

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EP Review: White Empress – White Empress

E.P CoverCombining thirsty newcomer musicians with veteran masters, White Empress delivers quality metal onto unexpected listeners. Lead by Cradle of Filth’s Paul Allender and the talented bassist Chela Rhea Harper (VII, Coal Chamber), the duo grab a handful of wildly driven musicians who all seem to come together all too well. The EP is 4 songs of quality melodic heaviness.

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