Album Review: Agarttha – A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands

agartthaAgarttha…if ambient doom wasn’t a thing yet…it is now. Written entirely by one woman, Francesca Marongiu, she breaks down barriers and creates her own blend of music. A new genre…well something almost entirely new. Agarttha will move your soul if you give it a chance, and boy should you give it a chance.

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Album Review: No Paris – Past Decussations

coverNo Paris is as drone as they come. Usually I enjoy this genre and want it typically layered with more than just noise but No Paris takes the minimalist approach. Barely adding anything besides the one “instrument”, the music is bleak and soulless. Some of my favorite drone albums are typically emotional and it usually hits you hard with things that make you think but No Paris’ latest album is just dull.

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Album Review: Kwaidan – Make All The Hell Of Dark Metal Bright

Kwaidan 1

Kwaidan’s style of music is very much everything you’d expect from a drone band. Being very vague, distant and layered with randomness, Kwaidan does what your favorite bands can do and adds a little sense of self to it all. Not innovating this genre by any means, but making it slightly different and very much enjoyable.

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Achieve A Certain High You’ve Never Felt Before With CHELSEA WOLFE

Amazing music. A beautiful voice. Droning riffs, ambient electronic work, a perfect bland of doom/folk and sometimes psychedelic surf with acoustic/electronic instruments….it serenades my soul each and every time I listen to it. Chelsea Wolfe is a band that doesn’t fit in with anything I usually listen to. So taking a break from horrid screams and blast beats and indulging in this is such a treat. It’s hard to explain how much I truly enjoy this. It’s something I feel, it is something that strikes a chord with me and I just dig the hell out of it. Don’t believe me? Listen to my playlist or just press play on a couple of the videos below. Enjoy.

Wreckommendation!!! CHELSEA WOLFE

This week we tone down the guitars, slow down the percussion and tell the mad vocalist to take a hike and replace them with incredibly talented singer/guitarist/song writer Chelsea Wolfe. Her style may not be exactly “metal” but she has this goth/doom presence about her and the music she puts out is unlike anything else that I listen to. Her voice is simply, beautiful. It’s gives you goosebumps, it makes you feel the music and if you are like KeepItWolfSon, it makes you fall in love over and over.

Enjoy Chelsea Wolfe. Grab a cup of coffee, smoke a bowl and kick the fuck back. Grab a loved one and dance around. Feel the music…it’s very unique. Visit her Facebook and Twitter for updates, news and random shit. Also, visit her official site!

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