a1629432520_5Guttural slug, at the time of recording Megalodon consisted of two members, they are Mikkel and MG. Guttural Slug plays a crushing and brutal slamming death metal. Megalodon consists of 7 songs, the last being a Malodorous cover. It clocks in at around 19 and a half minutes long from start to finish. The album artwork fits the name perfectly as it is a Megalodon.

MG has a range of vocals including highs and what I can only describe as cricket esk gurgly lows as well as your standard low growls/gutturals. Mikkel (at the time of release was around 16 years old) constructed some groovy slammy riffs, ones I find myself banging my head to very easily.

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nilelogoIf you know me then you know that NILE is one of my favorite bands, in fact I would just go ahead and say yes they are my favorite band. They are all kick ass musicians, very nice and genuine people and the music they create is devastatingly heavy. I have been a huge fan of them for over a decade now and these are my favorite albums by them. Enjoy.

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STREAM: Phalloplasty – The Sick Room

12507691_1200205676673440_5358173824912720051_nGore House Productions is set to release the new Phalloplasty album, the disgustingly brutal slam album Necrophagic Funeral Ritual – Redux will drop April 22nd 2016. Right now though you can hear the new song “The Sick Room” and it’s wicked as hell. Squeals and grunts over a harsh drum sounds and hectic riffs really gives this a huge brutal death sound that sort of meets The Berserker’s drum production. It’s good, it’s abrasive and it’s headbang worthy. Enjoy!

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Khazaddum – In Dwarven Halls (EP Stream)

Khazaddum – In Dwarven Halls is a Tolkien themed death metal band/release that is a lot better than one might expect. The music is rough, heavy and put together very well. It doesn’t go folk or melodic but just neck snapping death the entire time. I very much enjoy this release and I can’t wait to see what else this band releases. HAIL KHAZADDUM!!!!

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