Review: BEHEADED – Beast Incarnate

Beheaded has returned with Beast Incarnate, a savage display of death metal unfolds once I press play. The group of guys from Malta have released one heavy album here but I will get into that soon. Despite being together for just over 25 years, Beast Incarnate is actually only¬†Beheaded‘s fifth studio album. I can honestly say I have never listened to these guys with a critical ear before but after doing so with their newest release…I need to check out their previous work if it’s anything like this. Beast Incarnate is what death metal needs right now. Catchy, heavy, melodic, dark riffing with pummeling drum work, bass work and production. This album is a true headbanger.

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Review: Acranius – Reign of Terror

German brutal death metal act Acranius is back with their 3rd full length release, Reign of Terror and they bring simplicity and harsh grooves to the party with their brand of brutal death metal. The production is thick, the guitars sound extremely tough and the vocals are a raspy growl style of death metal vocals that I can support. Acranius brings full force guitar attacks as well as non stop drumming with this one and I hope you are ready to crank the volume and snap your neck to this one. This is a fun album to listen to and the grooves, as well as some of the compositions and instrumentation is also quite catchy at times. Making me want to revisit this album again and again for more brutality!

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Exclusive Stream & Review: Liminal – Fugue

coverHey there! Man do I have something late 2016 special to share with you guys. If you feel like this year was lacking in atmospheric doom mixed with black and death metal then you are right. If you wish before you make your “best of 2016” list you had one more album to listen to that could ‘wow’ you then I think I may have found the right band for you. Liminal hails from Finland, not a place where you would expect this style of music. When I think of Finland, I think of folk metal or melodic death metal. However, the music found on Fugue is nothing like that. This is wretchedly thick, layered with groove, dissonance and atmosphere. This style of blackened death doom is what I needed in my life.

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Review: Boreworm – Entomophobia

entomophobia_cover1Very little is known about Boreworm…..a progressively powerful death metal band from Michigan. Entomophobia is the band’s sophomore EP and they deliver a brand of death that isn’t like anything I have heard before. They bring a wall of sound with them that is pure death, atmospheric horror, melodic and just crushing with amazing production and musicianship. The band is independently releasing this bad boy and right out of the gate I have to recommend that you listen to this one. Let me tell you why.

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Review: Venom Prison – Animus

venom_prison-animus-lowVenom Prison is a death metal act from the UK, with abrasive and heavy guitar punctures, devilishly gruesome drum work and front woman “L” just obliterates vocal duties on their debut album, Animus. Lyrics tackle issues of social ignorance (Darwinism), misogyny, rape culture (I hate that this is a thing, really? Rape culture?) and the rejection and dismissal of God and all religions. Such a strong showing right out of the gate on their debut album eh? Animus will be released world wide on October 14th through Prosthetic Records.

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Review: Infectology – Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment

Well here we have another fantastic slab of brutal death for you from Gore House Productions. This time it’s a band from Ecuador. Infectolgy’s newest album Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment is the haymaker punch the the fucking face that you are looking for. If you’re a fan of Disgorge, Defeated Sanity and Inherit Disease then Infectology is one you need to focus on. This album is the epitome of brutal death metal.

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Review: Human Compost – From The Grave They Crawl

Canadian death metal act Human Compost releases their debut album From The Grave They Crawl and this album will be directed to those who like older styled death metal with huge chainsaw groove, blood sprayed vocals and horrific bass presence. Drums that pummel like a semi automatic weapon blasting your skull. This is the soundtrack to my death as I am resurrected in a putrid form of zombified terror and murder, rape and destroy everything in sight. Neat huh? It makes for a fantastic listen honestly.

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Review: Cesspool of Corruption – Eradication of the Subservient

Cesspool of Corruption is a 4 piece death metal unit out of Dallas, Texas. Upon first listen, these cats have some damn good writing skills and their tone and overall execution definitely grabbed onto me very quickly. I just HAD to keep listening to this debut album. Very gripping musicianship across all instruments, good production levels and an overall enjoyment of vocals over the music just makes Eradication of the Subservient a must listen. Sure, there are only 5 songs on this debut release but there is a lot of musical substance here to enjoy.

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Review: Abominant – Napalm Reign

Abominant is a death metal act from Kentucky, who offer us multiple styles of death metal and traditional metal in one album. The band has been around since the early 90’s and you can tell just by listening to their style of metal they perform. Moments of traditional metal vocals surface at times and threw me off quite a bit as they seemingly didn’t fit the music or even the vocals that were used in the song just before it. Abominant will then turn their guitars from kill to melodic, as they sometimes perform a riff that will remind you of early Swedish melodeath in a way. Napalm Reign is all over the place in terms of writing but the end result is satisfactory.

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Review: Oncology – Infinite Regress

Oncology consists of Connor and Aaron, who both reside in Northern Ireland and Geoff, who lives in England. The band has a plethora of past experience, that being Aaron and Connor Ex- Putrefy and Geoff, being in and been various different bands including Atonement and Hades Lab. With this experience the debut full length, Infinite Regress, from this trio is crushing!

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