hosuecore horrowTime to raise a simple question: Do you want to die? If you want to hear the new Cattle Decapitation track, then you need to make sure you go to the Housecore Horror show in Austin, TX later this month. If you also want even more Travis Ryan (and we all know you want it) then watch the Wizards of Gore (aka Rigor Mortis) show as Travis will be on vocal duties for their set. More information and set times below!

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TOP 10: Best Albums Of 2012

Best albums of 2012!!!!! This year was a great year for metal. Tons of bands from many different genres put out incredible music this year. I was surprised by the swarm of submissions I got this year and many of the lesser known bands scored really high. There is a mix of well known bands and “who the hell is that?”, be sure to check these albums out if you haven’t yet.

Well here you go, the top 10 albums of 2012!

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The Metal Community Is BULLSHIT


Well let’s kick off this morning with my true thoughts and feelings on metal blogs, bands, fans and everything within the metal community. These things are what is wrong with metal and why metal will never evolve into the powerful being that it should be. Sure, we listen to the most musically profound music in the entire world.  Like Brian Posehn said: “Metal heads go crazy when you mention metal. You never see a guy with his shirt off screaming “R&B”!!!” Besides the excellent music, fans of metal are usually very cool people to talk to. However, anymore…it’s a pain in the ass. Everyone has something negative to say, everyone is hyper sensitive when they don’t like it, there are elitist jerkoffs on every YouTube video and forums, don’t forget all of the drama that get’s caused by douche nozzles on tour and shit getting blown up by blogs like they are TMZ all of a sudden. The actual musicians are the least of the problem, it’s the god damn fan base and blogs.

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Happy Birthday To JEFF GRINDSTOPHER! Creator of the BEST Lyric Video Currently On The Internet & Main Influence For Behind The Kit

grindstopherJeff from Grindstopher Productions, Sick Drummer Magazine and the Cattle Decapitation fan boy club is celebrating his 33rd birthday today! Hit him up on Facebook and leave him a message! Oh, and he recently shot and edited a lyric video for an old song of theirs. “Diarrhea of the Mouth” from their album Homovore from 1999. I’m a huge fan of Jeff’s work and everything he does within the realm of extreme music.


Enjoy “Diarrhea of the Mouth” below:

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Let’s End The Week With Some GRINDSTOPHER PRODUCTIONS Videos, Shall We?


Grindstopher Productions: Here are some recent videos he shot. Jeff travels through out the Midwest to capture bands tearing it up on stage. While he mainly shoots drum videos for Sick Drummer, he sometimes captures the entire band performing a song or two. Here are some recent videos he put together. An overall great guy, go check out his Facebook page and give it a like. Tell him I sent you.

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cattle decapitation 2012

Yes, the grind gods from San Diegore came back to the Midwest and killed a couple of crowds on their way to the East Coast to begin their real tour with Six Feet Under. Lucky for us, Cattle Decapitation stopped by Kansas City on one of these nights and chose to be direct support for Gwar at The Beaumont Club. One of my favorite bands playing at one of my favorite venues, a deadly combination. Their set was shorter than ever since they were added on the bill late. However, this did not stop them from absolutely blowing our heads off within only 30 minutes. They came, they conquered and they killed it.

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