CANNIBAL CORPSE Hit Studio Soon – METAL BLADE Tweets Album For Late 2014 Release

cannibal-corpseCANNIBAL CORPSE are hitting the studio very soon. Audio Hammer Studios to be exact and Mark Lewis will again produce the album. Mark has done the previous 3 albums Cannibal Corpse have put out (Kill, Evisceration Plague and Torture) and renown engineer Eyal Levi will provide a helping hand as well. While this isn’t exactly NEW to read about, I just felt over excited when I saw Metal Blade Records tweet this:

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You Thought It Was Over, It’s Not Over: DEVOURMENT Covers Old School CANNIBAL CORPSE Track

Devourment - conceived in sewage

Guttural brutal death metal with a side of slam band DEVOURMENT has just put on their Bandcamp a stream of their cover of Cannibal Corpse’s “The Pick-Axe Murders”. The song originally was released on CC’s classic album “The Bleeding”, the last one to feature Chris Barnes. So brutal covers brutal and they make it their own. Listen to the track NOW.

CANNIBAL CORPSE “Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal” Box Set Revealed‏


Cannibal Corpse will be releasing a box set to commemorate their 25th anniversary: Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal. The box contains: all 12 full length studio albums in a 12 CD foldout case with new artwork, “Torturing and Eviscerating LIVE” on CD and LP Picture Disc recorded in Tampa, FL 2010 / Milwaukee, WI 2012, PLUS: NEW EXCLUSIVE images by VINCE LOCKE, 12″ X 12″ graphic prints of all 13 original album covers, and a 2013 Cannibal Corpse Calendar. The box will be in stores on March 19th and is available for pre-order, along with the previously announced series of Cannibal Corpse picture discs, at

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2013 decibel tour flyer

Oh holy shit fuck yes! Watain and Behemoth was good last year and this year it’s pure carnage! Decibel will be bringing some heavy hitters on this years tour. Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Immolation, Cretin, Beyond Creation and Magrudergrind are going to be tearing up a venue near you!!!

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TOP 10: Best Albums Of 2012

Best albums of 2012!!!!! This year was a great year for metal. Tons of bands from many different genres put out incredible music this year. I was surprised by the swarm of submissions I got this year and many of the lesser known bands scored really high. There is a mix of well known bands and “who the hell is that?”, be sure to check these albums out if you haven’t yet.

Well here you go, the top 10 albums of 2012!

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Metal Genres 101


A buddy needed my perspective on death metal, sub-genres and the difference between American metal and European metal. Here was my response:

My perspective on death metal is that it’s the most true form of expression in music to date. Not only in the topics and lyrical content but also in the music composition itself. It’s some of the most demanding and complex music to ever exist! From sludge & doom to technical & progressive, metal (especially death metal) covers a broad range of tempos, styles, topics and stories.

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The Absolute Most Boring Crowd Ever: CANNIBAL CORPSE @ KNOTFEST “Make Them Suffer”

This is a video of Cannibal Corpse performing at Knotfest over the weekend and the crowd looks so unenthusiastic to be there at the moment. No one headbanging, no one screaming, no one moshing…’s dead. I realize this is the outside of the crowd but still….this is fucking Cannibal Corpse. Get your shit together and HEADBANG!!!

NICKELBACK Has Made The Greatest Music Video Ever! What’s Your Favorite Music Video?

Paul Wardingham, guitarist extraordinaire, asked one tough question. What is your favorite music video OF ALL TIME?? Well, he asked it or his record label did. Regardless, this is one deep question. There have been many many music videos that have blown me away, even a couple from this year alone! So when Nickelback fan Mr. Boussac immediately posts their video for Savin’ Me, I almost fell out of my seat laughing. Troll or not, that is hilarious stuff! I have never seen the video and I refuse to watch it. I’ll never know what it’s like to experience the greatest music video of all time.

nickelback video

Paul or Enigmatic Records does ask an interesting question. What is your music video of all time?!

I’ll share a couple with you. The ones that have constantly brought me back to watch them again and again!

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