Exclusive Premiere: MORTAL TORMENT – A Million Skulls To Bludgeon

mortal tormentMortal Torment’s new album Cleaver Redemption drops this fall and we’re lucky enough to show off the first sample of what these brutal death metal bastards can do. This song is fucking intense. Enjoy. Be on the look out for this album on Gore House Productions later this year!

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Coathanger Abortion – Observations of Humanity

Coathanger Abortion - Observations of Humanity 5x5 300dpiThis is it!?! Coathanger Abortion return after 6 long years with their new album Observations of Humanity and the first thing we’re greeted with is a Fight Club intro? Ugh. Alright I’ll get through this….and here we go. Mild brutal death metal with usual suspects in song writing, formula and execution. Songs of gore, murder and odd butchering and yet I am bored to death with what I am hearing. Tired production, horrid sound and boring composition makes this album not listenable in my book. There is so much out there and this isn’t one of them.

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Review: ABIOTIC – Casuistry

abiotic casuistryAbiotic have returned with their sophomore release on Metal Blade Records called Casuistry! A very fine tuned machine of technical death metal power. Using styles and techniques found in all aspects of death metal, Abiotic creates a sound that calls out to just about everyone. Musically, it’s one of the best technical death metal albums to be released this year. A massive step up from their debut album, Casuistry is a fantastic record.

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Review: Incinerate – Eradicating Terrestrial Species

incinerateHailing from the majestic area known as Minnesota, Incinerate have returned with Eradicating Terrestrial Species, a death metal album with emphasis on decent riffing, precise drumming and wonderful production. The rich sounds come through and gives us a good technical aspect of the music that can be heard clearly. The bass guitar sounds incredibly good on my headphones and the crushing brutal sections of this album are a massive force of music.

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Review: Sarpanitum – Blessed Be My Brothers

sarpanitumFrom Willowtip Records, a new album arises from a band which hails from the UK. Sarpanitum is the name of this fine act and the album is called “Blessed Be My Brothers“. An essential record for those who want blistering speeds, death metal riffing with blackened tendencies and melodic passages that both excite and impress. With intense song writing, unholy tone and destructive forces all around, Sarpanitum somehow creates a niche sound that breathes new life into the genre just when you think you’ve heard it all.

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Review: Architect Of Dissonance – Realm Of The Deviant Throne

architect of dissonanceThere has been so much great black metal released this year that I sometimes forget to check out the death metal side of things. Well now I am focused on the new Architect of Dissonance album, the slam-tastic album called “Realm of the Deviant Throne”. Much like Ingested’s new album, this album just wants to tear you to shreds with pummeling drums, demonic vocals and low tuned crushing riffs. Architect’s main purpose is to kill you with music and here they give you 10 counts of manslaughter.

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Review: Devast – Into Decimated Reality

devast into decimated realityTechnical Brutal Death Metal with wild slam riffs from Algeria, these gentlemen know how to make it excessively brutal and stick to a very aggressive formula throughout their album. Devast’s new album “Into Decimated Reality”, is nothing short of sheer heaviness, even if it lacks from other departments to deliver this unholy and heavy sound. Their objective is clear though and Devast just want to mow you down with massive brutality.

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Review: Bloodscribe – Prologue To The Apocalypse

bloodscribeBloodscribe comes at us with their debut release called “Prologue to the Apocalypse” and it’s a submission of plain and simple brutal death metal with massive use of slam riffs and chugs. No far fetched guitar solos or technical wankery, just thick groove and big guitar tone. This 5 piece from Boyle Heights, CA just want to melt your face off with simplistic heaviness. Bloodscribe has been around since 2004 and “Prologue to the Apocalypse” is their first full length as well as my first morsel of this meaty metal meal. It fulfills the need to listen to senseless brutality. No context or story, just gruesome death and gore.

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Review: Ingested – The Architect of Extinction

ingested the architect of extinctionManchester’s (UK) ultimate brutal death metal band Ingested have returned with the release of their new album properly called “The Architect of Extinction” because this in fact is nothing but genocide. The band doesn’t reveal any new tricks but instead tap into their familiar sound that they’ve had since their debut album “Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering”. Immediately the chugging and tremolo guitar work pummels in, the drumming is pure obliteration and vocally it’s profoundly brutal. Teetering on the edge of slamming brutal death metal and deathcore, Ingested seem to keep it generally on the slam side of things with their writing style. Fans of both styles will love this though.

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Review: Gorelust – We Are The Undead

gorelust we are the undeadNothing beats some good ol bloody death metal when you’re in the mood for it. Want something new from someone you may have never heard of? I suggest Gorelust from Canada! This rotten slab of metal meat only comes with bloated riffs, maggot filled drum work, oozing bass tone and fowl vocal work. Brutal death metal suffers from a lot of bands whom replace quality riffing with slam riffs these days and it’s finally grand to hear a band whom want to shove as many god damn riffs down our throats as possible within 10 songs. These tracks are just heavy as hell. “We Are The Undead” delivers 10 counts of aggravated battery.

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