Review: Acranius – Reign of Terror

German brutal death metal act Acranius is back with their 3rd full length release, Reign of Terror and they bring simplicity and harsh grooves to the party with their brand of brutal death metal. The production is thick, the guitars sound extremely tough and the vocals are a raspy growl style of death metal vocals that I can support. Acranius brings full force guitar attacks as well as non stop drumming with this one and I hope you are ready to crank the volume and snap your neck to this one. This is a fun album to listen to and the grooves, as well as some of the compositions and instrumentation is also quite catchy at times. Making me want to revisit this album again and again for more brutality!

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Review: Slamophiliac – Perihelion

Slamophiliac mentions in it’s press release that this project started off as a joke, I suppose to mock all of the brutal one man bands that have risen over the past decade. However, Perihelion delivers on adrenaline pumping tempo, blast beats and growling over a rather impressive production for a DIY project. Boasting wild thick textures of death for 22 minutes, Slamophiliac gives us our first true sample of delicious brutal death metal for the new year. 2017 seems to be off to a heavy start.

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Exclusive Stream & Review: DEVAST – Apocalyptic Human Extinction

ghp042-devast-apocalyptic-human-extinctionArgentina…probably one of the last places on Earth you’d expect to hear exquisite brutal death metal. Devast makes this happen with their 3rd studio album, Apocalyptic Human Extinction! Their hyper finger twisting riffs and leads shred and devour on every song on this album. I wasn’t expecting such technicality as well as devastating groove found in between the chaos. Some of these riffs will make you headbang and holy shit you are guaranteed to hurt yourself if you’re not careful.

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Review: Visions of Disfigurement – Abhorrent Extinction

visions-of-disfigurementVisions of Disfigurement are four-piece band from Manchester, England. They are Daniel (Vocals), Judd (Guitars), Adam (Bass) and Ben (Drums).

The band’s debut full-length, Abhorrent Extinction was released on the 24th of August. The album lasts around 34 minutes. It was released by the band themselves and CDs are available in Black and white digipaks limited to a press of 50.

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Review: Brutonomy – The Duality of Being

Brutonomy are a 5 man Australian outfit, this is their first EP release which came out in September 2015. The EP itself consists of 4 songs and just clocks in at just over 19 minutes. The music itself is brutal with some technicality entwined within. This pairs well with the drumming which has some blasts. The vocals tend to lean to a more straight up death metal feel, where you can audibly hear the lyrics.

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Review: Oncology – Infinite Regress

Oncology consists of Connor and Aaron, who both reside in Northern Ireland and Geoff, who lives in England. The band has a plethora of past experience, that being Aaron and Connor Ex- Putrefy and Geoff, being in and been various different bands including Atonement and Hades Lab. With this experience the debut full length, Infinite Regress, from this trio is crushing!

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Review: Syphilic – The Indicted States of America

Syphilic resides in Detroit, Michigan and at the time of this release it just consisted of Brian, whom you may know from other bands such as Gutrot, Mutilated and Mouthing the Offal. To me there have been no bad releases by this band, with such an amazing back catalog, consisting of and not exclusive to, Erotishock Therapy, Behind Bars and Toylets ‘R’ Us.

This album alone is a blast to listen to. The music I find myself easily banging my head to. The album is not monotonous in sound and very well produced with amazing samples such as what I can be describe as a “mash up” of news audio at the end of “Call Me God”. Along with the audio clips “Bullet Proof Vest & Sobriety Tests” is a brilliant Beavis and Butthead clip with Syphilic’s music. As for the artwork it is a perfect depiction of what the album is about and if I’m not mistaken it is done by Tony Cosgrove, whom has done other artwork for previous Syphilic releases.

The album clocks in just shy of 45 minutes and has 11 songs, one being an Anal Cunt cover of “You’re a Cop”. I personally enjoy album a lot and would recommend tracks such as “Call me god”, “Both Dead”, “Six in a Row, Gotta Go” and “Preparation H”.

As usual there will be links to a song bellow and a link to the band to buy the album.

~ Flesh Ripper

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If you are looking for the next great brutal death act then look no further! Cranial Engorgement’s new EP “Prelude to Horror” will be out on June 10th via Gore House Productions and it’s a hectic slaughter of brutality at it’s finest. Giving you a fine mix of death and brutal death, Cranial Engorgement’s new EP will knock your dick in the dirt. 4 songs of relentless beatings. A must listen to! Check out the new EP “Prelude to Horror” below!


Review: Inherit Disease – Ephermal

Inherit Disease is a American brutal death metal act that features the following family sing along moments: guttural snarls and grunts, guitars with tone that could melt steel beams, chunky low end bass that is anus collapsing, drums of pure punishing death! Yes here we have the album of the year for you and old grandma to belch out while drinking tea by the fire. Songs of death, machines taking over and just apocalyptic devastation in general, Ephermal is just dripping with grungy chunks of death.

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