Review: NUKLEAR FROST – Subjugation

nuklear frost logoRiddled with darkness, raw power and a fury that was in the hearts of the black metal barbarians that spawned in the 90′s is ever so present within the debut album from Nuklear Frost. An opening scream of “DIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” pretty much sets the tone on the second track after a bleak introduction. ‘Subjugation’ is without a doubt a no holds barred, no gimmicks, just straight to the point, kick your teeth in black metal. You are not ready.

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Check Out FROZEN DAWN – Blackened Death From Spain!

4 panel.epsAs warm as it is in Spain, these kvlt musicians keep things ice cold with their style of black metal. Frozen Dawn bring forth chilling music as well as darkness, perfect for those nights when you want to just settle down, light some candles, drink some red wine and sacrifice someone. Listen to the single below called “Banished, The Everlasting Confinement” from their new album Those Of The Cursed Light. Out on Xtreem Music this month!

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AUREOLE Releases Opening Track To The New Album Called “I: Citadel Alunar”

aureole promoWhen I heard the previews that Aureole released on Youtube, I was delighted and ready for this music. A few days later, after the third preview was released…a whole new song was revealed as well as the label who shall be releasing this beautiful album. Aureole is birthed by Markov Soroka, the creator of Eternium, and this side project is more of a slower, more dreadful place within music. The perfect blend of 3 depressing genres: Funeral doom, atmospheric black metal and suicidal depressive black metal….Aureole is a trip through sheer darkness, that which no light can penetrate.

The song is just under 10 minutes long and it’s gripping and wonderful the entire time. Fallen Empire Records will be releasing the debut album ‘Alunar’ from Aureole, which is set to be released in March of 2014, so within the next week or two hopefully! Limited cassettes will be made, only 100, so if you want one I suggest you get one. Enough babble though, listen to the song below.

Album Review: Behemoth – The Satanist

the satanist behemothBehemothThe Satanist (Metal Blade Records): The devourers ov light, the extreme winds ov hate, the return ov BEHEMOTH! It’s been a long 5 years since the release of Evangelion and it’s been a long ride for the band. A world tour, conquering Leukemia, recovering and rebuilding everything and then releasing the new album, The Satanist, which is Behemoth’s 10 studio album. Long time fans, such as myself, have been eagerly awaiting this album since the first hint that Nergal was able to not only pick up a guitar again, but play a live show and hit the studio. The wait was worth it friends, The Satanist does not disappoint.

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Quick Reviews: Cursed Altar (Single), I Will Be Okay, Rune X & Nilfgaard

Today’s choice cuts of metal meat come from the black ambient side of things, excluding Nilfgaard which is more of a melodic death metal act. Each band is quality in it’s own way.

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BEHEMOTH and CRADLE OF FILTH announce EU tour with some great opening acts! “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” teasers available (1 and 2).

behemoth cradle of filth EU tour


Sometimes I envy Europe as they seem to get the best concerts compared to the rest of the world. This being one of the,. Svartt Jern, Inquisition, In Solitude, Cradle of Filth and the all mighty BEHEMOTH are going to crush Europe in February of next year. Are you going? I would if I were you.

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