ITNUVETH – Paulsilaur: “Under the Wolf’s Skin”

Itnuveth_Paulsilaur, under the wolf's skinItnuveth is a pagan black metal duo from Spain, whom create fine tuned black metal rhythms, folk melodies, barbaric riffing over frenzied drums. Having been a fan of their debut album, The Way of the Berserker, this new album “Paulsilaur: “Under the Wolf’s Skin” had me very eager and excited and I just could not wait to hear these heathen tunes. Itnuveth is true to their original sound but seem to have a little more focus on melody this time around.

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Review: møl – EP II

covermøl’s simple return to us all is with 3 wonderfully written songs on this EP that is just called “II”. This “shoegaze metal” band is as interesting as it is majestic. Utilizing as much atmosphere as humanly possible, these gentlemen put out a sound that appeals to me as a black metal fan, post rock fan, shoegaze fan and as a sludge fan. This EP touches emotions and thoughts that expand way beyond what most metal can do and that is just my opinion when I get only half way through the first song. Wow! These guys have a phenomenal sound about them, very powerful without incorporating anything ‘brutal’ or ‘death’ within their compositions. It’s just brilliant.

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Review: Sivyj Yar – Burial Shrouds

coverRussia. God damn you guys know your black metal. I mean just about every single thing I’ve heard from that country that is within the black metal genre is just insanely good. The brilliance, the atmosphere and the majesty coming from that country over the past couple of years just blows me away every single time. Here is another grand example of this phenomenon and it’s by the band called Sivyj Yar, a Pagan black metal band whose pride in their heritage just bleeds out from the speakers. This isn’t just your normal black metal act too….the music found on this release, Burial Shrouds, is incredibly deep. Sure it has it’s typical black metal sound at times but the compositions and craftsmanship of the song writing is out of this world.

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Review: Slugdge – Dim and Slimeridden Kingdoms

coverHailing from the mucus filled holes they call home (Located under the UK), Slugdge have risen once again to deliver their newest form of musical majesty called Dim and Slimeridden Kingdoms. These molluscan musicians delivers a fierce sound of death metal, progressive metal and a slight taste of slime driven doom but never lack the ability to push something magical and melodic at the same time. Most of Slugdge’s tracks are long and they always are interesting til the very last note. This time around, Dim and Slimeridden Kingdoms pulls off the wonder that they had on their last album, Gastronomicon, and somehow make it even more interesting this time around with big sound and powerful tone. This Slugdge album is ridiculously good.

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ALBUM STREAM: MEPHORASH “1557 – Rites of Nullification”

mephorashMEPHORASH is a black metal band hailing from Sweden featuring members of Malign, ex Ofermod. Their new album has been just released by Odium Records and it’s divided into 4 hymns which serves as a luminescent focal point for the fourfold rite of nullification of the four primal elements. Each track of the album features additional vocals from the vocalists of Malign, Hetroertzen, Embrace of Thorns and Fides Inversa.



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Review: Abigail Williams – The Accuser

AbigailWilliams_TheAccuser_CDL535CDAbigail Williams is an American black metal band from Olympia, Washington now and their steady rise to better and better black metal could possibly hit an all time high in their career with their newest album The Accuser. An album that embraces the aggressiveness and angst that black metal harvests. Abigail Williams has never been one of the more outlandish and best of the genre but they are trying their damnedest to be heard this time around. Will the elitists finally adhere and accept the bands cruel sounds? Well let’s listen… Continue reading

Review: Windfaerer – Tenebrosum

WINDFAERERWindfaerer is a magnificent blackened folk metal band all the way from N…..wait New Jersey!? I figured this would have been some far eastern European band! Hell I have a chance to see these guys live then! Neat! Anyways. Yes. Windfaerer are releasing their sophomore album Tenebrosum this September and I do believe this is one of the more magical black metal releases that you will hear this year. It’s very adventurous and worthy for you and your mates when you need a soundtrack for some questing but it’s not like Emyn Muil or Moongates Guardian. No this style of black metal is very much folk inspired with high energies and influences from classical music and your favorite fantasy movies. Windfaerer doesn’t get too nerdy though as they fucking bring it with fantastically written black metal. This album is damn near perfection. I enjoy it so much!

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Streaming: Sivyj Yar – Two Tracks From The Upcoming Album “Burial Shrouds”

coverSivyj Yar and Avantgarde Music were nice enough to have Headbang or GTFO stream a couple of tracks from the new album Burial Shrouds. One song being the title track and another one called “The Earth Breathes Sorrow”. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Catia from Against PR as well!

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