Quick Reviews: Darkspace, Skyforest, Hymnn, Strife, Auriga, Videmur & Ghost Bath

These reviews I will be focusing on are streaming in full over on YouTube right now on one of my favorite channels: Atmospheric Black Metal Albums. This channel is always updating and always pushing/promoting some of the best black metal to be released. Consistency is key and most of the promos I get are death metal so it’s great to have an option and a station of nothing but intense beautiful black metal. Here are some I listened to over the past week and my thoughts on these albums.

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Quick Reviews: Viathyn, New Jacobin Club, Methedras, Exoto, Morthra, Sinners Burn, Afterwalker, Bergrizen & Nebula Orionis

This week will feature more bands but with far less description. I will leave basic info, a score and a link so you can check them out yourself. This week we have…
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Quick Reviews: SGUAGUARAHCHRISTIS, HORTUS ANIMAE, Incite & A Breach of Silence

SGUAGUARAHCHRISTISSGUAGUARAHCHRISTIS’ ‘Der Nacht’ is a hollow and dark black metal release. With everything you would expect and love about the genre you can find right here with this release. The production is intentionally bleak and void of a lot of bass. Continue reading

Review: Sviatibor – La Foi Des Ancêtres

sviatibor La Foi Des AncêtresI’m just going to steal the words from the Bandcamp page to introduce Sviatibor to those who have not heard of it yet. “Sviatibor is a solo European Metal project from France formed by Thomas Hornstein, who is engaged in a fight for the European heritage and the return of pagan philosophy and religions. The main themes of Sviatibor are: True Paganism, Ancient Religion, European Heritage, Slavic Mythology, Germanic/Nordic Mythology, Nature, Odalism.”

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Quick Reviews: Swine Overlord, Arkodaemik, Curseworship & Asmodey

swine overlordSwine Overlord’s debut album “Parables of Umbral Transcendence” is within the vein of Malodorous, Infant Annihilator and Splattered Entrails. Just that nasty brutal death metal that sounded like it was recorded in a buddies bedroom. Nasty production but it adds to the overall effect of the disgusting and sinister vibe these guys put out. Filled with drum groove, slam riffs and gutturals that would melt the face off of your dear ol grandma. 4 out of 5


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Quick Reviews: Malhkebre, Psychotic Gardening, Cold Colours & Monsterworks

makabhreFrench black metal horde Malhkebre bring us more blasphemous filth that we all love but this act is more on the weird/unorthodox side of the genre. Not following the usual sounds, screeching and tone; Malkhebre has this cult feeling about it and it’s off putting and ominous. The music itself is dark and brooding while maintaining a faster thrash mentality at times. Vocals are not really sung but they are not really screamed. Rather, they are howled at a raspy loud belch that gives this band character. At first I was underwhelmed by their approach but I must say that this album has character and a uniqueness about it that gives it charm and a lasting impression. 3.5 out of 5


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Quick Reviews: Hollow, Ending Quest, Connoisseur & Eyehategod

Hollow mordrakeHollow – ‘Mordrake’. Symphonic black metal that is grown up and progressive in a way that isn’t typical but thought provoking and expansive. While the heart of it all may be grim, the writing is better than most acts released these days. Symphonic compositions are tied in well with the crushing black metal art and the result is a fulfilling album that will leave your neck sore. 4 out of 5

Listen to Hollow’s “Mordrake” here.

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FREE MUSIC: Balrog – Khazad Dum, Minas Morgul & The Ringwraiths

balrog bandcamp bannerOn this free music post, I offer you 3 full albums that are heavily influenced and driven by Tolkien’s world of fantasy, magic and lore. Balrog does not hide the fact that their blend of fantasy dungeon synth is an homage and direct worship of J.R.R. Tolkien’s world that he created. The result is 3 quality albums that should be downloaded and listened to immediately. The artwork alone is worth a gander.

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