Beyond Creation touring North America with Origin and King Parrot; Offer Free Download

beyond creation the auraIn case you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that Canada’s Beyond Creation is coming to North America and bringing their pals King Parrot and Origin with them. Hopefully, they’ll be playing some unreleased material or possibly hitting the studio after this tour. I know I need something new by now.

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That’s right. I’d fear this tour more so than any Godzilla. Vomitory, Beyond Creation, Defeated Sanity, Hydrophobia, Atlantis Chronicles, Fleshdoll and Revenge are coming to Japan and right now, I wish I lived there so I can see this show. You guys are friggin lucky! Check out the dates on the flyer!



News Roundup For April 8th, 2013: Early AC/DC Bassist Dies + More

Former AC/DC Bassist Neil Smith passed away yesterday after battling cancer.

Iron Maiden to tour US with Megadeth!

09/03 – Raleigh, N.C. @ Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion (On sale April 13)
09/05 – Nashville, Tenn. @ Bridgestone Arena (On sale April 13)
09/07 – Kansas City, Mo. @ Sprint Center (On sale April 17)
09/08 – St Louis, Mo. @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (On sale April 13)
09/10 – Austin, Texas @ Austin 360 Amphitheater (On sale April 13)
09/12 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ Mandalay Bay Events Center (On sale April 12)
09/13 – San Bernardino, Calif. @ San Manuel Amphitheatre (On sale April 12)

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2013 decibel tour flyer

Oh holy shit fuck yes! Watain and Behemoth was good last year and this year it’s pure carnage! Decibel will be bringing some heavy hitters on this years tour. Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Immolation, Cretin, Beyond Creation and Magrudergrind are going to be tearing up a venue near you!!!

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BEYOND CREATION Music Video For “Omnipresent Perception”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!!!! FINALLY YES!!!! One of my favorite bands of all time, Beyond Creation, have released an official music video for their bad ass song “Omnipresent Perception”. I’ve watched Forest’s bass video for this song probably one hundred times in the past year so finally seeing the entire band jam this song out is highly fulfilling. Very cool concept, setting and wonderfully shot music video!

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First fretboard warrior up is Mark Morton playing through some Lamb of God riffs from their latest album “Resolution”. A good album with some catchy ass riffs going on so watch and follow along.

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NEW SONG! BEYOND CREATION – Earthborn Evolution (Bootleg Video)

One of my favorite bands, Beyond Creation, a progressive/technical death metal band from Montreal, Canada has been playing a new song recently at some shows and one fan in the crowd filmed and posted up the new track, entitled “Earthborn Evolution”. The song has average quality for being bootleg but the song sounds great. It’s slower and more progressive but there are still faster technical parts within the song as well. I can barely hear the bass work but what I do hear coming out of Forest’s amp is fucking awesome once again. Great song! I can’t wait for their new album to come out! Beyond Creation posted on their Facebook that the new album is planned for 2013, so we’ll have to wait longer than we want to. But that’s ok because their last album, The Aura, should keep you satisfied until then.


Album Review! SPAWN OF POSSESSION – Incurso

When the music starts, it’s a quick tease of heaviness then an epic introduction that reminds me of the Mako Reactor soundtrack from Final Fantasy 7 when you first start the game. When that is done, it’s straight into technical death metal greatness. Spawn of Possession are rather new to me, I’ve never really listened to them before. When they released a single of theirs about a month ago I was swept off of my feet and highly anticipating the release of their album, “Incurso“. Well now it’s here: the first thing you notice is the art. The album art is fucking nuts, I don’t know what that floating thing is but it looks like is has nothing but bad intentions for that dude and the entire world.

Back to the music, you have some of the most exciting and creative song writing since Necrophagist’sEpitaph“. The riffs are very technical and melodic at the same time and somehow amidst all of that chaos they hold down a very tight rhythmic pattern that is unlike anything I’ve previously heard. Bass guitar has unique patterns and leads as well and what I love about the bass guitar is the fact it’s pretty audible. It’s not overwhelming or behind the drums, it’s perfectly blended with the music. The drums…..I bet drummer Henrik Schönström must put WD-40 on his joints after performing each song because his intensity, speed and savagery is just pushing the limits as to what can be done by a human being on that kit. Vocals are mainly low with some mid-range screaming in there. He does this thing that many tech death bands do and that’s grunt 10,000 words a minute. Growling out words as fast as the double bass drum is going. The band as a whole has created one hell of an album and if you enjoy technical death metal, you’re in for a treat.

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