Slam and Eggs: Jamming Out On All Kinds Of Slam This Morning! Devourment, Throne of Disgust & MORE!

power-slam-This morning I just felt compelled to listen to nothing but the sickest slam I could find. My home PC is fixed and for whatever reason, slam gets me in the mood to record and motivates me more than any other genre of music. The gutturals, the riffs and the sheer brutality of the lyrics just get me so pumped up. Here are some of the greats I’ve listened to today and I must share with you.

Devourment - conceived in sewage

First off, right when I hopped in my truck this morning, I immediately blasted the new Devourment loud and proud through the streets of Kansas City on my way to work. Probably making goofy faces and what not as I drove by screaming and gargling the lyrics, but I was enjoying myself and the music fully. As soon as I sat down at my desk when I arrived at work, I played Defeated Sanity‘s latest album “Passages Into Deformity”. This album played right after listening to some Devourment just made sense. This album is just packed with gnarly slams and riffs. Not to mention I truly think Konstantin Lühring has some of the best gutturals ever. Right after that I played another heavyweight from this year: Wormed. Plain insanity as slam meets technical death metal. Exodromos is very satisfying on many levels. After enjoying some AAA slam I decided to test the waters and listen to some new shit from bands you may have never heard of, and the result is wonderful.


First up, I checked out the latest effort from Throne of Disgust and they do not disappoint. Ryne’s vocals are just NASTY and the riffing from Dan is out of this world. I don’t know if the drums are programmed or played on an e-kit, but they sound very good. A definite headbanger!

Next up is a favorite from me, Splattered Entrails, who pretty much got me into this whole gore grind slam scene when Malodorous was introduced to me years ago. I listened to Depths of Obscurity and I think you should too. His evolution as an artist just continues to grow and his riffs matured quite a bit on this album. Plenty of headbang moments as well.

cannbalistic infancy

Next up is a brand new band and I’m very glad I checked them out. Beginning with a very creepy “Twinkle, twinkle little star” sang by a tortured soul, Cannbalistic Infancy just bring fear with their music. Intense atmosphere as the sound just crushes your senses. A random find, a wonderful band. LISTEN TO THEM.

congenital malformation

Last but not least, I ended my slam marathon with another random new find. Congenital Malformation is back to the basics yet the music is just damn good. Vocal wise it’s what you’ve heard before, but it’s still good. A good band, scary artwork and song titles that are laughable and typical slam, Congenital Malformation brings you a good album.

That’s it! That’s all the slam I enjoyed this morning and I hope you enjoy it all as well. If any of these bands want a formal review and I haven’t already done so, email me. Thank you.

Slam ya later.

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