Album Review: Road To Horizon – Road To Horizon EP

road to horizon

Road To Horizon released this little piece to show off that they are coming back in 2013. New tunes, new riffs and some pretty aggressive moments for this type of music. Clean singing that will swoon any pre-teen girl and screams that will call to boys of the same age. This EP just plays out to the younger generation and I know the next time I walk into a Hot Topic I’ll be hearing this over the PA.

I’m not much into hardcore music, nor am I familiar with the hardcore scene in the UK. I like very little within this scene and add the melodic element to it and I’m completely lost. It’s a little too “pop” for me. This EP is incredibly short (2 songs) and it fails to hold my interest. The only thing I can respect is the clean vocals (Go ahead, call me a preteen girl), since they don’t sound bitchy and whiny. Some of the power chord riffs deserve a good toe tappin’ but it’s rather forgettable in the long run.

This EP is something you can skip, there is no real movement going on here and you’re better off listening to something else. Their full length better be a step up from this.

2 out of 5

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