Album Review: Napalm Christ – 2013 Demo

napalm christArkansas. A usually quiet state with shitty cell phone service. A state you wouldn’t expect to shit out a wonderful new band called Napalm Christ. The reference of the bands name could mean many things. We worship nuclear warfare? Religion in itself is a cause for war and many deaths? Or is it just a cool fucking metal name? Yes, yes it is and the music these 4 guys create is damn good. If you like just raw slow doomy music, then Napalm Christ has exactly what you want.

The demo is good and it’s to get their name out there. To push their brand of chaotic doom upon the masses whom are willing to give it a listen. To show people they are not messing around. This demo sounds really good, production wise, too. It’s not over done but it’s just clear and leveled off really well. I honestly think that adds to the sound overall as it’s just organic in a way. Not highly edited, chopped and fucked up. Even with the cool band name, production values and providing over 20 minutes of music; can this band pull you in with their actual music? Oh yes. Yes they can.

Napalm Christ has 3 songs on this said demo, one at just under 4 minutes, another one at around the 6 and a half mark and the last song clocking in at 9 and a half minutes. The fact that this demo has enough content on it for a full EP or even LP shows that these guys can write some good music. It’s gloom and doom with style, it’s not just typical strum a chord for 12 seconds and have a slow ass drum beat over it. This music is carefully put together and has purpose. There are some fast moments, some thrashy moments and even a case of sudden black metal parts in there. Yet, the bulk of Napalm Christ’s sound is pure monstrous doom. Slow bends, careful drumming and distant growls.

Napalm Christ will be releasing three more song later this year and I cannot wait to hear this demo in full. Hell, a 45+ minute LP would go a long way for them. Get on some tours and get recognized and even signed. There is something magical here, these guys can write some phenomenal metal.

4.5 out of 5

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