Quick Reviews: ASG, Howl, We Were Viper Pilots & Rotting Empire


ASG - “Blood Drive”: A sludgey riff filled album with a lot of singing over it instead of howling or screaming. A good time, a fun album and it just makes you want to grab a few friends, some beers and hang out at the lake. “Blood Drive” is just a solid album. 4 out of 5



4pnl_folderHowl – “Bloodlines”: A progressive approach to death metal in a sense that your wave of American metal from the mid-2000′s (Lamb of God, Trivium) has a heavier attack to it. Howl has a scary sense of writing, yet it’s still very catchy, heavy and sometimes melodic. “Bloodlines” is for you headbangers out there for sure. 4 out of 5


we were viper pilotsWe Were Viper Pilots – “Progeny EP”: Instrumental, weird and captivating. WWVP put out a damn good EP and it’s something wicked good and interesting to follow. “Progeny” is a neat and random find and everytime I listen to it I enjoy myself. They let their music do the talking. We Were Viper Pilots is friggin awesome. 4 out of 5


rotting empireRotting Empire – “Sui Generis”: Blackened/Death/Thrash. Intense writing and vocals constantly going at 200 MPH. The sound is equivalent to what the thrashers enjoyed in the early 90′s when death metal vocals began to be used instead of just fast yelling. A decent release, lacking in some areas, however you’ll still headbang. 3.5 out of 5

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