Quick Album Reviews: Feed Her To The Sharks, Chaos Invocation and Necronomicon

Here are some quick reviews of some recent albums that was brought to my attention. Either through a family member, a European label or just by accident. Here are reviews for  Feed Her To The sharks, Chaos Invocation and Necronomicon. Enjoy.

feed her to the sharks

Feed Her to The Sharks “Savage Seas” is like a rabid beast of melody and hardcore riffs. If Killswitch Engage ever decided to put more breakdowns and chugging riffs in their sound they would sound exactly like FHttS. The singing is very good and the rough vocals are good as well. The riffs are chuggy but insanely melodic at the same time. Drums are constantly pummeling the speakers. I hope you’re ready to headbang. 4 out of 5 (Stream the album here)

chaos invocation - black mirror hours


Punishing Black Metal from Germany. Chaos Invocation give us Black Mirror Hours and it’s traditional black metal in every aspect of the phrase. Howls, riffs and drum work praise nothing but the darkest, blackest, coldest aspects of this genre. Traditional in every sense, Chaos Invocation gives the listener that trve kvlt feeling, and it’s exactly what you’ll want to hear if you are in the mood for black metal. Very well done. Evil. Dark. 4 out of 5

rise of the elder ones


Necronomicon’s “Rise of the Elder Ones” is another epic black metal album presented to me this week and it’s absolutely furious. From the fast double bass and blasts, to the whiplash enforcing riffing, Necronomicon brings speed and energy to black metal. It’s as if Hour of Penance was absorbed by Dimmu Borgir, the result is pure evil at 666 MPH. Get your neck ready, you’ll be headbanging to this album for sure. All hail the black that is Necronomicon. 4.5 out of 5 (Listen to the album stream here)

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