Qreview: Sin of God – “Limbus”

sin of godSin of God, a young death metal band hailing from Hungary, have released a new album titled “Limbus”. Monstrous vocals over some aggressive writing and blasting. Yes, this is pure death metal. The vocals are fucking beast. Balázs Lévai’s growl has a very raw mid range and it sounds as if he is layered with another lower registered vocal style but I think it’s all natural. It sounds really good. The production isn’t top notch but the writing and execution of the music is still brilliant. The levels are equal and you can hear each instrument just fine. Fast riffing, blast beats, killer bass tones and “Rip your throat out” vocals make Sin of God’s album “Limbus” a fantastic album. Pure death metal from Hungary, creating very powerful music.

4 out of 5


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