Review: The Nietzsche – Intro To Advanced Poetry

itap-COVERUkrainian? Check. Mathcore? Check. Wonderful guitar tone? Check. Interesting song writing? Check. Annoying intro to a review? Check! The Nietzsche is, you guessed it, a mathcore style band based out of Ukraine. Slight punk inspired hardcore is also present on this release as the band whips your ass for a good 13 minutes on this EP. While it’s not of the gore, growl and blast beat kind, it’s still good…especially if you like bands like The Chariot and Exotic Animal Petting Zoo. Lot’s of screaming and energy found on Intro To Advanced Poetry.

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Review: Abigail Williams – The Accuser

AbigailWilliams_TheAccuser_CDL535CDAbigail Williams is an American black metal band from Olympia, Washington now and their steady rise to better and better black metal could possibly hit an all time high in their career with their newest album The Accuser. An album that embraces the aggressiveness and angst that black metal harvests. Abigail Williams has never been one of the more outlandish and best of the genre but they are trying their damnedest to be heard this time around. Will the elitists finally adhere and accept the bands cruel sounds? Well let’s listen… Continue reading


11990414_919305518164007_8667143753726750588_nLate October, Long Island space shredders Artificial Brain will be doing a 2 day mini tour through the New England area before they hit the road for Part 2 of the 10 year IndieMerch Anniversary Tour. Accompanying them will be singer Will Smith’s grind/hardcore/doom band Buckshot Facelift, Long Island doom band Grey Skies Fallen and Boston, Massachusetts Thrashers Swarm of Eyes.

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Review: The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal

TBDM-AbysmalCV2015So…..I have a confession. Besides Everblack (which only scored a 3 out of 5), I have not liked The Black Dahlia Murder. I always thought their musical style was okay at best and highly over rated when it came to the praise I always heard from media and people. I always gave them a chance though and I will also admit that each album got better and better. The music got mature, the guitar playing seemed to have a lot more expertise about it, the song writing in general improved and while the vocals were still something I had to power through, I was liking them more and more. Well Abysmal is finally the album that actually has me on the edge of my seat as the tracks on this album are massive and interesting! Vocals haven’t changed much but this slight change in creative compositions really makes it blend together a lot better. Abysmal is fucking killer.

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Abhorrent Deformity - Entity of Malevolence 5x5 300dpiAbhorrent Deformity is a young and talented brutal death metal band from North Carolina and their new/debut album Entity of Malevolence is going to be released on October 30th via Comatose Music. The debut album is crushing and I sent the band a couple of questions that I had and Dave Wright (bass) and Mark De Gruchy (vocals) were kind enough to answer them for me. Enjoy the read and be sure to jam their new song “Entity of Malevolence”, the title track from their new album!!!

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Review: Nile – What Should Not Be Unearthed

nile-what-should-not-be-unearthedBeware, the massive beckoning of Nile hath returned! None are safe! The fire and sand swirl around and engulf you once again! Hear the earth shatter! See the rivers flood and the pyramids crumble! This is What Should Not Be Unearthed and it’s yet another reason why this is my favorite band. Nile gathers all that makes them unique from the past decade (Annihilation of the Wicked til now) and create another monster of an album, utilizing several sounds from recent albums to push out insane power and head smashing riffs. Yes, this is exactly what I needed and fans of the band will be thrilled!

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Review: Windfaerer – Tenebrosum

WINDFAERERWindfaerer is a magnificent blackened folk metal band all the way from N…..wait New Jersey!? I figured this would have been some far eastern European band! Hell I have a chance to see these guys live then! Neat! Anyways. Yes. Windfaerer are releasing their sophomore album Tenebrosum this September and I do believe this is one of the more magical black metal releases that you will hear this year. It’s very adventurous and worthy for you and your mates when you need a soundtrack for some questing but it’s not like Emyn Muil or Moongates Guardian. No this style of black metal is very much folk inspired with high energies and influences from classical music and your favorite fantasy movies. Windfaerer doesn’t get too nerdy though as they fucking bring it with fantastically written black metal. This album is damn near perfection. I enjoy it so much!

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