TL;DR Reviews: Svarte, Nocturnal Depression, Neck of the Woods, Unhollowed & Dys Inbunden

Svarte is an epic black metal project that has massive fantasy driven atmosphere as well as soul crushingly beautiful black metal passages. Wanderer Between the Light and Dark is perfect for those who enjoy Summoning and Moongates Guardian! Grab your weapons and prepare for this excellent journey. 8.8 out of 10

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Skinless – Only The Ruthless Remain

Ruthless7Skinless return to destroy us all and Only The Ruthless Remain! Devouring anything and everything in it’s path, Skinless is a destructive tank of death grind greatness. While it’s rolling over hills, trampling over victims and blasting society with massive balls of shredded death and gore; you’ll find that this horrid display of bloody chunks and bile is actually a satisfying listen! Fans of past work will be thrilled to find that Skinless have not eased up on their wretched style, oh no no. Just the opposite. They’ve somehow managed to sound even better. Only The Ruthless Remain is a proper return to the butcher shop, with tools of death at their disposal and we are the victims.

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Miellnir – Incineration Astern

coverOrchestral folk/viking metal from the Ukraine! Miellnir brings forth powerful hymns of battle, lore and Nordic mythology on Incineration Astern! Blending traditional pagan sounds with modern day cinematic serenade, and topping it off with some melodic death metal really gives Miellnir a powerful barbaric sound. Sometimes a folk/viking band will arrive and they’ll sound similar to something another band has previously done. Miellnir does something a little different and gives us a fresh take on this so called viking metal genre.

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Noisem – Blossoming Decay

00_162CoverFrom Baltimore, Maryland hails the grind heavy death metal act known as Noisem. A band whose fast tempos, bleeding vocal remedies and devouring drum rhythms often leave my neck in a sore state after listening to their latest crushing album Blossoming Decay.  A delivery of 9 tracks, this album is a constant intense ride of powerful metal energies. Blistering grindcore instrumentation with semi-punk vocal delivery makes Noisem unique from the rest of the grindcore/death metal pack, but their massive rhythm and riffing will bring in death metal fans as the writing is highly mosh inducing and headbang ready.

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Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed

WDCOVERHailing from Belgium, Wiegedood delivers a fierce black metal sound that reminds me of Earth and Pillars release from last year. Just massive atmosphere layered on top of wonderfully orchestrated riffs and writing. The sound on De Doden Hebben Het Goed is blissful, bone chilling intense black metal. An outstanding piece of work, four songs deliver enough impactful music to fulfill those urges you may get for high quality atmospheric metal.

Wiegedood’s creation is really good to not only listen to but to feel. Their music is something that can give your skin goosebumps and make your soul shift. So if you’re on the lookout for the next big atmospheric black metal quest, may I suggest that you embark on the journey that is Wiegedood’s De Doden Hebben Het Goed. One of 2015′s finest black metal experiences.

8.5 out of 10

Entrails – Obliteration

Entrails - ObliterationEntrails return with a death metal album of pure Obliteration! The band’s 4th studio release is a horrid, blasphemous display of great Swedish death metal.  Packed with some solid riffs, neat guitar tone, putrid vocals and a rough rhythmic groove: Entrails wants to make you headbang as hard as you possibly can while you listen to their music. Those wanting more of the same great sound from the latest Bloodbath and Morbid Vomit releases will be satisfied on what they will find here on Obliteration.

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Midnight Odyssey – Shards of Silver Fate

IVR042_Midnight_Odyssey_front_1600pxMidnight Odyssey’s Shards of Silver Fate is 8 songs that reaches out to 2.3 hours (142.40 minutes) mark, which is incredibly long for an album. Even for a double album such as this, you’ll need to have quite a bit of time to yourself to listen to this thing uninterrupted from beginning to end. Which is the ultimate way to fully embrace the majesty that is this record. It’s hard to quit mid song, only to come back to it in a few hours. It ruins the experience as well as the flow of the album. Each song is within the 14 – 21 minute mark, so even getting through one single song can be tough. I drive 35 minutes to work and that is only 1.5 songs per trip! While it’s hard to fully focus on this album, it makes for the perfect background music for working or gaming.

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Concert Review – Torn the Fuck Apart, Dark Sermon, Archspire & Aborted

IMG_0314May 17th 2015. Kansas City, Missouri. The Riot Room. Local band Torn The Fuck Apart tore the venue apart to begin the show. Promptly at 8:30, they started their set and played brutal death metal to begin the slaughter. Led by Michael Langner, the guys executed several counts of battery onto the crowd. With skilled technical display as well as quick horrid slam riffing, Torn The Fuck Apart truly brought it and got the crowd headbanging early! With a few moshers in the crowd, the night was off to a great start!

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King Parrot – Dead Set

KingParrot_DeadSetCover(RGB)Them crazy Aussie bastards in King Parrot are already back with Dead Set, with the flames of Bite Your Head Off still smoldering, the guys are rolling out an even better release this time around. If you loved that album, then this album will be an easy choice for you. 39 minutes of devastating grind riffing, blast of the beats on the drums and that trademark vocal style that only King Parrot can deliver. Prepare to fucking headbang.

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Connoisseur – Stoner Justice (LP)

CONNPass this album to the left and hit the play button! Holy shit Connoisseur’s new album “Stoner Justice” is a proper full length release to last year’s EP, which was named the same exact damn thing. Fucking lazy stoners! With much more content and still giving us proper resin filled bong rips of hardcore groove, grind heavy vocals and punishing drumming, Stoner Justice is the smoke filled album that you need. While some weed loving bands tend to go slow and steady, Connoisseur likes to churn out a violent energy that’ll make you headbang and grind your weed even faster!

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