Review: Decimation – Reign of Ungodly Creation

decimationDecimation return with this diabolical death metal worship album called “Reign of Ungodly Creation” and it is indeed a take over by a few gentlemen who are ungodly. The creation they’ve come up with is pure death metal with some slight tech and chaotic atmosphere. On their Facebook page they list their influences and that right there perfectly explains how Decimation sound. Just fierce, rich with riffs and fire summoning drumming. Dance with the fury of Decimation.

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Review: Ctulu – Sarkomand

ctulu - sarkomandChilling black metal with ripping guitars, scathing vocals and relentless ass beating drumming? Ctulu has it all. When it comes to the original ‘kvlt’ worship, with added frost bitten atmosphere that old school Immortal fans with admire, Ctulu pretty much nail that feeling and blackness right on the head. Without sounding too stale or derivative though, the band kicks in their own style (as much as they can without changing too much) and deliver punishing songs. Time to slap on your corpse paint and spiked gauntlets, Ctulu is coming for you.

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Review: Thorr-Axe – Gates of Winter

thorr-axeThorr-Axe’s Nordic inspired blackened doom/sludge trip is an inspirational journey through mountains, forests and fjords. Their bass heavy sound and slow tempo creates a massive atmosphere, something that could topple over the giants known as Jötnar or Jötunn with ease. These creative and powerful musical endeavors is a breathe of fresh air, as the Norse mythology tends to stay within black metal or melodic death metal territory. Without being overly “viking”, Thorr-Axe lets the music do the talking with a different language.

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Review: Hideous Rebirth – Completely Devoured

hideous rebirth2 new songs and 3 revisited ones on this EP make up the audio slaughter on Completely Devoured. Since this is the first time I have heard of these fine gentlemen, it’s 5 brand new death grind songs for me! The band resides in Riverside, CA and somehow you can just hear it. When I think of southern Cali death grind I think of this rather punishing sound, brimming with gore and a raw attack that can not be denied. Hideous Rebirth definitely fit into this category and the music is wildly intense.

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Review: Conquer – A Worms Demise

conquer a worms demiseDeath metal with a tip of the hat to black metal, Conquer gives us a 3 song EP that is ass kickingly powerful and ultimately a gnarly start to my 2015 metal addiction. The 3 songs showcased on here sounds like sheer punishment with their riffing, drum work and hectic driven vocal style. The perfect combination of what we live about Behemoth, Hate Eternal and Abysmal Dawn. If you want evil flare with your brutality and a dreadful wall of sound.

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Favorite Album Art of 2014

Something almost as important as the music itself is the artwork that portrays the music that awaits under the cellophane wrapper. It’s the thing everyone will notice first when they walk into the store. It will draw you in while scrolling on a web page and it’s usually the first “teaser” released from a band or label when they have new music on the way. The artwork is important! I’ve looked at so much art this year that I wanted to keep in mind the ones I thought were just wonderful to look at and share with you all. Marvel at this top 16 (In no particular order) and I hope you like them as much as I do.

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Review: Death Fortress – Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable

death fortressCombining black metal and death metal is nothing new and the sub genre itself continues to grow and expand beyond anything I could have imagined. Death Fortress now enters the ring and comes in with this hay-maker of an album that I have just loved since the moment I first pressed play. Key quality elements of black metal with blistering death metal brutality is what Death Fortress brings to the party and everyone is leaving in a body bag. Behold one of the best albums of 2014.

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Review: Satanic Warmaster – Fimbulwinter

a1559065432_10Before I shove off into 2015 releases, I want to shed some light on this dark band: Satanic Warmaster. Now with a name like that, you can just automatically picture a church burning to ashes just off a snowy path with a wooded area in the background and the moon lifted high in the night. Gladly, I can report that this music also paints that exact picture. One of the more fierce black metal acts of the year, Satanic Warmaster returns with a promising sound that previous fans will like and black metal enthusiasts will love. This album made me a fan of the band after one full listen….I need to journey into their back catalog now. SW summon the cold, the fury and epic raw feeling that you desire from a great black metal album.

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Top 100 albums of 2014

top 10x10 2014It is that time again! That time of year where metal/music enthusiasts conjure up lists of their favorite albums from the past year. The internet loves making and reading lists then complaining about them so I hope mine will do just that. I hope you readers will discuss the bands on this list and then listen to the bands I have on here as well. Indulge, listen and explore all of these releases. Just because an album is ranked 100 doesn’t mean that it’s bad. I actually had to narrow my nominations for this and some great releases did not make the cut. I love all 100 of these albums and I hope you use this list as a tool to discover new music. Enjoy.

Each band has a link so you can check them out.

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TL;DR Reviews: The End of the Year Score List

downloadTo rush through the end of the year’s albums and to get caught up, I wanted to literally listen to everything sent to me so I didn’t miss out on anything good. I tried to cram in as much as possible, through the good and meh and the bad. Unfortunately, I will not be able to spend the time to write out a quick review styled post about each band, so I figured I would post a list with the bands name, album name and score. I will provide links to the bands that scored well so that you may listen to them and give them a shot. There are some gems in here so enjoy.

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Cognitive’s Rob Wharton Delivers His TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2014!

rob whartonRob Wharton is one of the guitar wizards over at Cognitive, a death metal band from New Jersey, and when he isn’t providing tunes for you to headbang to, he is listen to tunes to headbang to. Cognitive’s sound is definitely brutal, with heavy rhythmic pounding and technically profound sections that keep things interesting. Their album will definitely be on this websites end of the year list for sure. Since he plays extreme music, you can expect a lot of extreme music on here. Without further ado, here are Rob’s top 10 albums of 2014:

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SOLEFALD: Avant Norse Folk Duo Unleashes Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord In North America Via Indie Recordings

solefaldAfter four years of silence, avant norse folk metal duo, SOLEFALD, return with Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord, an experimental soundtrack to the fjords and mountains of Norway, and a hymn to the nature of the North. A prequel to the eclectic duo’s forthcoming Kosmopolis Sud full-length set for release next year, Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord was created for release on vinyl, boasts a crew totaling ten musicians and finds SOLEFALD venturing into new and unfamiliar soundscapes.

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Septa’s “Destroyer” is the Sweetest, Most Chaotic Thing You’ll Hear This Year

Septa DestroyerThe Ukrainian 4 piece “math-core” band known as Septa released a wild album back in October and I think they are definitely worth checking out. An experimental take on alternative rock, hardcore and sludge with thick bass lines, raunchy vocal work and oddly timed yet heavy guitar work.

Stream the new album here and definitely download it:

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napalm deathCesspits is the tits, Napalm Death somehow defy everything when it comes to older bands releasing new content by sustaining high amounts of energy, alarmingly fast drumming and riffs, fiery vocals and a tempo that makes me want to smash everything in my room….all within 3 minutes and 33 seconds. God damn 2015 is off to a phenomenal start.

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BLACK SHEEP WALL Releases A New Track: “White Pig”

blacksheepwallA crude album title, a silly picture for artwork and a killer song: Black Sheep Wall sure know how to make a return to the public with new material don’t they? Want more? You have to wait til January 27th on Season of Mist. The song “White Pig” can be found on the new BSW album called “I’m Going To Kill Myself”, which makes the artwork that much more hilarious. Besides the album art and name, the song itself is clinically depressing and crushing. A little repetitive yet it gives it a soulless and gloomy feeling to it. The sludge filled doom riffing over the crashing drumming and loud vocal work really worked well with me and I liked what I heard.

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wayfarereAtmospheric metal outfit WAYFARER will release their debut album, “Children of the Iron Age,” via Prosthetic Records on Nov. 24. The album — which features epic, blackened atmospherics interwoven with entrancing acoustic passages and driving, powerful post-metal soundscapes — was recorded at Colorado’s Flatline Studios with Shane Howard while being mastered by Dave Otero (Cattle Decaptiation, Cobalt).  

In anticipation of its release, the quartet — who have been described as a cross between Agalloch and Amon Amarth — have unveiled the previously unreleased track “Cities Built on Conquered Ground” exclusively via Metal Bandcamp The song is featured exclusively on Side D of the “Children of the Iron Age” gatefold double-LP, which can be pre-ordered at the link below.  

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Thomas Giles debuts “Siphon the Bad Blood” video on‏

thomas gilesThomas Giles, the solo project from Between the Buried and Me front man, Tommy Rogers, is set to released “Modern Noise” on November 25th, 2014. Today, All Music is set to debut a brand new music video from the album! “Siphon the Bad Blood” was shot last month with Rogers in Los Angeles and features colorful visuals from throughout the “Modern Noise” album art. The abstract video is streaming exclusively at Additionally, an interview with Tommy has been published on the site. Watch “Siphon the Bad Blood” now at HERE.

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Ensiferum announce album title and release date for 2015!‏

ensiferumEnsiferum has completed work on their upcoming new album, “One Man Army.” The band spent the last few weeks at Astia Studio ( in Lappeenranta in Finland with producer Anssi Kippo. The album is scheduled for release on February 24 in North America, and February 23/20 in UK/Europe. New music, art, track listing, and video clips from the studio will be online within the next few weeks. Next week, Ensiferum will be filming a brand new music video with Grupa #13 in Poland. Grupa #13 is the production house behind some of the most spectacular music videos in metal, including videos from Behemoth, Amon Amarth, and more.

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CUMMING or DRUMMING? A New Quick Internet Game About Banging. NSFW!

cummingordrummingCumming or Drumming is a game where you just get to look at the person’s face and determine if they are in fact having sex and cumming or playing the drums. There are two versions of the game: NSFW and “safe” so be prepared to see lot’s of banging if you play the NSFW version. The internet is amazing sometimes. Can you score a 10/10?

Good luck!

Give it a shot:


OVID’S WITHERING: Theatrical Blackened Tech Metallers Join Unique Leader Records; New Full-Length To See Release Next Year

ovidFlorida-based theatrical blackened tech metallers, OVID’S WITHERING, are pleased to join the expanding roster of extreme metal powerhouse, Unique Leader Records, for the release of their sophomore full-length. The as-yet-untitled follow-up to last year’s Scryers Of The Ibis debut, which Metal Injection christened, “one of the best, most well-written, well-played, well-produced, killer records of 2013,” “a masterpiece,” and, “a testament to creativity and the willingness to go above and beyond what your contemporaries are doing,” will be unleashed sometime in 2015.

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Revocation debut new video for “Deathless” on Metal Injection!

revocationRevocation spent a few days on the road with acclaimed director Dave Brodsky, who was enlisted to shoot the band’s new video: “Deathless.” The track, which is about the “oath of blood” and “a pact of the initiated” of being a touring band, is something the band wanted reflected in a video. Brodsky delivered just that: “Deathless” gives fans a taste of what it’s like on the road, from the daily grind of loading gear to the excitement of being on stage. Watch “Deathless” now, exclusively at HERE.

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INGESTED reveals details for new album

ingestedManchester slam crew INGESTED has built a reputation as one of the most savage death metal acts to come out of the UK for a long time. Punishing beat-downs, epic riffage, guttural vocals and blistering speed are just some of the weapons in INGESTED’s musical arsenal.

2015 now sees INGESTED return with their heaviest offering yet in the form of The Architect Of Extinction, mixed by Christian Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY) and featuring artwork by Toshihiro Egawa (who also did the artwork for the band’s debut record). The Architect Of Extinction will be released on January 12th in Europe and January 27th in North America (digital only) via Century Media Records.

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bloodbathSweden’s master of horror, Bloodbath, has teamed up with Noisey to launch a music video for the track “Church of Vastitas” from the band’s upcoming album Grand Morbid Funeral. Check it out online at:

Grand Morbid Funeral will drop next week, November 18, via Peaceville Records. Pre-order Grand Morbid Funeral today via iTunes at:, at: and the Peaceville Bloodbath store at:

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USNEA Confirms Red Bull Sound Select Performances And Record Release Show

usneaWith Relapse Records’ official unveiling of Portland, Oregon-based USNEA‘s sophomore LP, Random Cosmic Violence, having taken place this week, the celestial/funeral doom outfit has released a meticulous track-by-track commentary piece on the album’s four movements via Cvlt Nation, as the band also announces a slew of year-end live appearances.

USNEA has confirmed several new live appearances over the coming weeks, leading off with a show at the Wisp House in Salem, Oregon for Wednesday, November 24th with Urzeit and In Thoth. Directly after that, the band will take part in two Red Bull Sound Select Presents shows in both Portland and Seattle! The Portland gig is set for Tuesday, December 2nd, supporting Lesbian and Deavheaven, followed by the Seattle show the next night, Wednesday, December 3rd, also with Deafheaven.

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Rivers of Nihil launch “Place of Serpents” Toontrack version video

rivers of nihilOn the eve of Rivers of Nihil‘s upcoming tour with Death (DTA Tours), the Reading, PA based metal act have launched a brand new video. “Place of Serpents” was recorded by the band and is an alternate version from the track on their debut record The Conscious Seed of Light. For this version, all guitar and bass tones were recorded DI without any amps, with the sounds and tones coming from Toontrack’s Metal Guitar Gods 2 EZmix Pack for EZmix 2 instead. The drums were programmed using EZdrummer 2 with the Made of Metal EZX expansion pack by Colin Richardson. All of these products are available now via Toontrack at as part of their annual “Metal Month” promotion.

Watch “Place of Serpents” now on HERE.

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Golden Antenna Records Signs JUNIUS For Anniversary LP‏

Golden Antenna Records is very honored to reveal to you that they will be releasing “Forcing Out The Silence” by Junius on LP!

“Forcing Out The Silence” sees its 10th anniversary and Golden Antenna is proud to release this for the first time ever on vinyl on 30th January 2015 for EU/ UK. The record was especially remastered for this release. The 12″ will feature an etching on the B-Side and a download code with an exclusive bonus track.

500 copies all on 180 gram vinyl that come on three different colors. The band will be on tour in April 2015 to support the 10th anniversary for this release.

ARCHSPIRE drummer streams new play-through

archspireStraight from Sick Drummer Magazine:

Fast-rising technical death metal force ARCHSPIRE have released new footage of drummer Spencer Prewett playing live at this year’s Housecore Horror Fest. Footage of Prewett playing the track “Seven Crowns and the Oblivion Chain” is streaming at “Seven Crowns and the Oblivion Chain” is taken from the band’s recently-released album ‘The Lucid Collective’, which is streaming here.

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Review: Job For A Cowboy – Sun Eater

JFACIf you were to tell me years ago that Job For A Cowboy would evolve and change their sound so drastically that they would create such an album that raises questions as to if it’s even the same band or that they can crank up the progressive creativity, utilize a bass guitar flawlessly and still somehow create crushing music that resonates closely to Gorguts in a way than I would have laughed at you. I would have pushed you off of a cliff. JFAC is a deathcore band, there is no way they will abandon their sound. They would not go outside the circle that helped them get big. Well if you’ve been paying attention to their last few albums, you’ll not be surprised by this change as they have been slowly yet steadily bringing more and more elements of sounds into their heaviness. Sun Eater is their next great tier of their evolution and it makes you appreciate the band, the musicians and their overall new sound that much more.

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This Week In Audio/Video: Black Metal, Eye of Solitude, Hideous Divinity, Arch Enemy, Cloudkicker (with Intronaut) and Sick Drummer

This week I will start compiling a massive list of media for you all to consume on Saturday’s. I run this website as a hobby so I am not always keeping up with content during the week like the other websites but I still want to maintain some credibility when it comes to sharing the best of the best from the underground as well as some of the newer stuff from the more established bands. This week we have black metal updates, music videos and more! Sit back, grab a coffee and listen.

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CORRECTIONS HOUSE Announces Winter Live Incursion; New Hymns Recorded

corrections houseCORRECTIONS HOUSE - the bastard sound manipulations of Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod), Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Sanford Parker (Minsk) and their recently abducted minister of propaganda, Seward Fairbury – are readying for another round of US live incursions. Set to commence on November 30th in Boston, Massachusetts, the collective will raze nineteen metropolises, with the journey coming to a ceremonial close on December 20th. The tour follows the band’s crushing performance at this year’s Housecore Horror Film Fest.

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protest the heroDue to internal band issues, The Faceless have been forced to drop off the upcoming Protest The Hero tour commencing next Friday November 14th in Leipzig, Germany.  Replacing The Faceless on the tour will be longtime Protest The Hero friends The Safety Fire. All scheduled dates will be played and The Contortionist will continue to be on all shows. Below are the dates for the upcoming tour:

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THE AGONIST set to release EYE OF PROVIDENCE on February 24th 2015

the agonistMontreal’s THE AGONIST will release their new album EYE OF PROVIDENCE on February 24 in North America and February 23 in Europe via Century Media Records.  EYE OF PROVIDENCE is the follow up to THE AGONIST’s 2012 album PRISONERS and will be the debut of new vocalist Vicky Psarakis. The lead vocalist change happened in the early part of this year when previous singer Alissa White-Gluz joined ARCH ENEMY.

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BARING TEETH: Avant/Tech Death Metal Trio Drops New Track At No Clean Singing

baring teeth promoGhost Chorus Among Old Ruins is the forthcoming new long player from Dallas-based avant/tech death metal trio, BARING TEETH. Immersive, hypnotic, and haunting, the album melds seemingly opposing characteristics – streamlined songwriting and dizzying technicality, ambience and brute force, density and angularity, order and chaos – into a fully realized, cohesive listening experience. In celebration of its release, No Clean Singing offers up sixth track, “Dripping Sun,” for public consumption.

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Rivers of Nihil debut new video and embark on tour with Death (DTA Tours)!

rivers of nihilRivers of Nihil have launched a brand new music video on their official youtube channel, The Dave Brodsky directed clip is for the song “Mechanical Trees” from the album “The Conscious Seed of Light.” The track is a stellar introduction for the uninitiated; it’s a fast, yet melodic and ambient track that evokes as much groove as it does inhuman death metal speed. The performance video is an ideal illustration of the brand of musically tight and heavy hitting live show fans can expect on Rivers of Nihil‘s upcoming tour dates.

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Job for a Cowboy streaming “Sun Eater” in its entirety online now!‏

JFAC sun eaterSun Eater” is the fourth full-length album from Job for a Cowboy, and is scheduled for release via Metal Blade Records worldwide next week! Thus far, the album has blown away fans and critics, with proclaiming “The album’s two opening tracks sound nothing like the band of the past” and Alternative Press adding that “the songs have progressive sweep and epic power, at times recalling Opeth’s heavier work…”Sun Eater” is one of 2014′s best metal albums, period.” But don’t take their word for it; listen to the full album now at

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TYRANNY ENTHRONED Release New Video For “Interpreter Of Dreams”

Tyranny Enthroned - Our Great UndoingThe mighty mid-Western blackened death band known as Tyranny Enthroned have returned with a new album as well as a new music video for the song “Interpreter of Dreams”. The song can be found on the newly released album called “Our Great Undoing” which can be found on Blast Head Records!

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Rest In Peace Wayne Static

wayne staticWayne will always be remembered by his riffs, his style, his scream that could not be easily imitated and of course his signature hair. Wayne Static (Wayne Richard Wells) was 48 years old and passed away in his sleep yesterday. While there is speculation on his death, all I know is I mourn the death and celebrate the life of Wayne Static. His music rejuvenated me when I was a teenager, pushed me towards more music with heavy rhythmic power and forceful energy. I am deeply saddened by this taking place. Rest in peace Wayne.

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My Thoughts On The New PSYCROPTIC Single “Echoes To Come”

psycroptic echoes to comePsycroptic comes from the tiny Australian island known as Tazmania and in the past 15 years they’ve gone from that small island to a worldwide domination and have become a face melting phenomenon in the mean time. They may not be your favorite death metal band but you definitely have heard of them before or recognize the name. The band is gearing up for a new release and in the process of readying the album for mass consumption, they will be releasing a single this week that I think death metal and tech death fans will enjoy. If you have never heard of them before, open your ears and prepare for an exciting endeavor of whimsical audio asskickery.

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ABORTED premiere new video for “Cenobites” via Bloody Disgusting

abortedJust in time for Halloween, ABORTED have delivered a gore video classic for their song, “Cenobites” from the album THE NECROTIC MANIFESTO.  

Be warned this video is not for the weak mind or weak stomached!  Premiere brought to you by our friends at

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NAPALM DEATH – Announce new album title and release date; 70,000 Tons Of Metal cruise!

napalm deathFollowing South American touring as well as appearances at Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Horrorfest in Austin as well as Slipknot’s Knotfest in San Bernadino this past weekend, British Grindcore legends NAPALM DEATH are ready to reveal the first details for their much anticipated new, 15th studio album release. The album will be entitled “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” and will be released via Century Media Records on January 26th, 2015 in Europe and January 27th, 2015 in North America.

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ANTROPOMORPHIA releases uncensored and censored video for “Nekrovaginal Secretions”!

antropomorphiaDutch necromantic death metallers AntropomorphiA have just released their new video for “Nekrovaginal Secretions” from the album “Rites ov Perversion.” Watch the video now at

At the same place you can check out more AntropomorphiA audio and order your copy of the brand new record. The uncensored version of the S. Roth directed “Nekrovaginal Secretions” is streaming exclusively on

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exaltCanada’s most brutal export EXALT has unleashed a stream of their tumultuous new album, Pale Light, today at The record is due out on Tuesday, November 4th via New Damage Records and is currently available for pre-order at iTunes ( and from New Damage (

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Hope Drone Sign to Relapse Records; Complete Sophomore Album

hope droneRelapse Records is extremely proud to announce the signing of Australian atmospheric black metal quartet HOPE DRONE Formed in Brisbane, Australia in 2011,HOPE DRONE (Karl Hartwig – guitar, Christopher Rowden – guitar/vocals, Francis Keil – drums, Aaron Pickersgill – bass/vocals) quickly made a name for themselves with their 2013 self-titled debut that was hailed by Cvlt Nation as “fresh, invigorating and captivating“, by Scene Point Blank as a record that “achieves on all fronts” and by Angry Metal Guy as “possibly the most devastatingly nihilistic recording I’ve ever heard, both instrumentally and lyrically.

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ALICE COOPER’s “Raise The Dead – Live From Wacken”, Lands at #24 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Chart

alice cooperUDR Music’s ALICE COOPER Raise The Dead – Live From Wacken CD/DVD set is out now, and has charted at #24 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock charts in its first week! The set also charted at #52 on the Top Indie Albums Chart and landed within the Top 200 as well. Order your copy via Amazon here.

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