Review and Stream: Lanthanein – Nocturnálgica

coverNow Lanthanein is a damn good gothic doom metal band. I was questioned on my ability to even be a fan of doom, gothic doom or even metal in general when I reviewed the recent My Life’s Despair album. It was a very brief review about how the music and vocal performance was ‘meh’ at best. This new gothic doom album was submitted to me and I gave it a try. Man is this an album to fall in love with instantly. Caressing and dreadful doom instrumentation, classical piano and string compositions, dark atmosphere laid underneath a woman who has an absolutely breathtaking voice. With some death growling tucked behind her operatic performance, to give off a truly sinister vibe…making this the ultimate blend of everything you could possibly want underneath the classification of ‘gothic doom’. Here is your album you need to focus on.

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Now Streaming: Barbelith – Mirror Unveiled

Barbelith is a post-rock band who likes to add a touch of darkness from the atmospheric black metal side of things. Giving us unique melodies, post-riffing with aggressive styled black metal screaming. Very good atmosphere from front to back. Stream the new album, Mirror Unveiled, right now!

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Now Streaming: Gestalt – Infinite Regress

Next up on ‘Now Streaming’, I have Gestalt, intense deliverance of black metal from St. Louis, MO. Infinite Regress is 25 minutes of wretched black metal filth. But enough with the chit chat, press play and get to headbanging immediately.

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Cold Cell – Lowlife

cold cell lowlife artCold Cell is a atmospheric and depressive style of black metal that which hails from the wonderful country of Switzerland. The album, Lowlife, is already out on Avantgarde Records so you may have actually heard this album already! Heck, if you followed the Headbang Promotions YouTube channel, you may have even already heard of this album streaming in full over there! Well it’s better late than never because this is definitely one of those black metal albums that you just cannot pass up. A definite highlight for the channel but also a greatness for my ears. Are they wheel re-inventors? No. But they take this style of music and add a bit of progressive aggression to it which makes it stand out more so than most depressive black metal acts. Some emotional compositions followed with well thought out headbanging moments. Delicious.

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Deadspace – The Promise of Oblivion

deadspace_webcoverOh man. You know, I’m in a fantastic mood. I’m feeling motivated, I am happy and life is good. Now I just need to listen to something that makes me want to crawl into a hole and die. Because why not? As weird as it may be to actively listen to depressing music, I find that it’s the purest form of emotional artwork. Depressive suicidal black metal was hard to listen to at first many years ago but I find myself uncontrollably wanting more and more and finding the best within the genre is always fun to discover and share. In this case, it’s a band from Australia with the name of Deadspace. No not the video game, it’s your next favorite DSBM band.

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Exclusive Premiere: MORTAL TORMENT – A Million Skulls To Bludgeon

mortal tormentMortal Torment’s new album Cleaver Redemption drops this fall and we’re lucky enough to show off the first sample of what these brutal death metal bastards can do. This song is fucking intense. Enjoy. Be on the look out for this album on Gore House Productions later this year!

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TL;DR Reviews: Mortis Mutilati, Ovid’s Withering, Hammer King, While She Sleeps, Mendel, Carnival of Flesh, Aion & Spectral Darkwave

Mortis MutilatiMortis Mutilati is a depressingly beautiful funeral black metal band from France. Consisting of only one sole member, Macabre spreads his darkness across these 8 tracks in magnificent splendor on Mélopée Funèbre. The sound is ultimately dark but the grand instrumentation creates a high quality atmosphere that appeals to me quite easily. Divine black metal. 8.8 out of 10


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Exclusive Stream: Carnival of Flesh – Stories From A Fallen World

Carnival of Flesh - Stories From a Fallen World - Front CoverCarnival of Flesh! Hailing all the way from Serbia is this cold and grim black metal band with commanding symphonic moments. Their new album, Stories From A Fallen World, is a scathing and raw black metal act that utilizes symphonic keyboard compositions to get their musical brand across. Compiling intense black metal riffing with violent instrumental progression and unique vocal performance, Carnival of Flesh pushes the limits on this genre. The result is a fully fleshed out extreme metal experience that’ll definitely have you headbanging. Listen below and indulge in the music for yourself! Headbang or GTFO has the exclusive stream for your enjoyment.

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TL;DR Reviews: Ashcloud, Algos, Dryom & Vintage Warlords

ashcloudAshcloud’s supreme death metal sound is cut short by it’s terrible production values. They sound like they are a mix of traditional 80′s death metal, thrash metal and Swedish death metal….which is a unique sound but the production just makes this album sound weak. 6 out of 10




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Quick Review: My Life’s Despair – Invoked with Passion and Pain

my life's despair‘Gothic Doom’ is something I rarely come across these days so when My Life’s Despair submitted their new album Invoked with Passion and Pain, I was intrigued as well as a little pessimistic as to what exactly I was hearing. Doom is pretty depressing already so I don’t know what the whole Gothic aspect of this sound was going to bring to the table. Well, the end result is just lackluster. This release was just not enjoyable to listen to.

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