Artists Come Together To Form INNER FEAR

Inner Fear, a band hailing from Europe and built from artists from many different bands including Cradle of Filth, Preternatural and Neglected Fields, bring you a sound that is semi-familiar yet refreshingly new. Inner Fear is like a take symphonic black metal but with 2 singers, one female and one male and it’s way better than your usual male/female duet. The music is relatively heavy and not over the top cheesy.

Check out their Facebook page and official site (The site seems to hate my Firefox) to listen to their music and download their album for free! All you have to do is recommend a friend and the new album, First Born Fear, is yours!


Psycroptic’sThe Inherited Repression” is streaming over here at Guitar World and it’s a must listen to. I’m barely into and I’m liking what I am hearing. Great song writing and technical death metal.

I have not listened to Bleeding Through since 2005, I just grew out of them and into more death metal. What I’m hearing now off of the “The Great Fire” sounds like they have dipped their toes into the murky unholy waters of black metal with a touch of Hatebreed fueled hardcore. Check out their new album at AOL!

Album Review! Abigail Williams – Becoming

I never paid attention to Abigail Williams, because like an asshole, I thought with a band name like that, they were just another one of these awful metalcore/deathcore bands that blended in with the rest of the crowd. However, when I discovered they were a band who performs black metal, it definitely got my attention. Well, Abigail Williams proves once again, never judge a book by it’s cover because Becoming is an amazing work of art. Blending what you would like from acts such as Agalloch and Wolves In The Throne Room and making it their own unique sound. It’s very dark, atmospheric and moody. Slow paced music and venomous screams reign down on you as well as very melodic riffs and creative song writing. Becoming is true to what you would want from a black metal band, sinister vocals and ominous guitar riffs. It’s also very promising in terms of what you can expect from a post-black/ambient black metal band, very atmospheric and pulls you into a state of mind that is very hard to describe. Ah, genre labeling…what a waste of time right? You get my point.

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TRENT REZNOR Talks About Leaving The Record Industry & What Needs To Change

I jacked this from The PRP because it is a good read! Check it out!

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, How To Destroy Angels, etc. fame recently took part in a very insightful (and admittedly lengthy) interview with Along with his recent film score work, Reznor shared his thoughts on upcoming projects, the state of the record industry and more.

When asked why he originally parted ways with Interscope Records and abandoned the traditional record company models, he offered:

“Well [pauses], that time would’ve been about two thousand…eight-ish, somewhere in that neighborhood, and, the true reality of that situation was: the record deal that we had signed years and years before had escalating advances based on the current state of the industry when that was negotiated. Meanwhile, the industry has collapsed, and those advances didn’t make any sense for the record label at that point.

They were astronomical compared to what an expected return would be. We were kind of presented with the situation of, “Hey, if you wanna stay here, let’s renegotiate something that’s more realistic for us in terms of an advance, or, do it on your own.”

Now, at that time in my life, it felt very much like, “OK. The record business is broken. The model is broken.” I’d go through periods of having to look in the mirror and say, “Let’s see. I just made an album I spent a year working on. I turned it over to the record label to get manufactured. It leaked, and I’m online, just boiling furious, at fans who’re talking about how much they love this new album, that they just stole.”

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