Alice In Chains + Stone Sour = Starseed

If this is your kind of thing then you’ll be excited to know that Starseed will be releasing a brand new album on Feb 21st called “Peace Machine“.

Starseed definitely has that Alice In Chains thing going for them vocally in a way but the music is very similar to what Stone Sour and other radio rock bands do. The singer does have a good voice though, really good.


Cleanse Your Soul By Watching A Live Performance By CROSSES

Watch a video or two of Crosses performing in California. If you like, head on over to my playlist on YouTube…I have their entire set on there. I did not record it however. Someone with the user name went to TWO shows this past week and recorded both sets. Be sure to subscribe!


DESIGN THE SKYLINE Have A Headlining Tour

This is happening. There is no god.

I don’t know what their sales numbers are or how many fans they have but I’m surprised Design the Skyline are headlining their own tour. Dumb founded actually but the rest of the line up isn’t all that great either. I’d figure DTS would be the opener for The Browning though. I’m truly curious as to how this is possible. Have they even toured before this? I thought DTS was a BRAND NEW band. Cattle Decapitation don’t even headline their own tours and they have been out longer and are way better. I don’t know who From Atlantis are but I guess they are similar to DTS and The Browning. Tour dates after the jump.

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