Watch an entire A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH show! Live from Warsaw, Poland!

Head on over to JUSTIN.TV to watch A Pale Horse Named Death wreck Poland. It’s a good way to start off your morning. If you haven’t heard who these guys are, it’s a few members from a couple of bands (Type O Negative, Seventh Void) and some new talent coming together to bring you good slow dark music.

Hurricane ILL NINO: Category Bore? We’ll Find Out…

Ill Niño Enter Studio; Prepare for Summer Album


Ill Niño has entered the studio to begin work on their sixth full-length release and follow-up to their Victory debut, Dead New World.  The effort is slated for a summer 2012 release.

Frontman Cristian Machado commented, “It’s 2012 & we’re all still alive.   It’s time to redefine Latin metal.”

“This time around, we want to explore Latin and Tribal rhythms we have never explored in the past 5 releases, giving us no musical boundaries at all.” said drummer/founder Dave Chavarri on the band’s creative process for this album.

Ill Niño is currently scheduled to begin recording sessions next month in Hoboken NJ, Austin TX, and Denver CO.

I Never Thought I Would HATE A Man & Band So Quickly. “All races are welcome except for blacks”

Fuck this piece of shit and fuck his band.

Metalsucks has provided us with one good read due to this ass hats recent advertisement.

Click here to read his ad. The ad contains samples of his work…..which is awful.

Ex-Mudslide Frontman the great Steve Thunderbolt seeks a talented bassist and drummer to form a new heavy metal band. I play rhythm and lead guitar and sing. I play thrash, black, and glam metal. The only band in the history of heavy metal who has ever attempted this was Celtic Frost. It failed because they were too much glam and not enough black and thrash metal. I am the other way around, in that I have more black and thrash metal songs than I do glam songs, but I do have blonde hair so I have a glam image. I have a 12 track recorder and have made numerous cds for Mudslide including “Secret Right to Rock and Roll Reloaded,” “Dragonfly of Passion,” “Hollywood and Vine,” “Columbia City Theater Live,” “Studio 7 Live,” “The Central Saloon Live 1 and 2,” “Station 56 Live,” “Chai House Live,” “Colortura,” “Merkava,” “Dark Prophet,” and our last album, “In My Final Hours.” I have a lot of gigging experience and have my own amps and equipment. Please be over 21 and under 45. Alcohol and drugs are fine except for heroin and crack, so if you are into heroin or crack please do not respond to this ad. All races are welcome except for blacks, so if you are black, pleae do not respond to this ad. I am not racist, it is a drug issue and a safety issue and I cannot have black people at my house. I live in Issaquah and use my house as a practice space. So if you wanna do something that’s only been attempted once before in the entire history of music, email or call 425-306-9353. Belive me, where Celtic Frost failed, I will succeed.

Learn to play your instruments. There are high school kids that out perform you. Fuck “Steve Thunderbolt”, go die.