Album Review! Obolus – Lament EP

From the black depths of America hails a mysterious band with little known information about them. Obolus has recently released another EP entitled “Lament“, a follow up to last years 2 song demo release. The depressive black metal pouring from my speakers fills my soul with dread, despair and total fuckin misanthropy. That’s how you should feel while listening to this music. Vocals are barely understood and are desolate, guitars are heavily distorted and fuzzy, drums are intense with blast beats from hell and overall song writing, while not entirely original, is executed very very well. “Five tracks of misanthropic ritualistic blackness mixed with melancholic guitars” is one good way to put it.

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A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH: Chat With Bassist Eric Morgan Tonight!

Eric Morgan, who lays down the thunder for gloom n doom band A Pale Horse Named Death, will be doing an online chat at 7PM EST time tonight. Login to at 6:45PM EST and start posting questions for Eric to answer. He will be on at 7PM to start answering. Hopefully he won’t be 30 minutes late like some big named band was recently. *cough*metallica*cough.



Album Review: Crosses – EP ††

Crosses comes back with another EP for us all simply titled “EP ††” and it basically picks right back up from where EP † left off. While still wildly amazing like the first EP, it has a more soothing sexy ambiance about it that you would normally get from a Nine Inch Nails album. Chino’s vocal work is as always amazing as hell, music is moving and catchy and Chuck Doom’s low end bass work is fucking phenomenal. You cannot help but sing along, you cannot help but groove along to the beat and Crosses definitely makes you “feel” the music.

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