Quick Reviews: Swine Overlord, Arkodaemik, Curseworship & Asmodey

swine overlordSwine Overlord’s debut album “Parables of Umbral Transcendence” is within the vein of Malodorous, Infant Annihilator and Splattered Entrails. Just that nasty brutal death metal that sounded like it was recorded in a buddies bedroom. Nasty production but it adds to the overall effect of the disgusting and sinister vibe these guys put out. Filled with drum groove, slam riffs and gutturals that would melt the face off of your dear ol grandma. 4 out of 5


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Quick Reviews: Malhkebre, Psychotic Gardening, Cold Colours & Monsterworks

makabhreFrench black metal horde Malhkebre bring us more blasphemous filth that we all love but this act is more on the weird/unorthodox side of the genre. Not following the usual sounds, screeching and tone; Malkhebre has this cult feeling about it and it’s off putting and ominous. The music itself is dark and brooding while maintaining a faster thrash mentality at times. Vocals are not really sung but they are not really screamed. Rather, they are howled at a raspy loud belch that gives this band character. At first I was underwhelmed by their approach but I must say that this album has character and a uniqueness about it that gives it charm and a lasting impression. 3.5 out of 5


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Quick Kaotoxin Reviews: We All Die (Laughing) & Atara vs. Miserable Failure

we all die laughingWe All Die (Laughing)’s new album “Tentoonstelling”, which makes sense with the album art due to it meaning ‘exhibition’, ‘museum’ and ‘gallery’. So the naked model seen on the cover is supposed to be an exhibit and you are supposed to enjoy the art. Not only that, the fine tuned music within this 2 track mini album is also a wonderful work of art and I must say, the emotional working of these two tracks are stellar works of art.

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Balrog – The Ringwraiths EP (Free Download)

balrog the ringwraithsIf you’ve been following the Facebook page or even on Twitter you will know that here and there I dive into the crisp synth sounds of Balrog’s folky releases and enjoy every bit of it. Their last two releases were damn good but this latest release takes the spotlight. Improved overall production and sound, better atmosphere and tastier musical composition puts this on the ‘best of 2014′ list for sure. Want to hear it? Of course you do…

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Quick Reviews: Svengali, Cardinals Folly, Circle II Circle & Stoneburner

svengaliSvengali is a pretty rad metal act from Dubai, UAE, and their sound radiates with heavy influence from the faster side of Crowbar. Though their riffs may be sludgey and the vocals be as heavy as a 400 lb linebacker, they still bring on some unique random clean vocals from both sexes on the album as well as the use as synth to keep things weirdly atmospheric. The layers of sound and fun creativity make this stand out from everything else I’ve heard this year and I mean that in a good way! Definitely check this album out!  3.5 out of 5


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Quick Review: Double Experience, Protokult, Laika & Mindcage

double experienceDouble Experience’s sound isn’t metal at all but due to me loving almost anything and everything that has to do with video games, I figured why the hell not. Well, the sound just does not sit well with me as the music belongs on an alternative radio station. Too much poppy rock happening, I like the vocals though. Still, meh. 2.5 out of 5


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Quick Reviews: Giant of the Mountain, Last Minute To Jaffna, Exhumation & Studfaust

giant of the mountainGiant of the Mountain’s “Moon Worship” is something massively creative and talented, carefully blending elements of black metal into progressive metal, then showing off their skills acoustically while moving towards a sludge and death metal sound. A lot of different sounds combined that ultimately form an enjoyable album to listen to! Definitely check them out and download the album here, I mean they are just giving away the digital version of the album. I highly recommend listening to this right now. Stop reading, click here and press play. Enjoy. 4 out of 5

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Review: Acrania – Totalitarian Dystopia



Acrania hails all of the way from London, England and these guys conjure up as much brutality as they can for their new album ‘Totalitarian Dystopia’. A disgust blend of death metal, slam, guttural death and brutal death with some deathcore sprinkled on top. The result? A hectic style of music that is rather difficult to follow.

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Quick Reviews: Hollow, Ending Quest, Connoisseur & Eyehategod

Hollow mordrakeHollow – ‘Mordrake’. Symphonic black metal that is grown up and progressive in a way that isn’t typical but thought provoking and expansive. While the heart of it all may be grim, the writing is better than most acts released these days. Symphonic compositions are tied in well with the crushing black metal art and the result is a fulfilling album that will leave your neck sore. 4 out of 5

Listen to Hollow’s “Mordrake” here.

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