Lucas Mann (Rings of Saturn) Tells The Truth On The Metal Community.

As many of you have witnessed, the metal community is full of bitchy, whiny mouth breathers. I stated my feelings last year, but now the guitarist/writer for Rings of Saturn now comes out with his own thoughts and feelings on the community.


Over the past month while I was on tour with Suffocation, I received an influx of messages over Facebook, Youtube, etc. full of questions about why I cut my hair and why I changed my attire. A decent amount of these messages (not surprisingly) were filled with hate and/or silly things along the lines of “I have seriously lost respect for you, why would you cut your hair, did you cut your hair because you are getting married, you are not metal anymore, Rings of Saturn sucks now, kill yourself blah blah blah.” As you can imagine… I don’t give a fuck about these messages, and actually think the whole thing is quite hilarious, and I am going to tell you why…Simply put, and in my own personal opinion from experience, the metal community has diminished GREATLY from what it once was when I was growing up. When I was first getting into metal… Deathcore, djent, and many other subgenera did not even exist. Granted, there were some categorizations of metal, but everyone was pretty united on the fact that hey, “You listen to metal, I listen to metal, hell yeah, lets listen together and jam out \m/” kind of mentality. Now a days in the metal community… Everyone labels everything and everyone judges everyone. On top of that, metal blog spots, websites, and nearly any place that has a comment section, is littered with trolls and metal purists who ridicule everyone who doesn’t have the same musical taste or perspective as they do. Even bigger pages like The Summer Slaughter Tour page are having issues with the considerable amount of this hateful behavior going on in their threads, and have released some similar rants as well about it recently and in the past…

The metal community was and is supposed to be about passion and acceptance. It has strayed so far from that in such a short amount of time that it is actually quite disturbing to me since Metal is such a huge part of my life.

With the metal community loosing it’s sight, and becoming a more negative place to be every day, I made the decision a while ago that I don’t want to associate my looks with it at all anymore. I am a musician, and a guitarist, and that is it. I am happy I cut my hair, I don’t want to wear metal shirts anymore, I am moving past it. And honestly, how I look isn’t even relevant, which is why I mentioned that I found the whole thing hilarious. What IS relevant though is what is happening to the metal community, which is why I made this post in the first place. Feel free to check out some great related videos that go more in depth on this topic below…

by CountBlagorath (Official)
entitled: I’m Ashamed to Call Myself A Metalhead

by Infidel Amsterdam
entitled: Scene, posers and emos..

Also, be sure to check out this article,
entitled: “Why your local arts scene is dying.”

As far as Rings of Saturn goes, If I quit, the band ends since I write/compose 85% of it give or take… So I am not quitting, and we will release more new music in the future and continue touring, so you don’t have to worry about that. I am however going to be working on some solo projects and side projects in other genres away from metal in the meantime, so stay tuned for that as well.

For those of you who care about metal like I do, just focus on making the metal community a better place for everyone guys, old and new metalheads alike. Be passionate, be accepting, and stay metal \m/

Incredibly truthful spoken (written) words from a man fed up with the negative vibes coming from every direction. For a bunch of people who bitch about being judged for their looks in society and trying to make a stand for what they believe in, they sure act like hypocrites and judge others as soon as a change has been made. Making personal attacks and ignorant statements, only bring the community down as a whole.

Get your shit together.

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  • John

    Rings of Saturn aren’t a metal band anyway, so I’m not quite sure what this guy is talking about. He did the right thing by cutting his hair.

    • Ben

      You’re the person Lucas is writing about. Go away.

    • Eric

      And you sir are a prime example of what he’s referring too.. Congrats

    • ivan

      How are they not metal?

    • Rocky

      What are they then, blues-rock? Um, last time I checked, they sounded pretty much like a technical deathcore band. Even if it was not heavy metal (let’s assume that metal only means traditional heavy metal, thrash, speed, death and black metal as in Judas Priest, Cynic, Atheist, Diamond Head, Anthrax, Metallica, Carach Angren and Revocation) how does the genre of his band determine whether his point is valid or not? Besides, he said it himself, he’s working on NON-METAL music too. Even if he made Gary Moore-like blues or Django Reinhardt-like jazz, his point is what must be criticized. Unless you’re being sarcastic, I’d like to tell you that you’re actually wrong, sorry.

    • Lord of the Fries

      He’s right, they’re a phenomenal polka band.

  • -Justin Whang-

    >everyone was pretty united on the fact that hey, “You listen to metal, I listen to metal, hell yeah, lets listen together and jam out m/” kind of mentality

    I must’ve been asleep during this magical time.

    • Jacob Robert Durrett

      or you didnt see it through your slanty eyes, just kidding i love you

    • jay chi

      or maybe you were still watching teletubbies.

      • Jüan P. Medina II

        Is that not the bullshit we just read about? (comments like yours)

  • jon

    Pretty sure this is called growing up and everyone does it…these kids with the genre bs are either physically or mentally 13 years old, so you cut your hair and dress cleaner cuz fuck it, time to get laid

    • darren

      “genre bs”. What? Are you completely stupid? Not only are advanced sub-sub genre tags informative, they’re useful. I didn’t know I liked any doom until I found out about Funeral Doom, which is significantly different. Technical Death Metal is significantly different than Melodic Death Metal. The fact that you have to bash young people to fill up a comment, in lieu of making an actual compelling point, is part of the problem……..Think for yourself, not a talentless hack who manipulates guitar pro.

  • Gary

    Johns just trolling but for some reason no one has realised this so far

  • Swag

    Didn’t he cut his hair so it can’t get in the way while playing guitar live?

  • Sextape(s)

    Yeah, this is exactly why i don’t associate with the Metalhead style. I listen to ranges of music, my main music is Metal though. Grew up on Death Metal and Slam then went through a stage of being ‘Scene’ listening to stuff like Bring me the Horizon. But, i still listen to all that music now (maybe not Bring me) but after the amount of shit i got from people just like me that i couldn’t bare to associate with such stupid people. But, now i dress in suits and things like that but damn…you can’t beat a bit of Meshuggah.

    Miss the community.

  • Jason Dustal

    Faggy little kids trolling, protected by a keyboard. Ignore all of it and keep on shredding. 100% of these fuckers would never say or do what they type in real life. Do what you do. The REAL fans will always support you

    • DarkSaber2k


  • Addamvitus

    This would be a valid point except that RoS suffer from the fact that their integrity has been ruined by the countless time they’ve been noticed for the Guitar Pro expertise, recording at half speed or just generally being full of shit.

    • Diogo Barbosa

      i know u saw them playing tha thing live , but your head cant handle it and your fingers too so go away with your aids man

  • Josh Quintal

    What the fuck? This is bullshit, first of all, there’s a ton of bands in deathcore/metalcore that don’t have long hair, there’s tons of bald musicians in actual metal bands like Ashmedi, Kerry King, Galder. Even emperor’s lead singer had short hair. Look at Lich King too.

    Metal was never about acceptance. He talks about not wanting to be part of the metal scene, yet effectively now looks like a hipster, and spacers look fucking dumb… so I don’t get what he thinks he’s accomplishing here other than subscribing to the style of another stupid stereotype at an attempt to make a point? Typical idiocy at its finest.

    The reason why Metalcore and Deathcore is hated is because it’s the new nu-metal. Popular, cookie-cutter attempts to sound BROOTAL, dumb mosh-pit karate, fucking stupid style, the vocals are screamo, the riffs are very mundane and they throw in random shit to sound technical that doesn’t compliment the sound, on top of this- the majority of the listeners were all the emo kids back in school, and their lyrical themes compared to real metal artists really show how obvious this is as they’re still naive kids trying to be hardcore, the sound-style also reflects this. the majority of people who listen to metal these days, do listen to those bands, within the past 4-6 years, and effectively have misrepresented the genre with their shit, so it’s no surprise people went in an uproar about it, as they do with anything that becomes very trendy. And why? Because they were part of the trendy movement of scene and emo kids who have only recently strayed off to become hipsters, thug skaters, those kids with the tattoo’s across their chest, knuckles, sleeves, tank tops and short hair with big ass spacers, and dub-step ravers.

    In short, this guy is a dumb ass and isn’t near old enough to be able to speak for what ‘metal was’. He’s one year older than me, 22. Yeah, the whole metal scene was around back in the 80′s and early 90′s and most of those people are in their 30′s and 40′s now. Metal isn’t about acceptance and was already elitist with rooting out the poseurs by the time thrash came around.

    And I can guarantee you he’s exaggerating his point to stand out as an ‘individual with a real opinion’, because everyone I’ve met who listens to these bands? usually have short hair, so he’s weighing his opinion on an influx of backlash from a very small minority.

    it was never a secret people care about image. What I hate about the Metal Community though? Everyone thinks they know what they’re fucking talking about and how they’re being themselves, yet they just buy into the philosophy’s of what a bunch of ignorant people who learnt how to play instruments tell them.

    Anyone with a brain knows that acceptance is stupid, Metal has always been a degree of war with trends and popular opinion despite becoming one itself, and soon those not so popular opinions did become trendy for being viewed as it did and garnering that attention.

    Only a fool wants to be accepted for who they are, anyone with a brain stands for themselves, and their own opinions, but are also true to when they’re wrong, or in denial. And one of the most common themes in Thrash has been about raising awareness against stupidity from the public, and governments, in bands such as Havok, Kreator, Destruction, etc. So I don’t know where he gets this idea of acceptance from.

    • Abel Porras

      You’re just another ignorant ass metal elitist. All genres evolve just like metal did and it will keep on, get the fuck over it. Not all metal has to be technical with low vocals and blast beat, otherwise, all metal would sound the same. People like YOU is whats wrong with the metal scene. I bet you’re gonna come back with the typical “you’re a scene little fuck, your music isn’t heavy enough” bullshit, so don’t bother arguing.

      • Josh Quintal

        You are a scene fuck, but I wasn’t going to bring that up. First of all, I didn’t say all music had to be technical with low vocals or blast beats, in fact. I listen to a variety of metal with high pitch vocals, regular vocals and growls and many different elements, so nice assumption there.. Deathcore and Metalcore is shit to my tastes, indeed do suck for the reasons stated in my previous statement the point I was making is their method of screaming, is borderline screamo and sounds like shit and they throw in pseudo-technicality to make it seem like they know their shit but in the MANY songs I’ve heard, it’s always uncomplimentary to the song, or in most cases. I was stating the facts about the situation. That’s not being an elitist, I was stating also WHY people were turned off by deathcore and the metalcore.

        As I said, in the 80′s, the pick up of extreme metal, with Thrash was elitist and hating poseurs as a response to glam/hair metal. Thrash is ‘metal in its purest form’ and no other extreme genre would have existed without it. I’m the same age almost as this guy, and I’ve probably been listening to metal roughly just as long, if not longer (doesn’t really matter), but the point is that he’s just trying to sound like he’s a real guy, and down to earth, but he has no experience on the matter, and is full of shit, I’m calling him out for it. And everyone who agrees with him on the basis that he plays guitar in a band.

        • Josh Quintal

          If you expect metal to be some sort of hivemind community and that some people are “what’s wrong with metal” sadly it’s you who’s wrong with metal, because you want people to all fit into one stereotype so that you can reinforce a non-existent ideal, and for what? Nothing.

        • Monster0us

          Im 43. When I was growing up, the kids at school who listened to the classics like Sabbath, Zep etc thought me and my friends were strange and treated us as outcasts because we were listening to Slayer, Metallica, Piledriver, Destruction, Bathory, Venom etc. We’d bring our ghetto blaster tape players to school and blast Kill Em All in the smoking pit. The heaviest most of these other kids had ever heard was Priest or maybe Maiden. My first concert was Master Of Puppets about a year after Cliff. My 2nd concert was Destruction playing with the CroMags. The punks and metallers despised each other back then and the pit was a death trap of fists and skin heads hair pulling and boots. As I grew older and started playing and touring in metal bands the scene was changing dramatically. Back in the 90′s we’d even mock my buddy’s girlfriend who loved Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell. We thought we were pretty cool, and that was poser crap. Again though as I grew older I started to appreciate much of the music we’d rejected as young guys. I realized Pantera are pretty fucking good. I discovered why I liked Motley Crue when I was in grade 7, before ‘real metal’ turned me into an opinionated close minded luddite. I realized that rebellious music and good heavy music comes in many forms. Now I’m older, looking back, I had the pleasure of touring or sharing the stage with bands like Cannibal Corpse, SYL, BDM, Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Aborted, Exhumed, and so on. I’ve gotten to rub elbows with some of the more influential members of the metal scene. Much to my surprise at first, many of these guys I thought (when younger) would be so super elite, were actually the opposite. They were open to music in many forms, metal of many genres’. Now I’m more or less out of the touring scene and following a career that actually pays my bills. I like bands from All Shall Perish to Zyklon. All That Remains to Zimmer Hole. I will crank Pleasure To Kill then follow it up with Porcupine Tree. I’ll jump from Bathory s/t to Volbeat. Immolation or Gorguts to Vista Chino or early QOTSA. After I cut my hair off to get a better job I actually had some idiots pull that attitude on me that I had sold out etc. No surprise these so called ‘elitists’ were some young guys in their 20′s who had missed out on the old school metal scene as it was beginning and felt they need to be uber elite in order to be cool in the eyes of their peers even as they live in their moms house and ride a bus everywhere because they haven’t got a dime to their name. The metal elitist attitude has really soured my opinion of a great number of younger metal fans (not all but many) and I find that most of the guys my age have the same feelings as I do on the scene. It has turned into a bullshit ideological scene that oppresses free thinking and open mindedness. Fuck that shit, think for yourself and like what you like, dress how you want to, metal isn’t a fashion show or a popularity contest. Pretty much anyone who came up in the 80s will tell you this. Power to this Rings Of Saturn guy. Maybe Ill actually take the time to check out their music since it has now become ‘uncool’ to like them!

          • Josh Quintal

            I just went to a Slayer show last night.

            But there you go, if you cut your hair in those days and got looked back on, then that pretty much confirms that metal wasn’t about acceptance then, and it isn’t about it now, this kid doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he just wants to look “real”.

            Which is an example of people who try to talk for metal like they know it, and it’s why I hate most metal heads, I’m not so much an elitist, I am a cynic, and I have my own opinions and observations, and don’t believe people should be into this hive-mind idea of what Metalheads should be like, because that’s the very attitude of 4chan.

            Again, the only reason I ridicule the people within the metalcore and deathcore community, is because they epitomize the attitudes I’ve hated, and the people I’ve been around and disliked very much, the style just as much looks stupid, and they just follow each other with tattoo sleeves, etc.

            I think people have the wrong idea I’m being elitist, no, not at all. I may have went on a rant that came off as such, but I was just mocking the general stupidity of people in general, I don’t care if people listen to deathcore or metalcore, I just think it’s complete shit, and I understand why other metalheads went up in arms against it. Hell, there’s even some old school metal heads who hate the newer metalbands. Case in point this guy is trying to be real, and if anyone can’t take in what I’ve written here properly, then I’m sorry for their rose tinted glasses.

          • Michel

            josh you need to chill, stop writing huge paragraphs and trying to prove something to everyone.. We get were your coming from bro. True metal fans like myself couldn’t care less about being accepted or looking a certain way. Its all about the music and what it means to YOU. Not everyone else. Honestly man I say fuck it all, if people want to judge or hate let them… Its not like it effects you. Plus we are born to hate. No matter who you are… Its basically part our DNA. I know a lot of people will disagree with that statement but its so incredibly true its not even funny. I don’t really care if you think you are a saint. For Ex. If I had a child and I kept that kid from leaning about the concept of hate, or even the word hate. do you think he would still hate things?….. The answer is yes. Because of the simple fact that when anyone looks at something or hears ect. something they judge it instantly, if they find something they don’t like or they don’t approve of they will naturally hate it. Even if they don’t know the meaning… Its a sad fact of life. Its just being human..

          • Michel

            I say let people be people. Your not gunna change there view about something just by trying to nail it into there how you feel about it. Just saying. Its pointless.

          • Josh Quintal

            Yeah, I know. I just hate seeing bullshit circulating (well everyone does), I might not change any ones mind, but the least I can do is maybe give a different angle to things, so that they might consider in ways they’re wrong, but also myself. It’s the only way people can really over come themselves, Sure I throw in my own biases, but that’s a part of where observations and opinions form.

            I’m leaving it at this.

          • Jüan P. Medina II

            Says to chill, the wright’s his own memoir. His point is, “don’t be elitist, don’t be the fag pretending to NOT Be elitist, and don’t jump on a bandwagon to show how unique and real you are”

        • Crimson Fox

          Extreme genre? I can think of a few that are most DEFINITELY pre 1980.

          • Josh Quintal

            There was no extreme metal genre before thrash metal, and even then, it wasn’t really -extreme- until Venom came around and influenced the wave of black metal, death metal to exist, and thrash metal to get heavier and faster. I referred to the 80′s because that was considered the ‘prime of thrash metal’ which was when the extreme metal genre’s were developing, as Venom came in 1979+.

          • Daniel Burks

            Hell…thanks to Venom…Black Metal came before Thrash or Death =)

      • Josh Quintal

        It’s also -very- obvious that all genre’s evolve… not sure what that has to do with anything.

      • Jüan P. Medina II

        You suck for not reading properly

    • Crimson Fox

      He doesn’t look Hipster, he just looks like he’s showered recently, or that he cares about his appearance to some degree. You’re being rather silly categorizing people based on looks. Purism, or traditionalism means that whatever scene, genre, group, or gathering of people is in question can’t move forward, because it shouldn’t be allowed to change in any way from what it was at its peak. Well in this sense all fundamentalists are the same, from the metalheads to the Christians the idea that nothing can progress is ignorant of reality. If you don’t like the new “scene” separate yourself from it, as this person has done. Don’t sit around bashing it and crying about its change, because of all other facts in this world only one remains perfectly constant and that is; everything changes. So suck it up and be about your scene, instead of worrying about “sub-classifications” therein, or the people dealing with them.

      • Josh Quintal

        I really meant to make a point that he might think he’s escaping from dumb asses by no longer identifying with the style of a metal head, but he can just as easily look the part of another group of douche bags, I know it’s clear he’s going through some “growing up”, which might be why he’s using this poor excuse to dissociate with his old style, middle-school/high school sort of stuff right here.

    • Crimson Fox

      I’m pretty positive he wasn’t talking about metal at its start, moreso about what the scene was when he became a part of it. You’re pretty up-in-arms about a guy, and his intentions, when you have no way of confirming your belief that he’s “just trying to be real.” Seems “real” enough to harbour about an opinion, even if you see it as being incorrect. That’s the beautiful part of having an opinion.

      • Josh Quintal

        That is correct.

        my beliefs are confirmed on simple analysis, he generalized and condescended an entire community, as though it’s “Metal heads faults” that a minority cared about the band image and whether he had long hair or not. Which to me could easily be interpreted to them being hostile out of a presumption that he was going to change his style of music or quit due to ‘growing out of metal’ since that behavior is common when people decide to change their ways, and I think that’s -partially- true with him, even given his statements he wants to branch out from Metal. Not that I care, but it’s just a notable point.

        Fallacious account of how metal used to be, and all these assertions are to point at a personalized idea that he evidently thinks he knows what metal was, and what it should be, by doing this he puts himself in the position of trying to appear open-minded.

        Maybe not for the same subject matter, but others- I’ve seen many people take this exact approach to give themselves that sort of recognition.

        • Crimson Fox

          We’re pretty much all looking for recognition for being “real,” whatever that’s meant to mean. Be it through not caring, or through caring about a particular something we all seek to be acknowledged as something. This kid just did what he thought was best.

          • Josh Quintal

            He did, in the years I’ve been listening to metal (8), I’ve seen variations of this phrase thrown over youtube comments and other websites regarding “What metalheads used to be like” and all that unity and acceptance stuff, at first I believed it, and maybe they had credibility behind them, but I concluded eventually it was bullshit after looking into it myself.

            People do the same shit with Varg, they just take his words and stick to them because they idolize him as a credible source for opinions, and I prefer to be honest with myself and cut the crap that has been recycled by people trying to attain an intellectual ground and appearance by rehashing what people have been saying ages.

            He’s just being an inventory thinker,
            “A inventory thinker thrives off of self-gratification and popularity as a
            means of collecting from their environment. A inventory thinker loves
            to throws around recycled phrases, information, or insults for whatever
            gain they experience from doing so. A inventory thinker thinks of
            themselves as witty and clever, while demonstrating the complete
            opposite. Behaviorally, They are most likely to bandwagon things that
            they don’t put much research or thought into.”

    • Damian Reigns

      dude as much as i do agree your doing whats being posted. who gives a fuck about whats new and in etc. You have a wide range of old school metal to listen to without coming here putting down others who wanna look the part etc. fuck em. why mention something like ur goin 2 change it. let em ,do ur thing. i do. dont put down others who wanna have fun. thats fucked. metal is music. i dont walk into a dance class and go wtf u cunts. wtf is this waltz bullshit. people enjoyin music is what its all about. those who appose something they dont like is the problem. yet a good 80% do this worldwide. its sad

      • Josh Quintal

        I wasn’t commenting about music, I did throw in my biases and observations to clear some semi-related topics to other arguments floating about (didn’t work out too well) but the point was to address my issue with what he said.

    • MetalElitest69-420


      • Michel

        and you sir are an ignorant piece of donkey shit. You shut the fuck up.

  • Michel

    I love how this whoolleee thing is about the hate going on in the metal community and some how you guys are still arguing and just bitching at ech other over metal.. Like am I the only person that finds that ironic? Why can’t you guys just stop and think before you say or assume something? It doesn’t make sense. I’m not hating on you guys or anything, I’m just trying to say its amazing how us metalheads STILL are saying hateful thing to each other over metal.. Something that should be uniting us… Because the fan bass is so small. Its sad in my opinion. And also on all this sub genre stuff I don’t find it important at all… When I tell someone I listen to metal, I’m talking about all grenes of metal no matter what it is. I’m not a thrash or speed or deathcore fan but I still respect the music because it IS metal. Weather anyone disagrees or not. Think about it guys….

    • Metallic Winter

      Deathcore is not metal… It’s hardcore with death metal influence because metalcore is hardcore with metal influence (hence why it’s short for metallic hardcore). This is the real reason why I try to stray away from the public “metal community”, because a lot of you are turning it into a sissy circle jerk community. All you plebs say shit like “o i respct all metuhl! fuk genrrez! metuhl is metuhl nd i respct it all” which is pretty pathetic because you’re being bias and narrow-minded about metal. Some metal bands suck, some early metalcore bands are good, it’s a matter of having your own opinion and stating facts. Just because it’s metal does not mean you have to like it or respect it. You all call anything with guitar riffs metal which is pretty sad.

  • Monster0us

    Metal has become a fashion show and a popularity contest. I don’t care what genre or sub genre you follow. Try breaking out of the genre. Stop being a sheep. I find it funny for instance that someone who will extol that they ‘only listen to the purest for of black metal that ever existed and everyone else are sheep!’ yet they are the one who is a sheep, stuck in one musical direction and only following music that makes them look elite and pure. Its a fucking joke.

    • Michel

      I listen to metal bro. That means all form. If you like metal your my friend… I don’t care if its black metal, or glame metal, classic metal, melodic metal, tech metal or even djent. I love it all, because of the simple face that is METAL!!!

      • Michel

        not saying all of it is great to me. I’m just saying I respect all of it equally. Even if I think it sounds like shit or whatever.

  • Peter Watson

    We all just need to have a giant group hug. Everything he says is correct. Not one thing is wrong. If only some people could be more open minded.

  • Josh Quintal

    I’m re-articulating my previous point to get the idea accurately across to those who lack reading comprehension.

    Metal was never about acceptance, and the Old school days were in the 80′s and 90′s, this guy is 22 (1 year older than me). He was just being born when Black Metal came around and preached an obvious message of ‘War’, satanism, and not looking for acceptance, but standing up for what they wanted to believe and think, metal was more rebellion in ways and thought just as Punk. Thrash metal arose and talked shit about the Hair and Glam Metal bands, calling them poseurs and the like, confirmed by an early Metallica interview.

    His claims are fraudulent to give himself credibility as an individual who is ‘Himself’ and ‘real’. But it’s quite obvious he doesn’t know anything about the ‘metal community’ if this is what he -thinks-. So no, he’s not telling the truth on the metal community, because he doesn’t even know what it is. And also considering the majority of Deathcore and Metalcore fans I’ve met, and the trends that are in, actually has them with short hair more commonly than long hair, look at all of the popular bands within that sub-genre and you’ll see.

    Anyone who says ‘You’re whats wrong with metal’ or “Metal has to be this way” is an idiot, trying to get people into a collective, hive mind mentality. People might get along in that they’re over-passionate about the music they listen to, but that’s not exclusive to the metal community, and can still bring the -wrong- people together which causes fights (Varg did Kill Euronymous after all if that isn’t proof enough).

    Metal was a promotion of individuality, not acceptance. So hate what ever you want, and for what reasons you want, but be true to yourself and not a follower, even though many people just steal the opinions and philosophies of band members/musicians they look up to and idolize. And this is the very reason why I’m posting this, cause I know people get caught on the trap of just trying to give credibility to something where it’s not due.

    There’s been many bald, and short-haired musicians who’ve never experienced back lash for not being metal enough, if anything, people might’ve taken it as he was ‘changing and going away from metal’ and attacked him on that basis. As I stated before, it was on a clear influx of a minority, that cares about these things, and he responded as though it summed up everyone while trying to get credit for being ‘real’.

    Most people who listen to metalcore, and deathcore, have short hair, and that’s a point I’m -certain- of, everyone I know who listens to the music, everyone I’ve seen at shows (black dhalia) all had short hair, and it’s part of the style/trend associated with that scene, along with the really stupid spacers, sleeve tattoo’s, knuckle and chest tattoo’s, and trucker hats with jersey’s or tank tops.

    • Cloud

      The metal community has pretty much always been shit and its because of judgmental fuck asses just like you.

      • Josh Quintal

        I am judgmental, because if I wasn’t I’d be a worthless peasant that believes what he hears and walked over by people, I also would be ignorant to stupidity and.. maybe even be a bit more like you, calling other people out for being judgmental because everyone through out the word like it was a bad thing growing up only to save them from the criticism of truth they denied within themselves.

        If you mean I judge people based on appearance? You might want to be more specific in which case you’re wrong, but it’s very evident when the attitudes and delusional thoughts go hand in hand with the stereotypes of people.

  • Giovanni Gino Caffarella

    Lucas, I have been working in the metal community and outside of it and am doing all I can to represent the very best of what metal has to offer. Your words are true and inspirational and a testament to the younger metal heads that there is such wisdom in your thoughts. It truly makes me proud! Keep shredding!

  • Ersin Kara

    This is just feeding the fucking trolls man … I mean, I myself am longhaired and anything and I am an old school death metal freak and dont like the Core-Style, but I let these people be, because they dont judge me, so why should I judge them ? Of course i make fun of them, but its just all in good spirit and because it isnt something for me, not because I dont like them or hate them … its like ripping fun at a friend who’s music taste is more electro based or anything else, but these people who call them “True-Metalheads” are just causing a paradox, because Metal is your own thing and what you make of it, not a specific way of dress code and taste in music, so in a way they are being less Metal than they are acting !

  • Daryl Roughley

    So some guy from a shitty band gets buthurt by some haters. Posts links to a video of some kid who thinks death and black metal the same?!? then people argue over who’s more metal than who?
    Just enjoy what you like and give others the same privalige. but really that kid in the 1st video is a whiney bitch.

    • Daryl Roughley

      I cant even bring myself to click on a link that comes from “infidel amsterdam” incase i end up on a CIA watchlist :p

    • Metallic Winter

      Spot on, man. Count faggaroth really is a butthurt moron who can’t have even give you a decent argument. He just cops out and “trolls” rather than stating any facts or trying to state his views in a formal manner. I honestly don’t care if people love deathcore and metalcore (I myself personally enjoy some early metalcore), but when they try to bring up bullshit like “o all metuhl is gud nd u must respect it all!” while trying to state that metalcore and deathcore are metal, that’s what kills me. Those genres are both hardcore with metal influence (with a bunch of modern metalcore/deathcore bands ripping off metal riffs) just like Thrash is metal with hardcore influence, so that’s a major bigot.

  • A. Wyatt

    I have long hair because I like it. I’ve always liked it, even as a kid before I got into metal music. I’ve never given anyone shit for having short hair, and I’ve never looked down on someone for having short hair. But I’ve gotten an awful lot of shit for having long hair. A LOT. Including by other people in the local “metal” scene. People need to stop pretending they’re victims for not looking “metal” in the “metal” scene. Everyone else accepts you, and any sensible metalhead should accept you. You don’t get people throwing things at you from cars, following you home screaming shit, picking less qualified people than you for jobs because you have short hair. This whole “lol jesus tarzan hair is immature lol look normal and get laid” shit needs to end just as much as this apparent hatred of short-haired people needs to apparently end. How the fuck does someone looking a certain way affect YOU? Think about that.

  • DarkSaber2k

    Gotta admit it does always make me laugh when someone says “I don’t give a
    fuck” before going into a multi-paragraph essay as to why.

  • DarkSaber2k

    fact of the matter is that it is inevitable when you consider metal is a
    genre for the loners, outsiders and the little-bit-stranges. Lumping a
    bunch of loners and outsider together does not magically make them all
    start forming a close-knit loving peace’n’hugs community. You also see
    much the same things in the video gaming community too. Don’t get me
    wrong, I’m getting tired of seeing people be aggresively negative
    towards people for liking something they don’t, but I believe they can
    be as aggresively negative about the THING as they like, but don’t start
    baring your teeth and hissing at other people for liking that thing.
    There’s nothing wrong with saying “THIS SUCKS” but don’t continue on to

  • chase

    I think it’s funny that the comments are literally filled with everything he’s talking about and it only furthers his point…

  • Damon Baldi

    And hey .. if things get too tough on him he can always move to Las Vagas and become an Ellen DeGeneres Impersonator ..

  • Envind Avsorg

    This is good because it will be much more apparent to people that there are metal bands and then there are hipster bands. Our looks have always been one of the recognition signals (shibboleths) we use to tell our own from the crowd.

    All cults have them. We are a cult.

  • A.Kzer0

    im afraid to say that Metal is slowly dying it was a simpler time where you live more like the people from Rock of ages and said no to those boy bandz and that metal is going to live on forever. well it died when other people took another approach to music i was a boy growing up in to metal though there have been some snags in music but know i still enjoy it from one musician to another you destroyed your own image for what i don’t get we have lost many guitar greats and they have taken a piece of their music roles with them you think they cut their hair and changed their music style even though were both 21 and metalheads can accept other peoples taste in music and metal we can agree on one thing that music has changed with electro being abducted by aliens hip hop pop punk got their heads out of the water and gave it deep thought as to why they are doing this. honestly i don’t mind that you cut your hair that was your choice you’re entitled to a hair cut everybody is; just remember to be metal yourself remember those words or you can be someone else …AK0… m/

  • Kvothe

    This is spot on. Metal should be inclusive. I love Whitechapel, gojira, and the new BMTH album. They’re all metal, and all awesome.

    • Metallic Winter

      No, none of them are metal (with the exception of gojira, whom are progressive and slightly groove). What you think of them is your own opinion, but they are not metal because metalcore/deathcore is hardcore with metal influence (hence why metalcore is short for metallic hardcore).

      • Kvothe

        ^^ case in point. It’s all metal. Metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, djent, whatever, those are just flavors.

        • Metallic Winter

          You did not just call hardcore metal… Also, I have yet to see how anything just being metal is relevant? Hardcore has been out since the mid/early 70s whereas metal was just forming around the late 70s. Punk = Hardcore, Metalcore = Hardcore, Deathcore = Metalcore, Metalcore/Deathcore =/= metal. You could listen to whatever you want (just like how I enjoy some early metallic hardcore), but please do not say that again, and please do not bring up this “metal unity” circle jerk bullshit. I’m asking you with as much courtesy as I can give you.