We Are They Whom The Cops Detest: Former NILE/DIVINE HERESY Bassist Busted For Marijuana and Guns

joe payneMetal Injection and many other sites reported that former Nile bassist Joseph Payne was busted for having 6 lbs of weed, 3 handguns and $5,000 cash on him. Obviously, Payne was charged with felony possession with the intent to sell and deliver marijuana, felony possession of marijuana and maintaining a vehicle. I don’t understand what “maintaining a vehicle” could possibly be, you would think he would be a good citizen keeping up on his vehicle. You know, not letting it go to shit, looking all gnar kill on the lawn and fuckin up the air with horrible smog. As a matter of fact I think he should be released with all of his belongings. Maybe he just buys 6 lbs at a time and smokes crazy amounts of weed and plays bass for hours. Who knows? Was he truly hurting anyone? Sure drug dealers are usually scum bags but everyone knows atleast one and you love that guys for hooking you up. Don’t be a dick.

Anyways, where was I at? Oh yeah, six pounds ($26,000) of weed. Here is what that looks like:



Anyone else noticed the box of Lays potato chips in the background? Hahaha.

Best of luck to Joe, get out and get back on stage mother fucker.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/misskittie069 Jennifer Porter

    Looks tasty!

  • http://www.facebook.com/misskittie069 Jennifer Porter

    And that must be some good weed, because 6 pounds should only be about $6,000 if it’s some regs.