Getting real tired of your shit, OTEP

Otep, a female fronted band gained popularity in the early 2000′s due to Otep being one of the early female vocalists who could actually scream and not take her top off to get recognized. Well the music and band kind of dropped off of the face of the earth for a while but they returned recently with a decent new album, Hydra. The album was good and I was very much into the band again, which is a shame because Otep called Hydra her “last album” and she was going to retire. Well, now all of a sudden, her/their Facebook page has resorted to this bullshit:

tired of your shit otep


SPAM! Fucking spam with a pleading half naked Otep for the picture. Have contests for free music, that’s fine but knock this shit off. Change the picture, it makes you look pathetic.

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