Album Review! Fall City Fall – Victus

Fall City Fall - Victus

Fall City Fall, one of those bands that fall under that “other” genre for me. Meaning, not really metal, more than just noise yet still pretty damn good. This band from Calgary, Alberta brings forth a storm of what modern spastic rock should be. Intensity, fun riffs, screaming, lots of screaming and an “all over the place” mentality. Victus is a really fun album to listen to and if you are a fan of Converge or Exotic Animal Petting Zoo then you’ll absolutely enjoy this record.

Victus never stops from the moment it starts, even the instrumental track is compelling enough to never ever get skipped. The album moves along so fast, you get lost in the exciting/awkward riffing style and I enjoy the back n forth vocal remedy from Nathan Zorn and Keenan Pylychaty. They pull it off very well, you can tell when the vocals change and they both belt out some mean screams. There are no weird singing sections going on with whiny little bitch verses: they spit out their lyrics with intensity, emotion and aggression. It’s awesome and if they changed anything about their approach vocally I think it would ruin the entire experience.

Victus is a powerful, fun and balls out kind of album. Each time I listen to it, it grows more and more on me. Definitely check this bad boy out.

4 out of 5

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