Double Header Review: Baxter Stockman & Fragarak

krypt-027_Baxter_Stockman_-_FRONT_COVERBaxter Stockman‘s sound is primitive noise, just a lot of clanking, bumping and semi grooving. BS’s album “Punter” is the ultimate test for “is this music?” and somehow, someway, they make it definitely so. Colliding frantic riffs, confusing drumming and bombastic vocals together create some sort of mega sound that is unique to my ears.


Such bands as The Locust and Exotic Animal Petting Zoo have a smiliar approach to this sound but Baxter Stockmann gets down right creepy with it at times. It’s slow, powerful and moving at times. Sometimes it’s similar to SOAD’s debut album with it’s awkward composition and execution. Punter is like that socially awkward friend who is incredibly intelligent, yet he just struggles to not be a weirdo in public settings. That’s this album. Brilliance, yet you have to give a chance, don’t be too quick to just brush it off because the opening track “Punter”, was incredibly annoying for 2 minutes. Very good album to get weird to, I give Baxter Stockman’s “Punter” a 3.5 out of 5.

fragarakNext up is some progressive melodic death metal hailing all the way from New Delhi, India. Fragarak sent this to me and man, I was not ready for the epic metals that came over my ear drums. This is not just simple riff/blast/growl death metal. Oh no, these guys have range. From melodic riffing, to progressive patterns within their bass guitars and drum sections and raw screeching vocals, Fragarak gives the listener massive sound to headbang to.

Having never heard these guys before, I was thinking this was going to be semi-decent with whack production but I was blown away! Some over the top writing on this album, paying tribute to some of the best in the genre (Death, Necrophagist) and making it their own. I’m sure these guys completely tear apart India when they are on stage! Their album, “Crypts of Dissimulation”, is pretty damn good. This album only has 6 songs on it but the songs are rather long, so you get a lot of content within those six tracks. Fragarak delivers and you get more than what you pay for when you order their album. Six songs for 5 bucks? Six REALLY good death metal songs for 5 bucks at that. Incredible works guys! I give Fragarak’s “Crypts of Dissimulation” a 4 out of 5

Listen to the album HERE on their Bandcamp.

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