Delicious Gore Grind: GENERAL SURGERY’S “A Collection of Depravation” Has 30 Tracks Of Bloody Goodness Just For You

A Collection of Depravation from General Surgery is quite the collection indeed. Displaying 30 gore-tastic grind tracks and drilling them into your brain through audio lobotomy. General Surgery is actually one of the few gore grind bands that absolutely do not annoy me. Sometimes within this genre you get the vocalist who thinks they are the fucking Tazmanian Devil and they ruin any hope of me taking them seriously. The vocals here are quite gnarly with many different styles including the ultra deep, ultra evil sounding low growl but it’s not done all of the time so it doesn’t get annoying. Musically it’s chaotic and bad ass, the riffs alone would start a mosh pit at a synagogue. This album is highly recommended and I think if you dig the semi-hilarious qualities of gore grind, you’ll love this adaptation of the genre. General Surgery does it right! Out now on Relapse Records.

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