Introducing: SMOOTH MCGROOVE! Acapella video game soundtrack extraordinaire!

smooth mcgrooveI’ve only heard one song from him and I’m already subscribed to his Youtube channel and and liked his Facebook page. I love video games and this talented gentleman tackles many great soundtracks with just his voice! Check out his latest creation: The Legend of Zelda – A Link To The Past – Overworld Theme! If you like what you hear: visit his Bandcamp!

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DIABLO III Announced For Playstation 3? Whoa!

diablo 3 ps3


I don’t own a PS3 and I’ve already been playing Diablo III on the PC….but this is random and pretty big! There hasn’t been a console Blizzard game since Starcraft 64 (Which ran horribly) and Diablo on the original Playstation. What do you think about this bit of gamer news?

If interested, read more here and pre-order the game!