Exclusive Premiere: MORTAL TORMENT – A Million Skulls To Bludgeon

mortal tormentMortal Torment’s new album Cleaver Redemption drops this fall and we’re lucky enough to show off the first sample of what these brutal death metal bastards can do. This song is fucking intense. Enjoy. Be on the look out for this album on Gore House Productions later this year!

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Visit Mortal Torment’s Official Website: http://mortaltorment.com/

Gore House Productions: http://www.gorehouseproductions.com/

Slayer – When the Stillness Comes (Opinion/Stream)

slayer when the stillness comesSlayer has released a new song today and they try to capture those moments of fear with slower riffing, traditional Slayer melodies and Araya screaming at you about the typical shit he has screamed for the past 30 years. The song is okay in my book, having lost 50% of it’s band members since the last record I would have thought they would release a true headbanging track with fierce riffing and angry solos. However, I was wrong.

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Exclusive Premiere: Hideous Rebirth Lyric Video For “Wretched Torture”

hideous rebirthI am proud & honored that Gore House Productions are letting Headbang or GTFO premiere the new lyric video for the Hideous Rebirth’s “Wretched Torture”! The track closes their new album “Completely Devoured” and it features a hilarious introduction but the music is heavy as hell. I hope you are ready to headbang because this song is crushing. If you enjoy the massive riffs and vocal hell of Troglodyte, early Cattle Decapitation and Disgorge then you’ll love Hideous Rebirth!

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SOLEFALD: Avant Norse Folk Duo Unleashes Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord In North America Via Indie Recordings

solefaldAfter four years of silence, avant norse folk metal duo, SOLEFALD, return with Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord, an experimental soundtrack to the fjords and mountains of Norway, and a hymn to the nature of the North. A prequel to the eclectic duo’s forthcoming Kosmopolis Sud full-length set for release next year, Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord was created for release on vinyl, boasts a crew totaling ten musicians and finds SOLEFALD venturing into new and unfamiliar soundscapes.

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Septa’s “Destroyer” is the Sweetest, Most Chaotic Thing You’ll Hear This Year

Septa DestroyerThe Ukrainian 4 piece “math-core” band known as Septa released a wild album back in October and I think they are definitely worth checking out. An experimental take on alternative rock, hardcore and sludge with thick bass lines, raunchy vocal work and oddly timed yet heavy guitar work.

Stream the new album here and definitely download it: http://septa.bandcamp.com/album/destroyer

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napalm deathCesspits is the tits, Napalm Death somehow defy everything when it comes to older bands releasing new content by sustaining high amounts of energy, alarmingly fast drumming and riffs, fiery vocals and a tempo that makes me want to smash everything in my room….all within 3 minutes and 33 seconds. God damn 2015 is off to a phenomenal start.

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BLACK SHEEP WALL Releases A New Track: “White Pig”

blacksheepwallA crude album title, a silly picture for artwork and a killer song: Black Sheep Wall sure know how to make a return to the public with new material don’t they? Want more? You have to wait til January 27th on Season of Mist. The song “White Pig” can be found on the new BSW album called “I’m Going To Kill Myself”, which makes the artwork that much more hilarious. Besides the album art and name, the song itself is clinically depressing and crushing. A little repetitive yet it gives it a soulless and gloomy feeling to it. The sludge filled doom riffing over the crashing drumming and loud vocal work really worked well with me and I liked what I heard.

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wayfarereAtmospheric metal outfit WAYFARER will release their debut album, “Children of the Iron Age,” via Prosthetic Records on Nov. 24. The album — which features epic, blackened atmospherics interwoven with entrancing acoustic passages and driving, powerful post-metal soundscapes — was recorded at Colorado’s Flatline Studios with Shane Howard while being mastered by Dave Otero (Cattle Decaptiation, Cobalt).  

In anticipation of its release, the quartet — who have been described as a cross between Agalloch and Amon Amarth — have unveiled the previously unreleased track “Cities Built on Conquered Ground” exclusively via Metal Bandcamp

http://metalbandcamp.com/2014/11/wayfarer-children-of-the-iron-age.html. The song is featured exclusively on Side D of the “Children of the Iron Age” gatefold double-LP, which can be pre-ordered at the link below.  

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BARING TEETH: Avant/Tech Death Metal Trio Drops New Track At No Clean Singing

baring teeth promoGhost Chorus Among Old Ruins is the forthcoming new long player from Dallas-based avant/tech death metal trio, BARING TEETH. Immersive, hypnotic, and haunting, the album melds seemingly opposing characteristics – streamlined songwriting and dizzying technicality, ambience and brute force, density and angularity, order and chaos – into a fully realized, cohesive listening experience. In celebration of its release, No Clean Singing offers up sixth track, “Dripping Sun,” for public consumption.

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