TORN THE FUCK APART: Sexually Transmitted Torture Out Now on Ossuary Industries / Full Album Streaming

tornthefuckapartKansas City Death Spreaders TORN THE FUCK APART have just released new album ‘Sexually Transmitted Torture’ on Ossuary Industries. The follow up to 2012′s …The Dissection of Christ is a beastly, blood thirsty slab of Death Metal atrocity that rattles the bones and eviscerates any semblance of human civility.

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Let’s Listen To New Music From THE AGONIST & ARCH ENEMY, Then Judge It, Shall We?

Vicky PsarakisAs you’ve heard from this past week, Angela Gossow said “SEE YA!” to being a front woman for Arch Enemy and to ‘enter a different phase in my life, be with my family and pursue other interests.’ My wife pointed out a good theory: She had a baby and just wants to be home with the child. I think that is a good reason to quit a band. Yet, even with that said, she will still manage the band and possibly still be a ‘voice’ for them in a PR sense, even though The Agonist’s Alissa White-Gluz has been chosen to take the spot and then part ways with her band. Whoa, so who took Alissa’s spot? A young lady named Vicky Psarakis. Now that the rosters have changed, let’s listen to what these new bands sound like. Starting with The Agonist.

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Turn On The Heater Because I Have Another Cold Black Metal Band! FROZEN OCEAN From Russia!

frozen oceanRussia is cold, in many many ways. Frozen Ocean amplify that within their music as they focus on creating a more atmospheric, out of body experience. This approach makes for a great listen as you drift away and feel desolate. The band have released a new album recently “The Dyson Swarm” and it’ll definitely be reviewed on this website. Below, you can listen and enjoy the sounds Frozen Ocean provides for you. Out now on Kristallblut Records.

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Check Out FROZEN DAWN – Blackened Death From Spain!

4 panel.epsAs warm as it is in Spain, these kvlt musicians keep things ice cold with their style of black metal. Frozen Dawn bring forth chilling music as well as darkness, perfect for those nights when you want to just settle down, light some candles, drink some red wine and sacrifice someone. Listen to the single below called “Banished, The Everlasting Confinement” from their new album Those Of The Cursed Light. Out on Xtreem Music this month!

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INSOMNIUM Release New Song ‘Revelation’, New Album Next Month

insomniumInsomnium return next month with their new album Shadows Of The Dying Sun, due out April 28th in Europe and April 29th in North America via Century Media Records. For now though, we are allowed to enjoy one song and it’s quite a ‘Revelation”.

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BENEATH Prepare To Launch New Album, Release New Lyric Video

beneathUnique Leader Records are on a roll this year as they prepare to roll out another fine album but this time from Beneath. You can view a new lyric video from the band called “Chalice” below. The new album, “The Barren Throne”, releases next month, adding to the fantastic list of releases launching in April and May.

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I DECLARE WAR Prepares The ‘Noose’ For You

16png_3320084_11108328One disgustingly great deathcore band that I thoroughly enjoy every time they release a new album is the fierce sounds of I DECLARE WAR. The anger, the hunger, the violence, the energy….it’s captivating and it’s addicting. I Declare War bring it every single time and this time is no different. I’m happy to report that this new jam is still as pissed off as every thing else they have ever written.

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AUREOLE Releases Opening Track To The New Album Called “I: Citadel Alunar”

aureole promoWhen I heard the previews that Aureole released on Youtube, I was delighted and ready for this music. A few days later, after the third preview was released…a whole new song was revealed as well as the label who shall be releasing this beautiful album. Aureole is birthed by Markov Soroka, the creator of Eternium, and this side project is more of a slower, more dreadful place within music. The perfect blend of 3 depressing genres: Funeral doom, atmospheric black metal and suicidal depressive black metal….Aureole is a trip through sheer darkness, that which no light can penetrate.

The song is just under 10 minutes long and it’s gripping and wonderful the entire time. Fallen Empire Records will be releasing the debut album ‘Alunar’ from Aureole, which is set to be released in March of 2014, so within the next week or two hopefully! Limited cassettes will be made, only 100, so if you want one I suggest you get one. Enough babble though, listen to the song below.