Against My Better Judgement, I Watched The New IN THIS MOMENT Music Video

25w7In This Moment blew up around 2007 I believe due to an amazing amount of push from their label and their stint on Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. The metalcore band had a trick up it’s sleeve as a blonde girl wearing a blue Alice in Wonderland type of dress jumped around on stage and they weren’t all too bad. The music was average but Maria Brink was relying on her vocal performance to win over fans. I must say, it worked on me, for roughly 3 hours then I was over it. Now I am here, REALLY not wanting to view this new music video since I know how downhill their sound has evolved….or devolved I should say. Unfortunately, I was correct.

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Top 25 Albums of 2013

Well hello there. Man is the year coming to a close already?! Good because I’m ready for 2014 and all of the new stuff that is coming my way. 2013 was a fantastic year for metal, all genres gave me something terrific to enjoy. I reviewed well over 300 albums this year and listened to many more. So without further delay, I give you my top 25 albums of 2013.

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Introducing: SMOOTH MCGROOVE! Acapella video game soundtrack extraordinaire!

smooth mcgrooveI’ve only heard one song from him and I’m already subscribed to his Youtube channel and and liked his Facebook page. I love video games and this talented gentleman tackles many great soundtracks with just his voice! Check out his latest creation: The Legend of Zelda – A Link To The Past – Overworld Theme! If you like what you hear: visit his Bandcamp!

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DOCTOR SMOKE is one of the better things you’ll hear this year. New EP up on Bandcamp and check out their full setlist from a recent show!

Doctor Smoke – 2013 DemoDoctor Smoke, bringing that groovin’ occult rock and doom from Ohio, have recently played a show and someone from within the crowd that goes by the name of “Kevin Doom” filmed their whole set! Check out the video below, then visit the bands Bandcamp for some tasty jams.

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Catch a glimpse of AMON AMARTH’S stage set up and set list on their current headlining EU tour!

Amon Amarth EU tourAmon Amarth, if you know me then you know this is my favorite band. Viking mythology, catchy guitar melodies, beards, headbanging and an enjoyable live presence. The gang are currently out on their headlining EU tour with Hell and Carcass. Below is a video for “Runes to my Memory” and “Varyags of Miklagaard”. Enjoy, headbang and after the video, I will place the setlist for those wondering what they are jamming this time around. Those runes on stage are BAD ASS!

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Blake Judd gets out of jail, intends to leave Chicago, and still writes INCREDIBLE music!


Recently Blake Judd, the mastermind behind Nachtmystium and 1/3 of the main driving force of Black Metal supergroup Twilight, was arrested and put in jail. Upon his release, he issued statements apologizing and stating his intentions to get clean and move forward with his career. With all the negative press following him these days, he decided to upload a track from Nachmystiums so far unreleased new album “The World We Left Behind”, in an attempt to have some positive feedback in his life. I really don’t for what reason I get to hear new Nachtmystium, but I for one am in Blakes corner here. I wish him well, and hope he gets through this hard point in his life to continue making great music. Great music which has been EXTREMELY influential on me personally and musically. So head on over to Stereogum and check out “Voyager” you’re going to love it. Welcome back Blake Judd! Hail Nachtmystium!!


Lord Dying – Summon the Faithless Summons the Boring Riffs

First thoughts upon starting the first track “in a frightful state of gnawed dismemberment” I love this guitar tone. Sounds like it’s ripping through the speakers. It starts off with some Thrashy hardcore style riffs. I don’t like vocal patterns so far but it doesn’t kill the band.
The Guitar solo could be a little cooler. Taking the Kerry king approach is a little lame. Just a few notes, heavy noise. The main riff of this song is too repetitive. One minute left in the song and I ready for the next.


This band has some decent riffs, but for the most part I’m just not getting into it. I really hate this vocalists patterning. I wanted to like them very badly, but so far they’re not doing it for me.
At times, they sound like they’re giving it their best mastodon impression. Especially on the opening of “greed is your horse”, But then we’re right back to the same boring riffs that I can’t really put my finger on what exactly they remind me of.
It’s hard to even write about this album. Nothing is memorable. Nothing stands out. The best part is the guitar tone. Riffs are lame. Solos sound like a 15 year olds first visit to guitar center. Drums are typical. The vocalist is not creative. (after some research, i found that the guitarist is the vocalist. which would explain the Tom Araya style vocal patterns)


I didn’t even wanna finish the album, but I pushed through with the hopes that it might get better, but sadly I feel like I’ve listened to the same song 8 times in a row. And I couldn’t even hum you a riff back. I’m moving on. Lord Dying is a band I could see myself giving another shot down the road, but this album is not the one to make me a fan.


Lord Dying – Summon the Faithless gets a 2 out of 5. Sorry guys. I wanted to like it.

RINGS OF SATURN To Never Ever Ever Have A Live Bassist Again

rings of saturn

Young tech death experimental whats it call it band Rings of Saturn have decided to never again have a live bass player. So you bassists that were planning on hitting them up after their tour, get ready for plan B. The band responded after a guy hit them up on a recent video, explaining they “needed a bass player for br00tal breakdowns” or something. Even though Lucas Mann tracked and the band plays that track during their live shows. Read the response below:

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