GRINDCORE FRIDAY! – World Narcosis

World NarcosisHey Guys! I’m going to spend my Fridays moving at 300 BPM and yelling about pessimism and the corrupt government. If you don’t like that then FUCK YOU (don’t tell Thomas I said that).  I wanted to use this Grindcore Friday to share with you guys the band World Narcosis. They are a black metal/grindcore crossover band from Iceland that put out their first album, World Coda, a few months ago.

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Exclusive Stream: Carnival of Flesh – Stories From A Fallen World

Carnival of Flesh - Stories From a Fallen World - Front CoverCarnival of Flesh! Hailing all the way from Serbia is this cold and grim black metal band with commanding symphonic moments. Their new album, Stories From A Fallen World, is a scathing and raw black metal act that utilizes symphonic keyboard compositions to get their musical brand across. Compiling intense black metal riffing with violent instrumental progression and unique vocal performance, Carnival of Flesh pushes the limits on this genre. The result is a fully fleshed out extreme metal experience that’ll definitely have you headbanging. Listen below and indulge in the music for yourself! Headbang or GTFO has the exclusive stream for your enjoyment.

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VISIGOTH Are Pretty Much Writing The Best Tour Updates Ever

visigothVisigoth are on a short West coast tour from Utah to southern California and then north to Canadian territory and the guys are writing up some great tour updates on their Facebook page. Highly interesting fantasy based imaginative writings take place and it’s just an epic novel. Fill your tankard with your finest ales and read the lore that Visigoth has etched in stone. More tales shall be told and this post will be updated accordingly.

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Weird Album of the Week: Why Do You Love Me Satan?

The album cover of Fucking Werewolf ASSO's Why do you Love Me Satan?

The album cover of FUCKING WEREWOLF ASSO’s Why do you Love Me Satan?

Hey everyone, welcome to my first Weird Album of the Week. This, if you could not already guess, is a weekly topic where I tell you guys about some weird bullshit I have been listening to, in hope that you will check it out yourselves. The album that has grabbed me this week, and for the past few weeks is Why Do You Love Me Satan? by FUCKING WEREWOLF ASSO. I feel like I need to write their name in all caps, because that is one of the only ways I can express how fucking hype this band is. Hailing from Goteborg Sweden, FWA are a three piece outfit who dabble with an interesting mix of hardcore punk, electronica, and chiptune.

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That is so Cvlt: In Defense of the Untrue Black Metal

I fucking love Deafheaven. I remember when Sunbather came out it blew my mind and the minds of several friends and acquaintances. There were a few members of my local metal community, though, that resented it’s popularity and it’s inclusion into the black metal soundscape. I can recall many a Facebook post casting them off as nothing but “hipster garbage”. I see people to this day still saying Deafheaven and bands like them should not be anywhere near black metal. They find the genre, ironically, sacred.  Since Sunbather’s  release many other bands have emerged from the woodwork sporting the moniker of “Untrue Black Metal”. I am here today to talk to you all about how I believe these bands are among the coolest things to happen to the black metal genre in a very long time.

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Nihil: an Introduction

Hey everyone, my name is Ian, or Nihil as you will see me here, and I am a new writer on the glorious site. I just wanted to give and introduction of myself so you guys can get a feel of what kind of content you will get from my side of the keyboard. I want to talk a bit about myself and then I will give a preview of what kinds of topic I will be writing about here on HBoGTFO.

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Favorite Album Art of 2014

Something almost as important as the music itself is the artwork that portrays the music that awaits under the cellophane wrapper. It’s the thing everyone will notice first when they walk into the store. It will draw you in while scrolling on a web page and it’s usually the first “teaser” released from a band or label when they have new music on the way. The artwork is important! I’ve looked at so much art this year that I wanted to keep in mind the ones I thought were just wonderful to look at and share with you all. Marvel at this top 16 (In no particular order) and I hope you like them as much as I do.

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Cognitive’s Rob Wharton Delivers His TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2014!

rob whartonRob Wharton is one of the guitar wizards over at Cognitive, a death metal band from New Jersey, and when he isn’t providing tunes for you to headbang to, he is listen to tunes to headbang to. Cognitive’s sound is definitely brutal, with heavy rhythmic pounding and technically profound sections that keep things interesting. Their album will definitely be on this websites end of the year list for sure. Since he plays extreme music, you can expect a lot of extreme music on here. Without further ado, here are Rob’s top 10 albums of 2014:

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CUMMING or DRUMMING? A New Quick Internet Game About Banging. NSFW!

cummingordrummingCumming or Drumming is a game where you just get to look at the person’s face and determine if they are in fact having sex and cumming or playing the drums. There are two versions of the game: NSFW and “safe” so be prepared to see lot’s of banging if you play the NSFW version. The internet is amazing sometimes. Can you score a 10/10?

Good luck!

Give it a shot:


ARCHSPIRE drummer streams new play-through

archspireStraight from Sick Drummer Magazine:

Fast-rising technical death metal force ARCHSPIRE have released new footage of drummer Spencer Prewett playing live at this year’s Housecore Horror Fest. Footage of Prewett playing the track “Seven Crowns and the Oblivion Chain” is streaming at “Seven Crowns and the Oblivion Chain” is taken from the band’s recently-released album ‘The Lucid Collective’, which is streaming here.

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