BEHIND THE KIT: George Kollias (Nile) & Chris Wilson (Troglodyte)

The first drum video worship post of the new year! I bring you international favorite George Kollias and local favorite Chris Wilson! George Kollias can be heard playing with Nile and be sure to catch him when he tours the North Americas this Spring. Here are some videos of him drumming through some radical Nile tracks: Sacrifice Unto Sebek, Ithyphallic & The Essential Salts.

But first, check out Chris Wilson’s video for “Oregon Trail”. His band Troglodyte is one of the most well known and brutal death metal act here in Kansas City! Just see for yourself! If any locals are reading this, be sure to catch them tomorrow night at the Riot Room!!!

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Behind The Kit: Fallujah, Fetus Stench & The Vile Impurity

Chason Westmoreland of the severely underrated band Fallujah blasts and beats, not just blastbeats, through their song “Become One”. His technique is phenomenal, you have to watch him play. Next up is Fetus Stench’s Emil Wiksten playing through their death metal hit “Bashed, Defaced and Disfigured”. Lastly, Pete Rock of The Vile Impurity lays down the fucking metal on their song “Sanctity in Ruin”.

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Behind The Kit: Unfathomable Ruination, Devin Townsend Project & Veil of Maya

sickdrummerToday’s Behind the Kit sessions is brought to you by 3 wonderful drummers. Doug Anderson from Unfathomable Ruination plays through their song “Edges of Disfigured Atrocity”. Then DTP drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen plays through the song “Grace” and finally we have drummer Sam Applebaum playing through Veil of Maya’s set list featuring 20/200 and Divide Paths. Enjoy the blasts, crashes and beats. Mmmhmmm.





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sick drummer

Today, Behind The Kit brings you Zack Simmons of Goatwhore playing the song “Death to the Architects of Heaven”. Then after this awesome blackened thrash track we have Origin’s John Longstreth playing their song “Saligia” and then finally we have Aborted’s incredible drummer Ken Bedene playing their song “The Origin of Disease”. Hell yeah, an ultra brutal edition of some bad ass drum videos! Enjoy!



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ben harclerodeHere is some Drum Cam footage from behind the kit. Drummer Ben Harclerode plays through each Whitechapel on their set for Mayhem Fest. At this particular day in Chicago, you see Ben in all of his glory and you also can see the other members on stage doing their thing and the crowd getting rowdy. It was a rad time at the Bonner Springs, KS show so it’s fun to relive my experience through this video. Watch the video after the jump.




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Behind The Kit: A Drummer Named “Cobus”.

Usually when I do the Behind The Kit series, it’s Sick Drummer Magazine footage, today however I found a guy doing some covers and absolutely tearing it up. Nailing each song wonderfully, Cobus plays through a couple of Linkin Park songs, A System of a Down song and finishes off with a solid Muse cover. It’s different, it’s good and it’s Cobus: Behind the Kit.

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Behind the Kit – Mario Duplantier (Gojira), Allan MacDonald (Cerebral Bore) & Marco Pitruzzella (Brain Drill)

Watch Mario Duplantier tear it up on the Gojira track “Space Time”. This is the first Gojira footage made for Sick Drummer by Grindstopher Productions. Be sure to check out the SD magazine as well as Jeff’s work on Grindstopher Productions.

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Behind the Kit: George Kollias (Nile), Lyle Cooper (The Faceless) & Wilfred Ho (Cadaver)


wilfred drummer

First up we have legendary drummer George Kollias playing the Nile track “Those Whom The Gods Detest”. A magnificent song and George’s drumming in this video is not human at times. I enjoy watching him perform at the various tempos that happens throughout the entire song. Enjoy.

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