Review: Tyranny Enthroned – Our Great Undoing

Tyranny Enthroned - Our Great UndoingTyranny Enthroned, a band that surprised me with a brand new record and has easily become one of my favorites of this year. The St. Louis band has become more than just ‘that local band from down the road’ to me now. I saw them open for Nile last year and now with a new album and video on the way, these guys are looking more and more professional and mastering their sound along the way to make it all crushingly real. “Our Great Undoing” is a perfect starting point for this band as they head down the path of metal righteousness. With a comfortable sound that resonates Gorguts’ progressive stylings, some destructive melodic riffing here and there with an overall massively aggressive death metal approach, Tyranny Enthroned prove to us that they are here to slay us all with their new album.

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Quick Reviews – Annihilated, Blackwolfgoat, Bowl Ethereal & Brimstone Coven

annihilatedIf your band name is Annihilated then your music better portray the very meaning of that word. Thankfully, this band nails it and the music is just gnarly death metal with plenty of groove and filthy tone. Continue reading

Review: Sidious – Revealed in Profane Splendour

sidiousSidious is another one of Kaotoxin’s pride and joys, which is easy to see why since this band has a killer blackened death metal sound that is far beyond many other acts. The band is a combination of artists that are actually from other Kaotoxin acts: Colosus and Eye of Solitude. Vocal duties lie on a new man now but the result is a step up from last years EP called “Ascension to the Throne ov Self”. Somehow, the group is more aggressive and still righteous in every aspect of their sound. Sidious is one of those bands you need on your radar if you are looking for the next best heavy act.

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Review: Hideous Divinity – Cobra Verde

Hideous_Divinityl_Cobra_IMItalian death metallers (I’ve finally used the term ‘metallers’) Hideous Divinity hath returned!!! Hot off of their run with their last album “Obeisance Rising”, the horde bring us their next ultra brutal offering called “Cobra Verde” and it’s just ball bustingly brilliant. If you liked their last album, then you’ll easily love this one. If you like Hour of Penance, Nile and other truly brilliant semi technical death metal like them. Then this is a no brainer. 

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Review: Anaal Nathrakh – Desideratum

anaalI’m not entirely into industrialized metal but if it’s done well and holding back on the cheese, then I suppose it could be worthy of a good listen or two. Anaal Nathrakh return with Desideratum, which reminds me of The Berzerker meets Strapping Young Lad. A lot of chaotic metal blended with a bit of electronic experimentation. Without a doubt they know how to craft extreme metal tracks that stick in our head and the ability to incorporate electronic ideas and make them work is very impressive.

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Quick Reviews: Ancient VVisdom, Beastmilk, Orange Goblin, Thunderworks & Wo Fat

ancient vvisdomAncient VVisdom’s new album is a decent offering of slow and steady doom jams that has a promsing amount of occult rock vocals over the tried and true riffing. Continue reading

Quickest Reviews: Old Lines, Moose Blood, Xerxes, Gates, Exalt, Ordinance, Womit Angel, Deconstructing Sequence and Afterbirth

Old Lines’ “No Child Left Behind” – Hardcore with politically corrupt and unjust lyrics. 2.5 out of 5

Moose Blood‘s new album sounds like that Indie rock that would play on Teen Mom episodes. I know this because I am married. “I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time” is not for us. 0 out of 5

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Quick Reviews: PHILM, Lords of Mercy, Will The Thrill & Quartered

philmWhen Dave Lombardo left SLAYER he got up with Philm and thus a new record, “Fire From the Evening Sun”, hath formed! Metal heads looking for the next heaviest thing or something remotely similar to Slayer will be massively let down. Philm’s sound is rather funky and filled with brimming rock and roll electricity. Gerry Nestler’s vocal performance is rather good and his screams can get pretty gnarly at times. Not the best nor the heaviest thing this year but it’s a good listen. 3 out of 5 

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